Who is Kimbal Musk? 5 things to know about Elon Musk’s brother

Get to know Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal

Elon Musk, who is a centibillionaire and tech titan, is arguably the world’s most polarizing figure. Musk is clearly well known for owning SpaceX and Tesla and everybody knows well that his products are used in countless nations (and space) and his impact has touched unprecedented amounts of people. One thing is abundantly clear: everybody is familiar with “Musk”. 

We know the South African entrepreneur is the most inspiring (yet somewhat controversial) business icon since Steve Jobs.  

Musk is undoubtedly a wallpaper icon, space hero, and controversial mogul in today’s society. However, it is interesting to point out … that there is a “Musk” that reigns high in the business world, yet he is held in the shadow of the press. Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk is none other than the brother of Elon who holds high-end business success, yet a mysterious image. 

With that being said, who exactly is this Kimbal Musk? I’m going to untwine five noticeable facts about the younger brother of Elon. 

  • Co-founded Zip2 with Elon Musk

Elon Musk had a strong “world” vision when he was a senior at the University of Pennsylvania. It was clear to Elon that he wanted to pursue a business venture with a wide scope and scale after graduating from University. Elon, along with his brother Kimbal, launched Zip2.com all the way back in 1995. The company was a city guide for larger newspapers and it served well for brands like New York Times and Chicago Tribune. 

Zip2 was sold for an astonishing $307 million to Compaq in 1999. Kimbal and Elon went from walking to “Jack in the Box” routinely to picking out their favorite sports cars to purchase when their mega dollars arrived.  

  • Graduated from Queens University with a degree in business

Kimbal followed his older brother to Ontario, Canada after he graduated from high school and he then enrolled at Queens University. The younger Musk graduated with a degree in business. Elon would of course transfer from Queens to the University of Pennsylvania after two years and obtain a double degree in Physics and business. 

  • Reason for wearing a cowboy hat

The grand reason why Kimbal Musk wears a cowboy hat is …… he tried it on at a store and he liked it! When once asked about constantly wearing a cowboy hat, Musk said he tried it on at a store and he liked it. Musk may have thought the hat was a nice addition to stand out from his “entourage of a brother”.  

  • Kimbal has a very impressive net worth

Kimbal, who owns the Kitchen restaurant group and has launched successful businesses with his brother, has a staggering net worth of $500 million. Kimbal and of course Elon, aren’t the only two Musks with a staggering net worth. Kimbal and Elon have a third sibling and sister named Tosca, who has done extraordinary well for herself, as well. Tosca is reported to have a near $170 million. 

  • Kimbal’s wife is a famous figure

Kimbal is married to the well reputable Christiana Wyly. Wyly is an environmental activist, the ex-wife of Deborah Anne Dyer (British pop singer), and the daughter of a billionaire by the name of Sam Wyly. Christiana’s father was a famous entrepreneur, author, businessman, and philanthropist.

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