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Eric Bieniemy Top Landing Spots


By: Joe Pepe (Twitter: @jpep20)

The NFL offseason has started for most teams, and one of the biggest questions that are still on the table is, ” Where will Eric Bieniemy end up next season?” Multiple jobs opened and closed in the NFL over the past few weeks. Even with the surplus of available jobs, Eric Beiniemy still sits in the market as an available coach. So, where does Beiniemy end up in 2021? Let’s break down the best options for him below

The Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

I know this seems counterproductive to his career progressing in the NFL. Bieniemy is limited in his available head coaching options now. These remaining options (which will be introduced below) are not attractive positions in the NFL. They come with high cap issues, a lack of draft picks, and a dim organizational future. Bieniemy’s best option is to stay put with the defending Super Bowl champs, build his resume with another possible title, and be the top option for next year’s vacancies in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles

The next best option resides in Philadelphia with Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles. The Eagles come with their baggage that weighs down the desire of available employees to join their organization. The Eagles head coaching position’s most significant issue is dealing with the ongoing carousel at the quarterback position. Carson Wentz is the franchise quarterback, and possible head coaches have been told that Wentz comes with the job within their interview. 

Wentz is the future for the Eagles. However, Jalen Hurts is still on the roster. Locker rooms can split on the difference of opinion when a quarterback controversy begins to brew. Drama at the most critical position on a football field is the number one reason the Eagles head coaching job is less desirable than staying put in Kansas City.

The Houston Texans

The Houston Texans organization has become a struggling franchise in the NFL. Last year they let then head coach Bill O’Brien trade away their superstar wide receiver De’Andre Hopkins for an aging running back in David Johnson. The year before, they traded away draft picks for the future to secure Larry Tunsil on the offensive line. These trades have left the Texans with a dismal defense, weaker offensive weapons, and an increasingly angry franchise quarterback in Deshaun Watson. With Will Fuller set to hit free agency and at risk for leaving Houston, Watson has asked to be traded to another franchise. This head coach position brings nothing but headaches to the table as the quarterback of the future wants out, the draft picks to build the future have been given away, and a poorly executed front office leads the way for the foreseeable future.

So Why is Eric Bieniemy Still On The Market?

From a football standpoint, not being the active play-caller within the Kansas City Chiefs can harm his resume to future employers. Another factor is the struggle that Doug Pederson just dealt with during the 2020 season with the Philadelphia Eagles. The once-beloved coach watched as his team began to spiral after the inevitable “coach drain” occurred in Philadelphia after their Super Bowl season. The Eagles started a free fall down the rankings, on offense and defense, over the last couple of seasons. Their demise brought on Jeffrey Lurie to fire Doug Pederson this offseason. 

Doug was the former offensive coordinator of the Kanas City Chiefs before leaving for Philadelphia; however, he did not call the plays when he held that title. Bieniemy following this same path as the now-fired Doug Pederson could have left a black spot on his resume during this cycle of head coaching vacancies. Bieniemy’s best option, from what remains on the table, is to stay with his position in Kansas City. Bolstering his resume will help teams not pass up on him next offseason when head coaches inevitably lose their job from lack of performance.

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