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3 most entertaining NFL coaches: fun side of the NFL


Pete Caroll is a very cool NFL coach

By: Pat Pitts

The No Fun League has been thrown around to describe America’s most prominent football league. The referees suck the fun out of the event by flagging celebrations, penalizing big hits and even worse wanting to be in FULL control of the game. 

Luckily, this is not always the case. 

Everyone follows the most fun players around the league on social media. They give their fans an all inclusive access to their personal lives. It has evolved into an easy way to fall in love with a certain guy. 

Players are not the only ones who have fun on and off the field. Some of the league’s top head coaches know how to have a good time, especially with some being former players themselves. Sports are fun; don’t ruin that. 

It’s a pleasure to watch mic ’d-up videos of players, but the coaches are just as entertaining. Well, some are entertaining while others are not the best at expressing their emotions during game time. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite coaches in the NFL. 

Pete Carroll (SEA)

Just because he may be the oldest head coach in the league, does not mean he forgets how to have fun. Sometimes, he may have too much fun.

Pete Carroll has coached the Seattle Seahawks for the past 12 seasons. He brought the franchise to two Super Bowls, winning one with his legendary defense, “The Legion of Boom.” Sprinkle in a few conference championship appearances and division titles, it’s been a nice decade for the 69-year-old. 

What qualifies him for this list? He acts like a grandpa at a BBQ with his team. He steps into the office every day with the mentality that football is fun; players should be having fun while playing. 

Before D.K Metcalf’s pre-draft interview, Carroll decided to show off his muscles by standing shirtless as Metcalf walked in. Metcalf laughed. Carroll flexed. The rest is history. 

Jon Gruden (LV Raiders)

Jon Gruden oozes entertainment. If you don’t smile when he appears on television, go to a doctor. 

Hard Knocks gave fans an inside look at Gruden. The cameras following him week after week allowed fans to see Gruden’s true self, not just the scary coach he embodies on the sidelines. 

What makes Gruden a “fun” coach? His love for the game. 

A story to support my claim comes from an episode of Hard Knocks. HBO put together a montage of Gruden at practice in players’ ears asking them if they, “like it or love it?” 

It may seem like a cliche phrase, but Gruden asking that demonstrates to the audience that Gruden loves being out there with his team. He feels joy every time he steps on the turf. He just wants his players to like it, or love it, as much as he does. 

Joe Judge (NYG)

If I left him off this list, I would have had to go and take a lap. 

The Giants hired Joe Judge last season from New England. A lot of “experts” believed that Judge may not be the best hire; shockingly, they were wrong. 

Judge implemented change in the organization within days. Players began to buy in from the start of training camp. His unique mud drill to wrap up practice went viral across social media. Judge found himself in the midst of his own drill, sliding down a sopping wet slide of mud. He secured the ball and the love of Giants nation. 

*Video of Judge mud slide tweet*

The additions signed this offseason have the pleasure of joining a team hungry for a championship, but having fun while doing it. However, Daniel Jones’ success actually determines how much fun can be had in the Big Apple. 

Sports are fun. The coaches are the ones who dictate how much fun a team will have. It’s all about balance. It will be interesting to see which new head coach takes a fun approach to the game, like one of the three above. 

The 2020-fun season of the NFL is projected to be the biggest one yet. It better be the most fun, or else I might have to sing a certain song to bring us back on track. 

*FUN Song Gif*

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