Fantasy: 3 QBs to trade for/3 QBs to trade away

QBs to trade for and QBs to trade away in fantasy

By: Zack Kurt

There are a lot of QBs that are interesting in terms of value or lack thereof. This article goes out to my Superflex/2 QB managers. You want to have QBs that have job security in dynasty as well as being a good fantasy asset on top of that. I didn’t involve any rookies because all of them have job security for at least 2 years. 

Trade For:

I am trading for Sam Darnold, I believe he was the best QB coming out of his class in 2018 and I still believe as a pure passer, he is better than Lamar, Baker, Rosen, and Allen (Allen is right on his tail). He has a great arsenal in CMC, Robby Anderson, Terrace Marshall, D.J. Moore, and has looked great 3 weeks into the season. I am a big believer in his coaching system. An argument against Darnold is that when Joe Brady leaves his production will stop. I think he is free of Adam Gase and doesn’t need an incredible coaching staff plus an incredible arsenal. If he just has one he will succeed go get him before people see his true potential. 

Ryan Tannehill is one of the best fantasy QB’s in the game and his first two games were not great. Once Tannehill’s O-line got their legs under them it is the Tannehill of old. Buy the dip he is a top 10 guy for a while and is being sold for the same price as Baker. Tannehill has the best WR tandem in the NFL go get Tannehill even in spite of the AJB injury.

Who would like to get Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson on discount? That is essentially what you get from Jalen Hurts Great rushing floor has a solid and has improved as a passer. Has a great option in Devante Smith plus he has solid potions in Dallas Goedert, Jalen Reagor, and Kenneth Gainwell. He has always been a solid passer and improved during the offseason. He is an absolute value at the position even though people continue to sleep on him.

Trade Away: 

The Giants are 0-3 and Daniel Jones has a very bleak future. He has a decent fantasy floor for this year but he is one of the more likely young QB’s that may not have a starting job next year. He has not been able to lead the Giants to very many wins and that is something you want from your QB. He is not strong mechanically, makes lots of poor decisions. The New York Giants have 2 1st round picks next year and I would be shocked if they didn’t try to invest in a QB.

Baker Mayfield is a competent QB but that is about it. He is not a good fantasy asset but he has a secure job. He is a low-end QB2 that has little to no upside.  He is one of the safest options at QB but if you want to win a championship he is not the guy. I’d rather have Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, Sam Darnold. 

Garbage time Goff is someone who is actually going to be a solid asset for fantasy. However, he is the opposite has a high upside but could lose his job tomorrow. His wr core is not very good and Detroit is in a full rebuild. He has had a nice start to the season because of garbage time. I expect that to continue and on a week-to-week basis I would rather have Goff but his job security is a serious concern. Sell him on his numbers to a competitor this year.

There are a lot of QB’s that I am on the fence on because of the job security and fantasy relevance. These are some of the guys that are trending in the right direction in Darnold, Hurts, and Tannehill however I am moving on from Baker, Daniel Jones, and Jared Goff. Everyone values these different QB’s differently don’t be afraid to send trades because dynasty never rests!


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