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What We Learned in the Championship Round

This past weekend we had four of the best teams going at it in what we thought would be two really competitive games. We should of known though that this is the NFL and anything can happen. In the first game of the weekend, we had San Francisco at Philadelphia. I picked Philadelphia to win this game but thought it would be more close than it was. It would of been if Brock Purdy wouldn’t of gone down in the beginning of the game. After that happened, we kind of knew that this wouldn’t be that close as San Fran was down to their 4th string QB. Philadelphia already has a good defense so the 49ers never really had a chance.

What did we learn in the first game of the weekend? We learned that the 49ers got shafted and a healthy Purdy might of changed this game a little bit. The 49ers deserved better in this game, but like I said it’s the NFL and anything can happen. We also learned that Philly’s pass rush is for real, along with the back side of their defense. I think we also learned that Nick Sirianni is a young coach to be reckoned with and we shouldn’t underestimate what he has done so far. He has this team believing and with all the talent they have there’s no reason they can’t win the Super Bowl. Philly hasn’t exactly been lights out on offense, so they will have to be clicking on all cylinders against the Chiefs. It should be a great game!

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In the second game we saw a more competitive matchup as the Bengals took on the Chiefs. The game started out with the Chiefs in control but in typical Bengals fashion, they came back and made it quite the game. Whenever you have Joe Burrow at the helm you’ll always have a chance. In this game, Patrick Mahomes was Superman and willed this game to victory. His run on the last play of the game put themselves in position where they could win. If he wouldn’t of done that there would of been no late hit, just a heads up play on his part. Like I predicted Chris Jones was a beast and made a huge impact in this game. Travis Kelce is still the 2nd most important person on offense to Mahomes. Kansas City has been there done that, and their experience in the Super Bowl may be one of the reasons they win it.

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