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Super Bowl Betting Tips – Your Guide to Predicting the Final Score


Sports betting is becoming more and more popular these days especially with different apps coming out making this very easy. Some apps offer a free dollar amount to get you interested. Let’s dig deep on the past 12 scores in Super Bowl history taken from our super bowl winners page.

If you notice 31 points happens to be a very friendly number when guessing the outcome in the Super Bowl. In the past 12 years 31 has hit 4 times. Meanwhile 34 has hit 2 times. These games tend to not be low scoring and I don’t anticipate that to happen in Super Bowl 57. We have two prolific quarterbacks with a number of key weapons. As we dig deep in the game coming up between the Chiefs and Eagles let’s look at what to expect for scoring.

I anticipate a few field goals getting kicked, although these coaches also like to go for it on 4th down. I think it will depend on where they are on the field. The Eagles have a very formidable defense that will try to disrupt Patrick Mahomes as much as they can. This makes the running game very important in this game for them. Not just for that reason but also it keeps the Eagles high-flying offense off the field. In fact, the running game will be important for both teams. With that said, I expect the Chiefs to put three touchdowns and two field goals. Mahomes is to good and in this spotlight on two weeks rest he should find Kelce and his other options three times. With that math, Chiefs will be at 27.

Now let’s look at the Eagles side of the ball. Run, run, run will be the ticket for them, and that includes both Jalen Hurts and their running backs. With Chris Jones on the Chiefs side of the ball, dropping back to pass isn’t the best option for them. If this happens I anticipate them having three touchdowns also, two running and one passing. Eagles will not kick any field goals in this one as they love to go for it on 4th down, and Nick Sirianni isn’t just sitting back getting three points. With that math, Eagles will score 21 points which will not be enough against the experienced quarterback and hall of fame coach led Chiefs. When your getting your bets ready for a chance to win a large prize remember a few things.

  1. These games tend to be higher scoring.
  2. 34 and 31 are popular final score predictions for teams.
  3. Your safe to guess the score between 24 and 34 for each team.

Good Luck!



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