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Why Aaron Rodgers to the Jets is Not a Match Made in Heaven.


Are you a New York Jets fan? How excited are you for Aaron Rodgers to your team? A Super bowl champ and sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer. But wait a minute, lets pump the brakes on this marriage. Let’s not forget, Aaron Rodgers is a slower 39 year old QB who I question still has what it takes to win another Super bowl. Now let’s not take anything away from the Jets who have a young talented team, with a star running back. They also have a formidable defense, who gave offenses havoc last year. Aaron Rodgers will have his weapons on this team, more than he did last year. But if your expecting the Jets to be in the Super bowl next year or the next, it’s not going to happen.

Have we forgot what division the Jets are in, the AFC East led by the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen. And the Miami Dolphins who have a track team on offense, with Tua looking better and better each year. For people expecting the same thing that happened in Denver with Peyton Manning coming in and winning a Super bowl, I’m sorry. Also does everybody remember how excited Denver was with Russell Wilson coming in? Well, fast forward a year and we all see what happened there.

The quarterback position is very important in the National Football League, but you have to look at the whole picture for what the Super bowl formula looks like. Now will the Jets make the playoffs? Maybe, but don’t count on them holding the trophy in February. In addition, to the reasons above we also shouldn’t forget what kind of league it is now. It is a league where speed kills and having a mobile quarterback is extremely important. The Jets formula and how their team looks right now is a good defense, great running game and an aging respectable quarterback. Can that formula win in this league?

I’m not so sure as it is awfully tough. The 49ers were close with that formula, but struggled against a mobile quarterback with weapons all over the field. Finally, the Jets really haven’t been that team that has a stable winning franchise. They’ve struggled and as long as the Patriots, Bills and Dolphins are in that division, don’t count on the Jets even scratching the surface of the Super Bowl.

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Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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