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What We Learned from Week 1 of 2023


Wow! What a week 1 of action packed football. Of course the biggest story was Aaron Rodgers going down on the 4th play of their drive. There was so much anticipation and expectations for the Jets, who will now struggle to win the division. It was a mistake for them not to look into another QB. I understand they need to have faith in Zach Wilson, but he’s done nothing on the field that proves he can take them to the promised land. This is the big reason they brought in a future Hall of Famer and Aaron Rodgers.

What do we take of the Browns who took care of business in Cincinnati, led by Deshaun Watson. I think they looked good, but will have a hard time competing with the Ravens and Bengals.

What else did we learn? We learned that the Packers could be for real, or is that an anomaly. I think it’s easy to overact to one game but they seemed to not skip a beat. We learned that the Cowboys D is very, very, good, led by the Penn State alum Micah Parsons. I struggle a little with this one deciding if the Cowboys D is that good or the Giants are that bad. I think it’s a combination of both. I do expect the Cowboys D to keep them in most games.

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The Buffalo Bills struggled this weekend, but this is deja vu for Bills fans. Last year Allen had a similar game and did just fine the rest of the season. He might have to just dust some of the rust off.

Brock Purdy did purdy darn good this week and answered any critics he had entering year 2. I believe he is the real deal and with that tough D, they could be an NFC favorite along side the Philadelphia Eagles.

Finally, the Lions who continued the momentum from last year and beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead, something that is very hard to do. Granted, they didn’t have Chris Jones and Travis Kelce, they still played tough. Look for the Lions to compete all year led by Dan Campbell. What an exciting and unexpected first week! What does Week 2 have in store, grab your popcorn and let’s watch.

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