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NFL Stock Up/Down Week 4


Stock Up

Buffalo Bills: This is the Bills team we all know and love. Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs and a defense that makes enough stops to keep the other team at bay. Miami had a chance to make a statement but they just couldn’t stop Allen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Is this Baker Mayfield‘s resurgence with an NFL team. He has proven that he wants to stay and has the Bucs at an impressive 3-1 record.

San Francisco 49ers: 49ers are arguably the best coached team and have the best defense in the league. They also have Christian McCaffrey who ran for three touchdowns on Sunday. They face a tough Dallas D this weekend.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys D has been very formidable this year only second to the 49ers. Once there offense starts clicking, which starts with Prescott, they will be tough to beat.

Stock Down

New York Giants: Brian Daboll might be on the hot seat already. After a very good 2022 season where he took them to the playoffs, they look the complete opposite this year. Daniel Jones is struggling and not having Barkley in the backfield definitely hurts.

New England Patriots: What is wrong with the Patriots? Mac Jones is struggling and their defense is doing much better. This is Bill Belichick’s biggest challenge so far. Right now there is no way they make the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals were favored to go to the Super Bowl if not win it this year. Something is wrong and it starts with Joe Burrow. There offense has been non-extinct. They also are not a playoff team with the Bills and Chiefs surging ahead. If the Bengals don’t turn it around with a W this weekend, it could be a long season.

Chicago Bears: Matt Eberflus is clearly not the answer at coach. He had some questionable calls on Sunday. Justin Fields hasn’t looked himself which is why I have them trending down.

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