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Dynasty: QB Trade Targets


Which Fantasy QB Could Prevail Your Championship Hopes?

By Mike “Dirty Jobs” Darling  

Well, here we go again.  Another season is almost behind us, but to those of us in the dynasty fantasy world, the season is just beginning! With the wheels already in motion, this off-season looks to be one that will be action-packed; from potential trade targets, free agency, not to mention this year’s draft looks like it could possibly be the best in years as far as offensive production!  

All that energy leads to excitement- and in this time a person can find their opponents willing to wheel and deal and get in on the action.  I’m going to let you know the five quarterbacks I’ll be targeting this year, and why I’m going after them.    

Dwayne Haskins, Pittsburgh Steelers 

Ok, figure we will get the guy that will make you throw garbage at me out of the way first. Hear me out though.

Dwayne Haskins has all kinds of development issues and doesn’t seem to have the composure or dedication to play at the professional level.  At least that’s what it looks like on paper, anyway.

Nonetheless, this guy has enough raw talent and now is in one of the most disciplined programs in the game.  Couple that with the fact that you can buy this guy for a song, and it’s a cheap enough investment knowing that the team involved has little confidence in their big arm’s predecessor.   

Drew Lock, Denver Broncos 

Another “meh” level quarterback, but this guy is putting up fairly decent numbers and the team is starting to get amazing weapons surrounding him. Kind of like Haskins above, you can get this guy on the cheap and slot him into your Superflex position with confidence that he will give you a 15-20 with an occasional sub 10 or plus 20. 

It’s nothing to get excited about, but sometimes just having a good consistent floor is better than chasing rookie QBs in bad programs.  This is definitely more for your win now scenarios, as the tape on this guy shows his long-term value has a deep regression in years 5-6. 

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals 

Now, this is a guy I can finally get excited about! Before he got hurt, this guy looked to have a command of the game, an understanding of defensive scheming, and the ability to throw over 30 times a game on a team that has almost zero depth in their backfield. And he can run. All this adds up to a volume play with limited turnovers with a very high ceiling.

That being stated, this is a long-term play and it will be expensive. Anyone paying attention will require a first-round pick plus for this guy and to me that is just fine.  I don’t believe he will be anything amazing in the 2021 season, so waiting may be the play here but there’s an outside chance that this guy will never be cheaper than he is now if he has a season like last year.

I do however expect him to be more of a third-year breakout, but still viable enough for win-now scenarios. 

Jacob Eason, Indianapolis Colts 

Or Jacon “Ease-In” as I like to call him because with the recent retirement of Phillip Rivers, this guy is getting handed one of in not the best situations in the NFL. We are talking about a team who made the playoffs despite having Phillip Rivers at the helm with young, fast weapons at their disposal in Taylor, Pittman and Allie-Cox.

The line is one of the best when they remain healthy so almost anyone who gets this job will be able to produce solid fantasy numbers, and he looks to be the next in line with the new regime in place. 

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills 

Ok. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include the man I’ve been shouting off the rooftops since draft day. This team is getting better every year, and this guy’s arm is getting more and more dialed in and his understanding of the NFL is within the top five in the league.

Our only hope to not have to open the vault up to get this guy on our roster is if the community believes in any regression. I don’t see it and in fact, I see this being a consistent play week in week out.  Definitely worth the overpay if you don’t want to worry about your QB1 position the next 5 or so years. 

In summation, I feel like any of these guys can be value-added on your roster and be great fantasy plays over the next few years with a focus on volume. To me, this is the key to championships, and getting anyone on the list above should set you in a position to work other spots on your team- feeling great because you have a solid guy at the helm! 

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