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Top 3 Landing Spots for Orlando Brown Jr.


Where Will The Ravens Tackle Land?       

By: Chris Moore (Twitter: @fantasy_moore)

The Ravens appear to have found themselves in trouble with offensive linemen Orlando Brown Jr. Brown has recently stated his frustration with the organization, making it clear he views himself as a left tackle and wants a trade. Brown has been playing right tackle for the Ravens but filled in at left tackle when the Ravens franchise left tackle Ronnie Stanley suffered a fractured ankle that kept him out for the rest of the season. The Ravens, before the season, locked up Stanley to a monster five-year deal worth $98.75 million.

Brown has stated he wants to play left tackle, so the Ravens will probably try to find a trade for Brown shortly. Brown is about to play the final year of his rookie contract in 2021, so it makes sense for the Ravens to move on from him, especially if he only insists on playing left tackle. Brown’s stats have shown he’s a high-level tackle, allowing no sacks at left tackle last year. Trading Brown would be a massive loss for the Ravens offensive line unit, but the Ravens might have to trade Brown if Brown insists on only playing left tackle. Brown has shown he’s a high-level tackle in the NFL, so he should receive plenty of trade interest from teams around the league. Let’s get into my top 3 landing spots for Orlando Brown Jr.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville feels like Orlando Brown Jr’s perfect fit, as the Jaguars currently have an open spot at the left tackle position with Cam Robinson’s contract expiring. The idea of trading for Brown makes a ton of sense for the Jaguars, and they have a lot of draft picks and a ton of cap space. It would probably be a smart idea for the Jaguars to fix up their o-line with Trevor Lawrence set to make his debut on the squad next season. Brown is one of the better tackles in the NFL, and he would be a massive upgrade over Robinson and what the Jaguars currently have.

Brown doesn’t have much experience at the left tackle position, but at only 25 years old, he will be able to protect Trevor Lawrence’s blind spot for multiple years to come. The Jaguars have around $77 million in cap space, so they would be able to lock up Brown to a multi-year deal as well. Brown is also probably the best-left tackle available the Jaguars could bring in. The Jaguars have the draft capital and cap space to pull this trade-off; surrounding Trevor Lawrence with quality offensive linemen needs to be a priority for the Jaguars. 

Los Angeles Chargers

Like the Jaguars, it makes a lot of sense for the Chargers to make a trade for Brown. The Chargers general manager made it clear this offseason improvements need to happen with the offensive line. Protecting franchise quarterback Justin Herbert should be the Charger’s main concern this offseason. Herbert was sacked 32 times last season, which was the 9th most in the league last season out of all quarterbacks.

There’s no question the Chargers need to protect Herbert better next season, and trading for Brown would tremendously help. The Chargers have around $30 million in cap space in 2021, making a trade for Brown shouldn’t be difficult money-wise. Brown’s price tag will probably be significant, but if the Chargers want to pick up a franchise tackle for their young quarterback, Brown may be the best option this offseason.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a fascinating destination due to their recent involvement in the Carson Wentz sweepstakes rumors. After Phillip Rivers retired this offseason, the Colts haven’t decided who will be their quarterback in 2021. Not only did the Colts lose their starting quarterback, but their former starting left tackle Anthony Castonzo also retired. The Colts have holes to fill at both quarterback and left tackle. Making a trade for Brown would be a great way to fill that hole

. The Colts have around $69 million in cap space for 2021. It’s unclear who will be starting under center, but the Colts should remain to build on their strong offensive line from last season. Fixing the offensive line will help out whoever is under center. It’s unclear how much the Ravens would want for their star tackle, but the Colts have a need at the position and could be interested. Besides the quarterback position, finding a new left tackle should be the Colts’ biggest priority this offseason. 

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