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Top WR Targets For Indianapolis Colts


Who Could Replace TY Hilton?

By: Joshua Perez

This year’s free-agent WR group is very deep. Now that the Colts quarterback mystery is finally ended. The next question for the team who they will get to help Wentz. Like I said this group is deep with names like Robinson, Godwin, AB, and Hilton. When you look at the Colts roster they need some help on the outside to help Wentz reach his full ability. These are some guys I’m looking at that I think would be a good addition to the team moving forward.

Chris Godwin WR Tampa

Godwin just won a super bowl and I don’t see him leaving them anytime soon. I would assume Tampa is looking to tag him in order to keep him. But with struggles in the playoffs, he may be able to avoid the tag. If he isn’t tagged I could see multiple teams offer him a very large contract. Godwin has slowly established himself as a top pass catcher in the league and is expected to pay like one. I do think this is unlikely as well. One thing you haven’t seen with the Colts is Ballard overpay for players. Godwin is a top talent in the league while he’s only had one season totaling over 1000 yards he’s still effective. This year we really saw what he could do with a top QB and he really ran with the opportunity. He only totally 840 yards and 7 touchdowns he only played 12 games this year. Getting 840 yards insignificant because that offense is stacked with talent on offense.

Juju WR Steelers

Corvette corvette! The tik tok star Juju is a number one WR in the league and the Steelers have done a poor job getting him involved in the offense. Off field distractions make me hesitant to want to give him a big check but I also know what he can do on the field. He had a solid season this year finishing with almost 100 receptions and 831 yards with 9 touch downs. We can throw the year he had without Ben out because it was his worst season to date. He’s a solid route runner and does well creating space for himself in between routes and can win contested balls.  While juju doesn’t necessarily fit Ballard’s M-O. He would be a hell of an addition for a Carson.

Godwin and Juju are more of a  “dream” signing for what I want. Now let’s get to some more realistic targets that the Colts could have interest in.

TY Hilton WR Colts

TY has been a cornerstone for the Colts during the “Luck Era”. Ballard has preached since day one produce and get paid. TY has done enough in my opinion to be paid. While he had a slow start to this season he finished very strong. Finishing with 762 yards and 5 touchdowns. While his stats weren’t the best he was a big reason the colts offense hit the stride for the playoff run. Health is a concern for me and as is age. When looking to resign TY you can’t deny the Colts record with vs without TY. It’s night and day with him on the field vs without. I do think the a colts are in a spot where they can move on from him I think it would be a mistake. He’s a great locker room guy and can be a great mentor for MPJ. The likelihood of this is high but it will depend on the market. I do not see Ballard paying him big WR money.

Corey Davis WR Tennessee

Davis a former top 5 pick and has never reached his full potential. The Titans could look to move on from the former first-rounder. He had his best season since entering the league but has yet to reach the 1000 yard mark. A career-high in touchdowns and receptions this season he could find himself a big payday elsewhere. I do think he can reach his potential with a change of scenery. If he isn’t signed back Davis could look to get back into the division to get a little revenge on his former team.  Davis is still very young and has a lot of tools to be successful. While I do not think he’s a number 1 guy he can be a solid weapon.

Sammy Watkins WR Chiefs

Watkins is a guy who’s been on the trade block in recent years and has underperformed with the Chiefs. A disappointing season for Watkins as he finished with 37 catches and a career-low 421 yards with 2 touchdowns. Injuries have derailed his young career, but if he can stay healthy he can be effective. I don’t see the chiefs bringing him back under any circumstances and do think he’ll be finding a new home. Watkins is still only 27 years old and if he can tap into his early Buffalo years Watkins could be a great fit for the Colts and would be another weapon for Carson Wentz as he looks to return to form. I don’t think he’ll be an expensive get but could be a Xavier Rhodes-type deal with the colts. Low-risk high reward.

Honorable Mentions:
Desean Jackson Eagles WR
Djax has a familiarity with both Reich and Wentz and could be a easy fit for him in Indianapolis.
Dede Westbrook Jacksonville WR
Dede has shown a ton of promise but has never been able to hit that stride since entering the league. A guy who has a lot of untapped potential and could take off if given a legit quarterback.
Zach Pascal Colts WR
Pascal in my opinion one of the MOST underrated players in the NFL. I know this coaching staff loves him. He is one of the best run blockers as a WR in the league. Wouldn’t be shocked at all of he’s bright back.

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