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Why the Bills should re-sign Josh Norman Now

The Bills should reunite with CB Josh Norman

By: Reese Nasser

After spending time as one of the top corners in the league for nearly half a decade, Josh Norman’s career has begun to somewhat fall off. Norman will be 34 years old in December and injuries have slowly started to catch up with him. Norman appeared in only 9 games last season for the Buffalo Bills after starting the season on injured reserve and also finding his way onto the Covid-19 list. Even with these problems, it doesn’t mean that Norman’s time in the NFL is done just yet. Here’s why the Buffalo Bills should bring him back for one more run. 

Leadership Aspect

Josh Norman has been in the NFL for nine seasons and has appeared in 120 career games. His knowledge of the game is clear or else he wouldn’t have lasted this long in a league that is always looking for your replacement. For a while, there was a real argument that he may be the best corner in the NFL. It is also worth mentioning that the Bills secondary, while talented with players such as Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde, is still young and inexperienced. Outside of Tre’davious White, the cornerback room is somewhat poor. Having a seasoned veteran like Norman in the locker room could be what helps take this team to the next level. He can offer insight and be a voice that this team does not already have.  

The Bills are clearly a superbowl contender. Every contender needs a strong leader, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Ndamukong Suh in 2020 and the Kansas City Chiefs had Terrell Suggs in 2019. Both players were brought in because of their experience and knowledge. Now Bills fans will hope that Norman will be able to play more of a role similar to Suh’s where he still played at a high level and contributed both on the field and off. 

Still Able to Play

The ability to still make an impact is there for Norman. While only appearing in nine games last season, Norman still recorded 24 tackles and 1 interception. He has proven that even with injuries, he can still play at a relatively high level. As previously noted, the Bills cornerback room is still young and that lack of experience was clear at some points last season. Having a player like Norman able to rotate in and play when needed could prove to be vital for the Bills. 

While Tre’Davious White has made it clear that he is a top corner in the league, nobody else on that team has proven to be a solid number two yet. Norman being there could be used as a chance for the younger corners to still prepare and become more accustomed to the NFL game. 

At 33 years old, Norman’s services may not cost the Bills too much money. His ability to still perform and what he brings to the table might make him worth resigning. If I am Buffalo, I am doing whatever may get me to the superbowl. If signing Norman is what it takes, I would do it with no questions asked. He has proven himself worthy of the opportunity, so let the man ball. 

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