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Why Belichick’s philosophy is still successful and unique


Genius Bill Belichick has the right style

By: Reese Nasser

Bill Belichick is regarded as maybe the greatest coach in all of sports. He has created a dynasty with the New England Patriots. A dynasty where he has one six Super Bowls. Now there are questions about the future of his team after they struggled for the first time in years. But even with questions surrounding the team, Neither Belichick nor his legacy have been diminished. He is looked at through the same lens as other legendary coaches such as Greg Popovich, Nick Saban, or Phil Jackson. Each has created their own legacy; their own way of doing things. And yet, even when Belichick is discussed, he is held to almost a different standard than the others.

Belichick’s Outlook on the Game

Belichick has achieved his success by how he views the game of football. His approach differs from many others. He sees the game as black and white, win or lose. When talking about the game, he quotes The Art of War. “Attack weaknesses and utilize strengths.” 

For Belichick, it is that simple. Just figure out a way to win, at any cost. And don’t stop until you do win. The Patriots reaching nine Super Bowls is no accident. 

Oftentimes when looking at Belichick when he coaches, there is a lack of emotion. He is so locked into the game that even when his team is winning, he still appears almost disinterred. It is not until the job is done and the goal has been achieved that Belichick will crack. 

Team Philosophy 

When watching him coach, it is almost poetic. The team is a well oiled machine, working together. There is a clear foundation within the Patriots. As noted by many players, it is very much a team first mindset. The Patriots can be compared to the New York Yankees in that way. Whenever a player goes to one of these teams, their personality is almost put on the backburner. Instead, they become a part of the team fully. 

Belichick creates a team that is always prepared and the approach that they take to the game is like no other. He doesn’t say much outside of football. Even in regards to football, he stays fairly quiet. On the occasion that he does speak, it is always worth quoting. 

He has created a strategy and a team outlook that is very difficult to recreate. Belichick has one of the most extensive coaching trees in the NFL. Yet very few of these coaches have gone on to achieve success with their other teams. When looking at the roster of the Patriots, much like the revolving coaching staff, it is the same next man up philosophy. Even with the best players to come through New England, Belichick has treated them all the same. They come and go yet the Patriots have stayed solid and the goal has never changed. Be the best team you can be and put the team first. Belichick’s unique ideology and philosophy has led this charge and as long as he is coach in New England, you can’t expect any of this to change. 

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