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3 reasons why the Broncos are being patient with Drew Lock

Is Drew Lock still the future QB for Denver Broncos?

By: Jordan Anders

It’s safe to say general manager George Paton and the coaches are set on Drew Lock being the quarterback for the Denver Broncos this season, after not landing any deals with this offseason. After not taking a quarterback in the draft either, it became apparent the Broncos were putting all their chips in a basket for the 24-year-old from Missouri. However, they did sign quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to add completion in the quarterback position but it’s looking like the starting job is Drew’s.

After playing only 18 which is barely a full season, Drew lock has showed some improvement in many areas and has made good connections with the guys. Though he does have many flaws that need to be worked out, PFF ranked him the worst starting quarterback last season. Which raises the question, after nine starting quarterbacks since Peyton Manning, why are the Broncos choosing to be patient with Drew Lock?

  1. In 2019, Drew Lock started the last five games of the season and went 4-1. His instant connection with Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton paved the way for the Broncos to end that season on a good note. Things were looking up for the 2020 season until Courtland Sutton suffered a season-ending injury in week 2. That, combined with a shortened off-season practice schedule due to COVID, Drew Lock didn’t have enough time to get in work with the two new wide receivers. A reason the coaches are patient with Drew Lock is to give him the time this off-season to work with his offense, which he will have all summer. If Sutton and Lock had such a good connection, they surely believe Lock can build one with the others.

2. The stats are not really on Drew’s side for this one, he passed for 2933 yards with 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. His completion percentage was only 57.3 compared to 2019 which was 64.1%. Upfront these numbers aren’t pretty, but if you dive deeper you can see why the Broncos are being patient. In Drew Lock’s first seven games, he had a 55% completion with 238 attempts and 9 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions, not pretty. But a look at his last six games will show improvement with a 60% completion on 205 attempts and 10 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Not a big jump, but you can’t ignore the improvement made between the start of the season and the end. This goes to show that he is improving and working out the kinks.

3. People tend to focus on Drew Lock’s bad games, but forget he has had some pretty good ones as well that include two fourth-quarter comebacks and 3 game-winning drives. In week 14, the Broncos played the Panthers in which Lock threw 4 touchdowns with 0 interceptions and had a completion percentage of 77.8%. Back in week 8, Lock threw a game-winning drive to beat the Chargers 31-30. Drew Lock has proven he can have good games but he needs work and the coaches know that. However, Drew Lock has his teammates, the coaches, Paton, and Peyton Manning all believing he is the new franchise quarterback.

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