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Top Dallas Cowboys training camp rumors


By: Taylor Ford

These are some things that you should keep an eye on through training camp if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan.

The boys have looked good during these days of organized drills and mini- camp, but somethings have been better than expected. Multiple young players have been showing out and look to move their momentum toward training camp. Certain veterans have also shocked the staff, and could there be another free agent signing or a trade before the season? We will dive into all of this as we look into what kind of rumors and news are circling the Dallas Cowboys before this next stage of the offseason.

Michael Gallup’s future

With Cooper and Lamb being on the roster as the premier receivers, Gallup is in a third man roll as of now. Cooper is the main target for Prescott and Lamb is the golden boy with the most upside wearing number 88. So where does Gallup fit in terms of production? Well, he knows he must produce in order to get the contract he wants, considering he is in the final year of his rookie contract. Gallup told the Athletic, “You’re obviously going to think about it (the contract). You can’t really do anything about it but go out on the field and do what you’re supposed to do. You’re not going to get that contract if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do on the field first,” Gallup did say he would love to stay though. “Obviously, I’d love to stay here. I’d love to stay in Dallas, love the community, love the city, love the fans, so it’s just up in the air, but I want to be right here.” Of course, he wants to stay in Dallas playing for Americas team, when they are the ones that took the shot and drafted him, but is that feasible? Even though the Cowboys have much more glaring needs than receiver, would they do what it takes to keep one of their playmakers? Doubtful, considering Jerry Jones and company just spent a draft pick on a wide out that has very similar traits. They don’t exactly have the cap space to be dishing out a massive contract to the third best wide receiver on the team. If he really wants to stay in Dallas, we may have to see a Juju Smith-Schuster type deal to happen in order for him to stay. So again, doubtful to say the least.

Amari injured?

Amari Cooper seems to have yet another ankle injury. The quickest feet in the south have once again been put to rest as he will most likely miss sometime in training camp. He suffered an ankle injury a few weeks ago and has missed all of mini camp and drills. It does not seem to be a serious injury though, as he is not expected to miss any time during the season. This easily could just be a precautionary measure with their superstar receiver.

Micah Parsons has a new role

Parsons was brought in to be, what most people thought, the middle linebacker and proverbial quarterback of the defense. Well in these last few weeks he has been tested at multiple different spots including defensive end. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said he wanted Parsons to be able to switch back and forth between the DPR position (designated pass rusher) and the middle linebacker. Quinn wants Parsons to just create havoc and create disruption on every play, in many different ways. When he was talking to the Dallas Morning news Quinn stated that he loved his pass rushing abilities and his want and will to get to the ball, “Being able to create that excitement, momentum change, a chance to get the ball out and get it back to our explosive offense. That’s kind of what I like about pass rushing.” So, from the look of things, the Dallas Cowboys are going to be using Parsons a lot like Tampa uses Devin White. Parsons is going to be the run stuffing linebacker, but also play the role of getting to the quarterback. Demarcus Lawrence has taken him under his wing and has told him that he is going to help him become a great pass rusher. Even though it most likely will not be his primary duties, he has the athleticism to do both, and Dan Quinn seems more than willing to test that.

Dak will be ready

Dak Prescott is always the biggest news considering he plays the biggest role on the team, and he is the undoubted teams leader. As we all know he suffered a terrible injury early in last year’s regular season. He has fought long and hard to get to where he is today. Now, without hesitation he can honestly say he will be a full participant when training camp starts. He said he is done with this injury, and he wants to put it behind him. “I’ve buried the injury,” Prescott said in a recent interview with media, “from the point of practice, from the point of just moving forward, and going about my life, I’ve buried it. I have buried it mentally.” Prescott also said he is asking that everyone around him including media to help him bury it as well. Dak is the unquestioned leader of this team and will be ready to lead his team going into a much-anticipated training camp and season in general.

Offers for Leighton and Jaylon

Apparently, there are reports about the Cowboys receiving multiple offers for both starting linebackers they had from the last few years. The New Orleans saints have been linked to trade rumors for Jaylon Smith. There were also rumors that Jaylon was being shopped during the draft. Also, multiple reports have come out about many teams showing interest in Leighton Vander Esch. After the Cowboys have drafted these linebackers (Parsons and Cox) and brining in Neal, the writing has been on the wall for a change all offseason. Even though everyone knows things are changing, Jerry and Stephen Jones have continued to stick to their guns and say they will not be trading either linebacker. So, despite the rumors of the Cowboys trying to trade smith during the draft, the Jones’ have shot that rumor down several times. The Organization as a whole and the coaches specifically want nothing more than to have competition at a position that needs a lot of improvement. Leighton has impressed defensive coordinator Dan Quinn with his work ethic and energy. Apparently, he is playing with great speed and both vets are doing everything they can to help the rookies succeed.

Geno Atkins interest

Geno Atkins is set to meet with the Dallas Cowboys’ team doctor and is expected to be cleared from a torn rotator cuff by July 1st. The eight-time pro bowler is coming off an injury riddled season, but for the most part has been healthy his entire 11-year career. Atkins just turned 33 years of age and he thinks he still has some gas in the tank. According to Ian Rapoport there are no actual reports of the Dallas Cowboys organization showing Any interest in Geno, but it would not surprise anyone if they sent him an offer after their doctors gives their evaluation on him. Dallas has had a problem with getting pressure up the middle and stuffing the run. Geno would bring a veteran presence and a pro bowl caliper style of play to the team if they decided to show more interest in the player.

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