Top Dallas Cowboys training camp rumors

By: Taylor Ford

These are some things that you should keep an eye on through training camp if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan.

The boys have looked good during these days of organized drills and mini- camp, but somethings have been better than expected. Multiple young players have been showing out and look to move their momentum toward training camp. Certain veterans have also shocked the staff, and could there be another free agent signing or a trade before the season? We will dive into all of this as we look into what kind of rumors and news are circling the Dallas Cowboys before this next stage of the offseason.

Michael Gallup’s future

With Cooper and Lamb being on the roster as the premier receivers, Gallup is in a third man roll as of now. Cooper is the main target for Prescott and Lamb is the golden boy with the most upside wearing number 88. So where does Gallup fit in terms of production? Well, he knows he must produce in order to get the contract he wants, considering he is in the final year of his rookie contract. Gallup told the Athletic, “You’re obviously going to think about it (the contract). You can’t really do anything about it but go out on the field and do what you’re supposed to do. You’re not going to get that contract if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do on the field first,” Gallup did say he would love to stay though. “Obviously, I’d love to stay here. I’d love to stay in Dallas, love the community, love the city, love the fans, so it’s just up in the air, but I want to be right here.” Of course, he wants to stay in Dallas playing for Americas team, when they are the ones that took the shot and drafted him, but is that feasible? Even though the Cowboys have much more glaring needs than receiver, would they do what it takes to keep one of their playmakers? Doubtful, considering Jerry Jones and company just spent a draft pick on a wide out that has very similar traits. They don’t exactly have the cap space to be dishing out a massive contract to the third best wide receiver on the team. If he really wants to stay in Dallas, we may have to see a Juju Smith-Schuster type deal to happen in order for him to stay. So again, doubtful to say the least.

Amari injured?

Amari Cooper seems to have yet another ankle injury. The quickest feet in the south have once again been put to rest as he will most likely miss sometime in training camp. He suffered an ankle injury a few weeks ago and has missed all of mini camp and drills. It does not seem to be a serious injury though, as he is not expected to miss any time during the season. This easily could just be a precautionary measure with their superstar receiver.

Micah Parsons has a new role

Parsons was brought in to be, what most people thought, the middle linebacker and proverbial quarterback of the defense. Well in these last few weeks he has been tested at multiple different spots including defensive end. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said he wanted Parsons to be able to switch back and forth between the DPR position (designated pass rusher) and the middle linebacker. Quinn wants Parsons to just create havoc and create disruption on every play, in many different ways. When he was talking to the Dallas Morning news Quinn stated that he loved his pass rushing abilities and his want and will to get to the ball, “Being able to create that excitement, momentum change, a chance to get the ball out and get it back to our explosive offense. That’s kind of what I like about pass rushing.” So, from the look of things, the Dallas Cowboys are going to be using Parsons a lot like Tampa uses Devin White. Parsons is going to be the run stuffing linebacker, but also play the role of getting to the quarterback. Demarcus Lawrence has taken him under his wing and has told him that he is going to help him become a great pass rusher. Even though it most likely will not be his primary duties, he has the athleticism to do both, and Dan Quinn seems more than willing to test that.

Dak will be ready

Dak Prescott is always the biggest news considering he plays the biggest role on the team, and he is the undoubted teams leader. As we all know he suffered a terrible injury early in last year’s regular season. He has fought long and hard to get to where he is today. Now, without hesitation he can honestly say he will be a full participant when training camp starts. He said he is done with this injury, and he wants to put it behind him. “I’ve buried the injury,” Prescott said in a recent interview with media, “from the point of practice, from the point of just moving forward, and going about my life, I’ve buried it. I have buried it mentally.” Prescott also said he is asking that everyone around him including media to help him bury it as well. Dak is the unquestioned leader of this team and will be ready to lead his team going into a much-anticipated training camp and season in general.

Offers for Leighton and Jaylon

Apparently, there are reports about the Cowboys receiving multiple offers for both starting linebackers they had from the last few years. The New Orleans saints have been linked to trade rumors for Jaylon Smith. There were also rumors that Jaylon was being shopped during the draft. Also, multiple reports have come out about many teams showing interest in Leighton Vander Esch. After the Cowboys have drafted these linebackers (Parsons and Cox) and brining in Neal, the writing has been on the wall for a change all offseason. Even though everyone knows things are changing, Jerry and Stephen Jones have continued to stick to their guns and say they will not be trading either linebacker. So, despite the rumors of the Cowboys trying to trade smith during the draft, the Jones’ have shot that rumor down several times. The Organization as a whole and the coaches specifically want nothing more than to have competition at a position that needs a lot of improvement. Leighton has impressed defensive coordinator Dan Quinn with his work ethic and energy. Apparently, he is playing with great speed and both vets are doing everything they can to help the rookies succeed.

Geno Atkins interest

Geno Atkins is set to meet with the Dallas Cowboys’ team doctor and is expected to be cleared from a torn rotator cuff by July 1st. The eight-time pro bowler is coming off an injury riddled season, but for the most part has been healthy his entire 11-year career. Atkins just turned 33 years of age and he thinks he still has some gas in the tank. According to Ian Rapoport there are no actual reports of the Dallas Cowboys organization showing Any interest in Geno, but it would not surprise anyone if they sent him an offer after their doctors gives their evaluation on him. Dallas has had a problem with getting pressure up the middle and stuffing the run. Geno would bring a veteran presence and a pro bowl caliper style of play to the team if they decided to show more interest in the player.

Three things you need to know about Dan Quinn’s defense

Dan Quinn brings the secret formula to Dallas

By: Taylor Ford

Dan Quinn is the biggest off-season acquisition for the Dallas Cowboys thus far. He will be bringing much-needed hope with him as he is the most decorative defensive coordinator Dallas has had in a long time. Here are the things you need to know what Dan Quinn and his defense are bringing to the big D.

Getting back to the original plan

Mike McCarthy originally told everyone that the defense was going to be player over scheme. That unfortunately was obviously not true. The players were put into a situation that they were not comfortable and in turn, made tons of unnecessary mistakes.

Dan Quinn is going to be bringing a scheme that will intel Demarcus Lawrence to get back to a 5 technique. He will be put in the best possible scenario for him to succeed. Quinn is going to bring the 40 front back into Dallas. It will look slightly different than what we have seen in the recent past, but It should be a lot better for the players currently on the roster.

There will typically always be 4 rushing the QB in almost every base package. Quinn has recently claimed that he wants to more of a nickel set but does plan to more of a “3-4” style. He also has brought in a few guys that are already familiar with his scheme and will probably bring in more guys as well.

Cover 3 with giants

If you have not noticed, Dan Quinn has a body type in mind for his corners. He wants them to be super tall and lengthy. It does not stop there though. He also loves to have safeties that have ball hawk capabilities and a strong safety that drops into the box and could be considered as a linebacker.

Quinn had all these things in Seattle and now will have all these things in Dallas. He loves running the cover 3 zone scheme which could help any of the secondary players that do not have blinding speed. The middle-high zone is most of the time covered by the free safety. Therefore, he loves getting guys with ball hawk abilities to playback there. He had Earl Thomas in Seattle and there is no guarantee he will not go get him to play in Dallas this coming season.

If he does not end up with Thomas, he still has a guy in Kazee who has proven he can take the ball away. Kazee is smaller and coming off a major injury, but if he can withstand a full season, he will be a solid player in this scheme.

Championship Caliper Defense

Quinn’s most successful time as an NFL coach and what he will always be remembered for was his two years as the LOB defensive coordinator. He not only has been to the super bowl as a head coach in recent years, but Dan Quinn has been a huge contributor to multiple other super bowl appearances.

When he was the defensive coordinator for Seattle, they developed the well-deserved name legion of boom. He made the world of a difference when he was the actual defensive play-caller. He brings that championship pedigree and that winning swagger to the group. This organization continues to try to put the most proven coaches on the payroll.

Quinn has been to three super bowls and has won one. Between Mike and Dan, there are 4 different super bowls that they have coached in. I think it’s safe to say, they know how to win at the highest level. The best thing about Dan Quinn is that he knows how to shape his scheme to fit his player’s skills, but also knows how to scout the right players to fit his scheme.

Will the Dallas Cowboys defense be better this year?

By: Taylor Ford

Why should you believe the Dallas Cowboys are actually going to have a better defense in the 2021-2022 season? I am going to give you three reasons–

Building the Defense through the draft

With a new season, comes new hopes and dreams for this franchise. The Dallas Cowboys have been on the chase for a super bowl ring for over twenty years and it seems to be an endless search for past glory. It is so cliché, yet so true, defenses win championships. The Boys seem to always fall short of having a good defense just about every year. That very well could change as this last draft has looked a lot like the 2005 draft. The Only other time the Dallas Cowboys have selected over 7 picks and came out with only 2 offensive players. That year they selected Demarcus Ware in the first round. They also acquired guys like—Chris Canty, Jay Ratliff, and Marcus Spears. Needless to say, after this year’s draft, the Cowboys have positioned themselves to get a lot better. Parsons was arguably the best defensive player in the draft and will immediately help the team. Kelvin Joseph and Jabril Cox are going to end up starters on the team as well. Jerry Jones literally drafted nine defensive players out of eleven picks. The team is bound to hit on a couple of them. Along with the three said players, the Boys drafted two defensive lineman that could fill the middle of the line nicely. The biggest issue for the Cowboys last season was stopping the run and defense in general, this draft helps fix that tremendously.

Bringing in the right personnel

Not only did the Cowboys have a defensive minded draft board, but before the draft, they have been actively trying to make it better. Jerry Jones brought in Dan Quinn to help fix the defensive woes. Quinn comes in as the defensive coordinator and possibly the answer to all the problems on defense. This is the same coach that was the defensive coordinator for the legion of boom in Seattle. He brings a fresh mindset and will have an actual offseason to get these guys prepared for the change in the system. He also has done everything in his power to get the guys he wants on that defense. That includes the free-agent signings like Damontae Kazee and Keanu Neal who both played for him in Atlanta. Also, with the drafted players like the skyscraper cornerbacks he wanted. Dan Quinn said he will be bringing more of a 3-4 look, but really it will primarily be a nickel set. He will have four players rushing the quarterback and two “mid” linebackers, along with five defensive backs as the base package. With a full offseason, this package could help the players that he is bringing in, strive to become the best players that they can be. It also allows the veteran players to play in a versatile system that can maximize their abilities to make plays. Things like having Demarcus Lawrence stand instead of coming out of a three-point stance. Having Jaylon Smith blitz the quarterback more often instead of being a liability in coverage. Allowing Leighton to play weak side and drop in coverage on passing downs. With Dan Quinn’s defensive scheme and mindset, this team could look a lot better in just one year if he brings that LOB swagger with him.

It Can’t get any worse… right?

Surely the defense could not get any worse from the atrocious season they had last year. Even though the Dallas Cowboys only gave up the 21st most passing yards last season, the stats do not show the truth in that aspect. Teams passed all over the Cowboys all season long at the beginning of games. After they gained a lead, they would run all over Dallas. The Cowboys gave up the 2nd most rushing yards in the league last season (2541 yards) and it was a franchise record. Not exactly a record you want to break. Offenses seem to have had their way against the historically bad Dallas defense. So, what is Jerry’s response? An overwhelming number of defensive players through the draft and free agency, along with a great defensive coordinator. It is also possible and likely that the Boys will be bringing in more veterans to maximize this rosters potential. The veterans that have returned from last year will be playing with some boulders on their shoulders. They all should want to come out this coming season and prove to everyone that the problem was the system they were in and not them. The Jones’ have said in recent interviews that they realize there was a major problem on the defensive side of the ball. All boxes have been checked off to deem that statement to be true. The Cowboys entire organization has done everything they can to get help on defense and I do not think they are done just yet.

Why Dak Prescott is the most Indispensable player in the league

By: Taylor Ford

Dakota Rain Prescott is obviously valuable to his franchise and to fantasy owners. Furthermore, he is the most valuable and indispensable player in the league. Here are three reasons why–

No one does it like Dak

Dak was having yet another amazing season in the stat column before he got injured in 2020. With all the weapons that Dallas has on offense, you would assume another quarterback would at least do decent. Well, three others tried and failed. Not a single another quarterback on the roster could seem to get anywhere near the production Dak puts up. Therefore, his value went through the roof. Cowboy fans finally got to see what their team would look like without a guy like him under center. Even though Dak had a Gruesome injury, The Cowboy’s organization realized they had to pay the man. Without a doubt, the team is ten times better with him as the leader. Everyone in the organization loves him from the ground up, which makes him even more indispensable. The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest franchise in all of the sports because everyone watches their games, and Dak Prescott is the face of the franchise. Without Dak Prescott, the Cowboys just do not feel the same. You could see the heartbreak in the other players eyes when he got carted off the field last season. Dak ended up with 1856 yards and 9 touchdowns through only 4 and a half games. He was literally on pace to shatter the record for most yards in a single season.

The Jones Family Will take care of him

Dak got paid even after a huge injury. There was no doubt that they would sign him, but they should have done it sooner. Dak made it an emphasis to make sure the Jones’ saw his progress, as he did his rehab right outside their offices. He wanted them to know that this was his team, and he was not playing around. Either way now that he is a Cowboy for the long run, Jerry and company will continue to ensure that Dak has the resources to succeed. Will McClay is the best offensive talent scout in the business. Getting guys like Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Ceedee Lamb, Zeke, and that offensive line, does wonders for a talented quarterback like Dak. In fact, Dak has been putting up crazy number since the 2019-2020 season because of it. Last season he threw for 4902 yards and 30 touchdowns. He was rocking a 108.4 passer rating by the end of the season. The last game against Washington he put up 4 touchdowns to cap off a great season for him. He has an average completion rate of 66% on his career. Tom Brady is at 64% and Aaron Rodgers is at 65%. He is only throwing an interception on 1.7% of his pass attempts for his career. That is also better than Tom Brady at 1.8%. Dak also has a career QB rating of 97.3 which is tied with Tom Brady. Dak may not throw for as many touchdowns as the other elite quarterbacks, but he does score rushing touchdowns as well. Unfortunately, McClay has not been the best scout for defensive players, therefore, making it harder and harder for Dallas to win games.

The Fantasy Baller

Due to the lack of ability to find elite defensive players, Dallas always seems to find themselves fighting from behind on the scoreboard. Yes, they just had a defensive heavy draft, but they also had, arguably, the most questionable pick at the 99 spot. Most of the guys they draft do not tend to work out for the Cowboys on the defensive side of the ball. So, Dak finds himself accumulating some large numbers in the stat book. Until the defense shows they are worth a nickel, he remains one of the top fantasy scorers in the league. Even if they do get a good defense, Dak will only get better as a player. He will remain a solid fantasy option, but the the Dallas Cowboys will be the real winners. Not only would defense help them be real contenders, but it would only make Dak Prescott better. Getting him more opportunities, under less pressure situations to put up numbers. He could remain a top 5 option in fantasy with a good defense, but currently he has to be considered top 3, if not number one out of all quarterbacks. The only season that he finished with a QB rating under 100.0 was his sophomore slump year. Every year after he has proven he is a top option in fantasy week-in and week-out. Dak is also a dual threat and that bodes well in the fantasy department when the player is not built like a stick. He has a huge build and still has put up over 1300 rushing yards and 24 rushing touchdowns for his career through just 4 and 1/3 seasons. He is only going to be 28 years old when the 2021 season kicks off and has plenty of years left to run the show for America’s team.

The Best Draft fit from round one: Najee Harris to Pittsburgh

By: Taylor Ford

There were a lot of really good picks in round one of the 2021 draft. Some were better than others, but lets talk about the player that landed at the perfect spot in terms of fantasy value–Najee Harris.

Najee Is That Dude

He is a guy that everyone knew would be the first overall running back taken off the board. I personally had him going to Miami, but if the Steelers took a running back this article was going to be about that guy regardless. Harris is a dynamic player that can bring the running game back to Pittsburgh. This much-needed upgrade puts them right back into contention for a title. More importantly, though, this is the absolute best possible landing spot for a running back in terms of possible fantasy production. This is why Najee Harris is the best fit out of anyone selected in the draft, and best fit for fantasy owners looking to improve their running back position.

Why He Fits Best With The Steelers

Guess who had the least amount of rushing yards in 2020? Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers. They only tallied 1351 total rushing yards on the season at an average of 84.4 yards per game. It was a bad site to see, which is why they showed James Connor the door. Was it really all his fault though? No, the offensive line needs help as well. Even with that said, everyone that has seen Connor and Harris play can tell Harris is a far superior athlete and will make a difference. Look for the Steelers to boost up the Offensive line with a pick or two in the upcoming picks in the draft. Even if they do not go that route, Najee will have a very productive season. Big Ben had a lot of talent to throw to last year and now you can add Najee to the mix as well. He has good catching skills out of the backfield. Harris is also a good pass blocker too and can help big Ben extend some plays.

Best Fantasy Fit

Everyone is always looking for another running back for their team. You either have plenty and need depth, or you have no one worth a nickel and you’re looking to get someone good. Najee Harris fits any need you have to fill at the position. In 2020 this guy put up almost 1500 rushing yards and 26 rushing touchdowns. He averaged almost 6 yards per carry. Harris also had 43 receptions for 425 yards and 4 receiving touchdowns. So, obviously, he has a nose for the endzone. Harris has clocked a 4.45 40 time in the past and looks like he has the quickness and change of direction of a much smaller back. He is almost the size of Derrick Henry and can run people over just like him. He reminds me of a bigger, more powerful Ezekiel Elliot. We all know what those two guys have done in the NFL. Najee Harris has the potential to put up those kinds of numbers, and him being selected by the Steelers has a lot to do with that.

Najee Harris Is The Best Fit

Harris will make a bigger impact than people even realize. He should be looked at as a top 3 pick in all fantasy platforms. Even in a super-flex, tight-end premium, PPR league this guy should still be going at number 2 or 3 in rookie drafts. He will be that productive. In a QB1 league or regular redraft leagues, he should be the number one overall pick without question. Do not overthink these things either. What do we know? We know that Najee is an absolute animal and will put up great numbers. We know he is going to the best possible scenario he could go to. This is a no-brainer in terms of fantasy fit. Even if you are 3rd in the draft and you have 3 studs at running back, pick this guy. You cannot go wrong because he is hands down the best fit in the 2021 draft.

Latest trade rumors surrounding Dallas cowboys

By: Taylor Ford

Either it is trading down or trading up, here is a look at three possible trade scenarios and who the Dallas Cowboys would get with the newly acquired pick.


There are rumors all around the NFL about different trades around this time every year. As we all know the media circles the Dallas Cowboys and puts them under a microscope. There have been multiple reports about the possibility of the Cowboys trading in the draft. It could be that they trade up, and it could be they trade back. Either way, it is all a possibility.

Trade back to 15

One rumor that has been circulating is trading with New England and dropping down to the 15 spot. The Patriots need a quarterback and if one happens to be there when the Dallas Cowboys are on the clock, then it may be beneficial to grab some extra picks. Of course, this depends on who is still on the board for Dallas to take as well. Some of the guys that the Dallas Cowboys should and will be looking at if they drop to 15: Christian Barmore (DT. Alabama), Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB. Notre Dame), Trevon Moehrig (S. TCU), and Teven Jenkins (OT. Oklahoma State). If Pitts and Surtain are not there at ten, trading down to acquire a guy like Owusu-Koramoah would be an absolute steal. He would fill a need and would be the best player available, all while Dallas receives another pick in the draft.

Trade back to 20

Another possibility is that the Bears are going to move up in the draft and depending on who is on the board, Dallas may be a perfect candidate. The Bears would have to give a hefty price to move up ten spots in the first round, but they might just do that. If Dallas is picking from the 20 spot, the players they should and would be targeting would include Kwity Paye (Edge. Michigan), Greg Newsome II (CB. Northwestern), Alijah Vera-Tucker (IOL. USC), Caleb Farley (CB. Virginia Tech), and Alex Leatherwood (OT. Alabama). If Dallas moves back that far, they are most likely receiving the first and second for the 2021 draft and at least a 2022 first-round pick. If they got someone like Farley or Newsome it would be the absolute best-case scenario for this year’s draft and would hold the most value of any scenario.

Trade up to 7 or 8

Yes, we all know that Jerry called the Falcons to possibly snag the fourth pick to get Kyle Pitts (TE. Florida). It was a smokescreen. He is not going to give up a huge amount of assets to go up in the draft. Recent draft history will tell us the same. Furthermore, he may try to move up a couple of spots. According to the newly circulating rumors from Cowboy’s insider, Mike Fisher, the Philadelphia Eagles may try to move up in front of Dallas to get a cornerback. Obviously, they would be trying to get Patrick Surtain II. Again, this seems to be more of the same kind of smokescreen mentality. Why would the Eagles make yet another trade to get back into the top ten? So, doubtful, but possible because the Eagles do love making Jerry mad. If the Dallas Cowboys, for some reason, decided to bite the bate and jump up a few slots, they will get Surtain II (CB. Alabama).


Most likely the Dallas Cowboys are going to take their pick at ten unless the unthinkable happens. It looks more and more like Jaycee Horn (CB. South Carolina) will be the pick for Dallas at ten. If for some reason the top two corners and Kyle Pitts go before the tenth overall pick, then Dallas trading down would make perfect sense.

Moving up because of speculation would be odd, to say the least, because of how well Dallas has done in previous drafts picking at their original spots. The draft process will be fun to watch unfold as usual, but if you are banking on Dallas trading up, you might be disappointed. Trading back seems more likely, and they would get great value out of it too. Every Dallas Cowboy fan either wants Pitts or Surtain II, but do not be surprised if they are gone by then. Moving back in the draft may not only be the most likely of the two trading options, but it may be the smartest option in general even if Horn is available.

Top 3 Running backs you need to Buy Now

By: Taylor Ford Twitter: @Dadynastydad

No matter the type of fantasy football league you are in. Running back always has tons of value. Here is 3 backs that are over the age of 26, that you should buy now.


Everyone is looking for young players in a dynasty setting, especially at the running back position given their short shelf life. The older the players get, typically means, the less valuable they get. With that being said, there are some running backs that are aging and still putting up solid numbers, and probably will do so for the foreseeable future. Two of these backs have been proven for a while and will continue to do so into their thirties, but the last guy is a bit of a sleeper. I am talking about Chris Carson, Melvin Gordon, and Mike Davis.

Chris Carson

Chris Carson is number one on this list because he is in a run happy system and is the youngest of the three. Carson turns 27 right as the 2021-2022 season begins. Carson missed about 5 full games in the 2020-2021 season with an injury, but if he could have stayed healthy, he might have had his third straight 1000+ yard season rushing. Carson has an ADP of 61.54 right now in dynasty start up drafts, which is way more than a bargain for a guy that puts up the kind of numbers he does. If you are in an active league and someone else owns him, try to trade for him before the rookie draft. The owner may look to replace him with someone much younger while you could receive a proven running back. The Oklahoma State product has shown that he can pound the rock and produce good numbers for fantasy owners.

Melvin Gordon

Everyone thought Melvin Gordon was declining when he sat out for a bit of the season a couple years ago and got out-shined by the younger Austin Ekeler. They would be wrong. Furthermore, He just turned 28 years of age and is still performing at a decently high level. Last year he was sharing touches with Phillip Lindsey and still hit just under 1000 yards rushing. The QB play was not the best in Denver last year and they did not utilize him in the pass game as well as they should have. That very well could change going into the NFL rookie draft, as Denver may be taking a young stud QB with the 9th overall pick. Now that Phillip Lindsey has departed to Houston, Melvin Gordon finds himself in a bell-cow type situation again, and he is about to have a great season. Besides his rookie season and last year when he sat out for the first part of the season, he has been over 1000+ all purpose yards for each season. He will continue to give good value to fantasy owners going forward. Gordon has a dynasty start up ADP of 83.74 which is about right for his age, but still a great deal for the production he gives.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis the sleeper is not that big of a sleeper given the great season he had last year standing in for CMC. He had 8 total touchdowns and over 1000 all-purpose yards in the 2020-2021 season. Davis showed he can be the bell-cow and that he is not afraid the bulldozed someone over on the field, every week. As of now he is the starter in Atlanta and probably will be. His dynasty start up ADP is 121.98 and he will probably be pretty cheap to trade for as well. He will put up really good numbers as the starter in Atlanta for the next few years, so if you are on the championship hunt, get him on your team now.


Yes, these guys are aging a bit, but not in their numbers. They will continue to be good pieces on fantasy owner’s teams if they are the starters. No one on their teams are really going to challenge for many touches, so they should see plenty of volume. All of them are very versatile in the pass game as well which will help even more in a PPR setting. Chris Carson is the most obvious buy with the biggest upside, but he still will come at a good price. Trading a second-round rookie pick would not be too farfetched for him. Melvin Gordon has had the better career out of the three and is going to have a great next couple of seasons with no one in Denver to take his touches. Mike the sleeper Davis is going to come at the best value because of people underestimating his ability. You could get him with a backend rookie pick and get solid numbers from a starting running back. If you need help at the running back position or even just some depth, these guys may all come with a good bargain deal and will immediately help you win some games.

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