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Mac Jones will be the next Pro Bowl QB for New England

Mac Jones Pro Bowl bound in 2021?

By: Pat Pitts

Every professional sports league has its own version of an All-Star game. Whether it is during or after the season, the league organizes a game along with carnival game-type skills competitions in order to show off the league’s elite for its dedicated fans. 

Pro Bowls are beneficial for players that may not be on teams playing in January. The league rewards their hard work with another form of praise. Also, it is a great way to receive a bonus to a player’s salary. However, the Patriots know other ways to earn themselves some extra cash. 

New England is not particularly familiar with the Pro Bowl scene; they are usually busy around that time of year. Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end. There is too many potential Super Bowl contenders for the Patriots to be named the unanimous representative from the AFC for the hundredth time. 

Lucky for Belichick, he has a potential pro bowl quarterback, and it’s not Cam Newton. Mac Jones, the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft, will be the Patriots last Pro Bowl QB since Tom Brady in 2002. Fun fact, that was the final season the Patriots would not win the division until 2008. 

Belichick believes in Mac Jones. He has not drafted a QB in the first round in his entire tenure in New England. Although he has not much reason to, it still indicates a significant change to the roster. 

Mac Jones belongs in New England. He spent the past four years playing at Belichick University in Alabama with coach Nick Saban. He can handle the pressure Belichick puts on his players because of his experience with Saban. Both coaches push their players to their limits in order to get the best out of them. Oh, and they know the game of football pretty well too. 

Jones even told the media post-draft how he wanted to be a Patriot the entire time. Even as a kid, he dreamed of playing for Belichick according to his pop warner football coach. During the mini-camp, Jones impressed coaches off the jump. In videos posted by Boston’s sports media accounts, Jones performed significantly better than Newton on most throws. Even beat reporter Mike Reiss tweeted how he saw how well Jones commanded the offense on the first day. 

He performed so well, that Belichick considers this training camp will be a “serious evaluation” period for the team. There is a quarterback battle in New England. 

I predict that Jones will take over the starting job to kick off the season. The Patriots signed their new free agents with the intent to build an offense around Jones. It shows similarities of his offense from a year ago when he won college football’s national championship. 

Mac Jones is a future pro bowler, maybe even this season, due to his experience with Belichick-type systems, his ability to lead and dream offense to start his NFL career commanding. Sundays are not the same without Brady, but I have a feeling Mac Jones will help us forget the past and move on. 

Mac Jones is the second coming

Every Patriots fan knew the day Tom Brady leaving Gillette for the final time was approaching. However, they did not expect him to do so and bring a snakebitten franchise to a Super Bowl. The question has loomed over the fanbase for years, but have procrastinated in answering it. Time’s up; answer the question. 

Mac Jones possesses all the qualities to fill Brady’s gigantic shoes. I mean, just look at his highlights from last season. Jones placed the ball in the hands of his receivers perfectly with every throw. He rarely turns the ball over, more importantly, he remains poised in the pocket. He lacks the speed to scramble, so he is forced to take an old-school approach to the game.

His playstyle is not the only aspect of the game Brady mimics; both quarterbacks’ best assets are their field awareness and IQ. Jones knows where his receivers are at all times. Well, everyone knew where Devanta Smith and Jaylan Waddle were on the field. 

Jones has one of the best arms in the draft. He throws 30-40 yard passes with ease. He broke the college football record for completion percentage (77.4). Belichick wants a quarterback who does not turn the ball over. According to the numbers, Jones fits the role. 

Familiar territory

Jones could not have walked into a better situation. The New England Patriots have been compared with Alabama for more than a decade. Belichick and Saban run their programs almost identical to one another. Football runs through their blood and genes. Under coach Belichick, Jones earns the opportunity to blossom into a superstar. 

Jones receives an upgrade at pass catchers in Agholor and Bourne. Both receivers’ play styles compare to those of the 2020 Alabama Crimson Tide. These receivers run routes well who can also catch the deep ball. 

Damian Harris acts as a sign of safety in the backfield. Another player who spent his time playing under coach Saban. This immediately enhances their chemistry. Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith bring size to the passing game. They can run routes well enough to create space. They provide relief in the red zone catching passes. Most importantly, the help in the running game with blocking. Jones needs to trust the run game in order to succeed in New England. 

Mac Jones is destined to be a star; look at his smile. He has proven he can win at a high level, winning multiple national championships. The system allows Jones to properly run the offense. He may even be ready to be a leader on the team with how quickly he won the hearts of the coaching staff. I love Cam Newton, but the Patriots need a fresh start. They need a fresh face in the locker room. Luckily, they got one that can’t stop smiling.

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