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Projecting the Las Vegas Raiders record in 2022


What will be the Raiders record in 2022?

By: Jake Rajala

The Las Vegas Raiders have had one of the sexiest off-seasons and it may just be time for Derek Carr to finish as an MVP candidate at the end of 2022. With that enunciated, I’m going to simply project the success, dips, and overall record of the Raiders in 2022.

Week 1: at Chargers

I believe the Raiders have more shiny toys than the Chargers, but I expect Justin Herbert to still take a big step in his second season. I also like the Chargers OL (12th ranked by PFF) a lot more than the Raiders OL (29th ranked by PFF). I foresee the Chargers winning a high-scoring battle by a score of 35-28.

Week 2: vs the Cardinals

I like the Raiders chances against the DeAndre Hopkins-less (and Chandler Jones-less) Cardinals. I predict the Raiders win 31-21.

Week 3: at the Titans

I expect the Raiders to have a monster performance against the decaying Titans squad, as I believe they win 35-17.

Week 4: vs the Broncos

The Broncos may be more well-rounded than the Raiders, but I like how the Raiders stack up to Denver. I don’t feel strongly about the Broncos pass rush and I am a bigger fan of the Raiders potential explosion on offense. I believe Carr edges out Russell Wilson 35-28.

Week 5: at the Chiefs

The Raiders could surprise the Chiefs in 2022, but I still am in awe of the Chiefs weaponry w/ Patrick Mahomes. I expect the Chiefs to win 31-28.

Week 7: vs the Texans

The Raiders will bounce back in Week 6 and pour it on a mediocre Texans defense. I expect the Raiders to win 35-21 – as Brandin Cooks could cause some damage to the Raiders defense.

Week 8: at the Saints

I love the Saints direction and they have a pass rush that could really hurt the Raiders pass protection. I believe Jameis Winston has a big victory by a score of 28-21.

Week 9: at the Jaguars

The Jaguars offense could surprise Raiders fans with a strong performance, but I believe the Raiders WRs and pass rush will also have a big game against the Jags. I predict the Raiders win 31-24.

Week 10: vs the Colts

Jonathan Taylor should have a big game against the Raiders and Stephon Gilmore could limit Tae to a non-all-star performance. I believe the Colts win a physical contest by a score of 27-21.

Week 11: at the Broncos

The Raiders may struggle to beat the Chargers, but I project the Raiders to sweep the well-rounded Broncos squad. The Raiders will win their second match-up by a score of 27-24.

Week 12: at the Seahawks

Tae will have an unbelievable game against the Seahawks and I believe the Raiders beat the Seahawks 35-14.

Week 13: vs the Chargers

The Chargers will climb the ladder with Justin Herbert next season and I expect them to still defeat the Raiders in their second showdown by a score of 38-35.

Week 14: at the Rams

I believe the Aaron Donald-led Rams will humble the shiny Raiders offense and win by a score of 35-21.

Week 15: vs the Patriots

I expect the Raiders to bounce back against BB and the Pats with an impressive 31-17 victory – as the Pats defense is even less impressive than 2021.

Week 16: at the Steelers

The Steelers quietly match up against the Raiders (such as T.J. Watt against the Raiders OL), but I expect the Raiders offense to still enjoy a ton of success. I believe the Raiders win 28-21.

Week 17: vs the 49ers

The 49ers will not return to the playoffs, nor be a true NFC contender in my opinion. I believe the Raiders light up the scoreboard against SF and win 35-17.

Week 18: vs the Chiefs

I believe the Chiefs and Raiders stack up quite well and the Raiders will make the right adjustments after their first battle. I believe LV will have more motivation and split their series with KC – as they win this contest by a score of 35-28.

Final record: 11-6

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