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Projecting the New England Patriots record in 2022


What will be the Patriots record next season?

By: Jake Rajala

The New England Patriots are striving to return to the playoffs with second-year quarterback Mac Jones. They don’t carry a juggernaut defense, but they still have a talented, young QB and of course: the best NFL mind of all time in Bill Belichick. With that said, I’m going to project the highs, lows, and overall record for the Pats in 2022.

Week 1: at the Dolphins

The new-look Dolphins are noticeably more exciting with their WR duo and well-rounded defense than a Patriots team that has had fluky losses to the Dolphins in my opinion. I believe the Phins win 28-17.

Week 2: at the Steelers

I firmly believe Mitchell Trubisky will have a personal best season in 2022, but I expect I do expect the Pats to outmuscle the Steelers in this contest. I believe the Joe Haden-less CB group will allow Mac Jones to throw three touchdowns – as I foresee NE winning 28-21.

Week 3: at the Ravens

It will be hard for Mac Jones to move the pig skin against the Ravens ultra-elite pass defense. Meanwhile, I expect Lamar Jackson, who mowed down the Pats defense as a rook, to march his team to a 28-21 victory.

Week 4: at the Packers

It’s clear the Pats have a difficult schedule from Week 1 to Week 4. I expect A-Rod to have a big game against the Pats – as I believe GB wins 35-28.

Week 5: vs the Lions

The Lions may take positive steps in 2022, but they won’t beat NE and BB. I expect the Pats to win 35-21, as the Jones-Parker connection should thrive.

Week 6: at the Browns

The Browns will probably not have Deshaun Watson in this contest. With that said, I believe the Pats win a close game by a score of 28-24.

Week 7: vs the Bears

I do believe the Bears have a Top-5 pick in the 2023 draft. I fully expect the young Justin Fields to struggle against the Belichick defense and I believe the Pats win 28-14.

Week 8: at the Jets

The NYJ may not have Robert Saleh or Zach Wilson in my opinion. I didn’t love Saleh without a healthy Nick Bosa in 2020 and he clearly didn’t shine last season. I believe NE wins 35-17 in this divisional fight.

Week 9: vs the Colts

I believe the Colts could honestly have the number one seed in the AFC next season. I also feel they pick up a pivotal win against Indy by a score of 35-21.

Week 11: vs the Jets

The Jets shouldn’t beat the Pats in their second face-off – as I project Mac Jones to throw four touchdowns and NE to win 28-14.

Week 12: at the Vikings

I feel like the Vikings will lift off with Kevin O’Connell and a healthy Danielle Hunter. I believe the Vikings win this game by a score of 24-17.

Week 13: vs the Bills

The Buffalo Bills are my Super Bowl favorite and they should flex their guns in this AFC East battle. I believe the Bills, who acquired Von Miller this off-season, will win 38-24.

Week 14: at the Cardinals

I imagine the Pats hurt the Cardinals secondary, but I like the Cardinals with DeAndre Hopkins un-suspended a bit more than the Pats. I believe AZ wins 28-24.

Week 15: at the Raiders

I foresee the Davante Adams-led Raiders having a pivotal victory against a fellow playoff-aimed AFC team by a score of 31-17.

Week 16: vs the Bengals

The Pats could really struggle in this game from my perspective. I believe Joe Burrow and his elite WR duo has a monster 42-21 victory.

Week 17: vs the Dolphins

I trust in Mike McDaniel and his team to really grow in the 2022 season and keep their foot on the pedal at this point. I believe the Phins win 35-21 in this pivotal AFC East game.

Week 18: at the Bills

I expect the Bills to play their starters and compete for the first seed in their final week. I believe the Bills win 35-21.

Final record: 6-11

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