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Projecting the Cincinnati Bengals record in 2022

What will be the Bengals record in 2022?

By: Jake Rajala

The Cincinnati Bengals were the NFL’s darling last season and they’re certainly preparing to take the next step (Super Bowl victory) with their third-year quarterback Joe Burrow. With that said, I’m going to simply project the victories, losses, and overall record for Cincy in 2022.

Week 1: vs the Steelers

I believe Mitchell Trubisky is underrated, but I certainly expect Joe cool to pull out with the victory against a Steelers team that was demolished by KC in the playoffs. I expect the Bengals to win 35-24.

Week 2: at the Cowboys

The Bengals pass defense could struggle against Dak, but I love the Bengals WR trio and their chances against Dallas. All in all, I’m a bit more comfortable with (a well-protected) Burow than Prescott in big-time moments. I believe the Bengals win 38-35.

Week 3: at the Jets

I don’t expect Cincy to be upset by a team that could have a new HC-QB combo in 2023 I foresee the Bengals winning 35-17.

Week 4: vs the Dolphins

The Dolphins could upset the Bengals, but I still expect Cincy to squeeze out a close show-down by a score of 31-28.

Week 5: at the Ravens

I actually expect the Ravens to upset their despised enemy in Cincinnati – as Burrow could somewhat struggle against the Ravens pass defense. I suspect the Ravens win 28-24.

Week 6: at the Saints

I love how the Saints pass rush stacks up to the Bengals OL and I expect the Saints WRs to really hurt the Bengals pass defense. I foresee the Saints winning 35-21.

Week 7: vs the Falcons

I am not in awe of the Falcons chances against the Bengals. I expect the Bengals to have a monster 38-17 victory against Marcus Mariota and the Falcons.

Week 8: at the Browns

I’m positive that the Bengals will feel extremely confident against a likely Deshaun Watson-less Browns team. I foresee the Bengals winning 35-21.

Week 9: vs the Panthers

I definitely anticipate Matt Rhule not having a happy ending in the 2022 season. I believe the Bengals win 31-17 in this match-up.

Week 10: at the Steelers

I believe the Steelers could make the playoffs for the second season in a row, but I still believe they get swept by Cincy. I believe the Bengals win 35-21 in their second battle.

Week 11: at the Titans

I don’t project the reigning AFC one seed (Titans) to even return to the playoffs next season. Malik Willis could absolutely receive the keys to the offense by the mid-point of the season, as well. I believe the Bengals win 28-17.

Week 12: vs the Chiefs

“Hello Darkness, my old friend”

I love the Chiefs outlook with JuJu and without Tyreek Hill. I also expect them to return with a bit more vigor against Cincy. I believe KC wins 34-31 in this big show-down.

Week 13: vs the Browns

I expect the Bengals to win against CLE in their last divisional clash – as I believe the Bengals continuity is a big advantage. I believe Cincy wins 28-24.

Week 14: at the Buccaneers

The Bengals and Buccaneers match-up could be a Super Bowl preview. Well, I expect TB12 to beat the youngster in Burrow by a score of 35-28.

Week 15: at the Patriots

Bill Belichick will be onto Cincinnati this week, but his team won’t beat the explosive Bengals team. I expect Ja’Marr Chase to have an unbelievable outcome and the Bengals to win 42-21.

Week 16: vs the Bills

The Bengals-Bills fight could be an AFC Championship preview and I’m picking the Bills to win a close game by a score of 42-35.

Week 17: vs the Ravens

I believe the Bengals re-group, really dig deep for this game and don’t get swept by Lamar Jackson. I believe the Bengals win 35-28.

Final record: 12-5

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