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The Four Plays That Determined the Outcome of Super Bowl 57


In every NFL game there are three or four plays that determine how the game goes. These plays are so significant, that they make an impact on the outcome. In Super Bowl 57, there were four of them that totally changed how things went, unfortunately they went against the Philadelphia Eagles.

1. The fumble by Jalen Hurts in the first half. With Philly driving down the field up 14-7 and with a chance to go up two scores, Hurts fumbles on a fluke play and KC recovered for a touchdown. If you take that away, Philly might score and then KC would be in comeback mode. Comeback mode usually means dropping back and passing more than they normally would. This play was huge and tied the game up at 14.

2. The Kansas City punt return with the score 28-27 turned out to be another big play in this game. With all the momentum and just scoring a touchdown KC returned the ball to the Eagles 5 yard line and would set up a touchdown to go up 8. For Philly, there is no reason for the punter to kick a line-drive punt directly to the punt returner. Kick it high or out of bounds make it hard for them to do what they did. KC would go up 35-27 which put the Eagles backs against the wall.

3. Patrick Mahomes QB sneak with the score tied at 35. Mahomes, bum ankle and all, scrambled 26 yards to put them into field goal position, and would set them up for the game winning field goal. Mahomes presence of mind to escape the pocket and run for 20 yards is superman like! That play personified why Mahomes deserved the MVP for his talent and toughness.

4. The penalty against Philly at the end. With the score tied 35 and the Eagles at 3rd and 7, Philly was called for a holding penalty against James Bradberry. The call was the right call, but it was in such an important moment, I could see them not calling it. The Chiefs would go onto win the game on a Harrison Butker field goal.

These plays turned out to be huge in Super Bowl 57. Fortunately, for the Chiefs they went there way and is a huge reason why they won.

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Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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