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What We Learned in Super Bowl 57


We got treated to a great game this past Sunday by two really good teams, with really good quarterbacks. Unfortunately, for one team they were out coached by the other. This was a tale of two halves with the Eagles dominating the first half and the Chiefs in the second half. The halftime adjustments made by Andy Reid along with the execution of the offense was top notch. They could not be stopped by the Eagles so called dominating defense. What did we learn from Super bowl 57?

Patrick Mahomes hurt or not is the best quarterback in the league. He deserves that MVP recognition, as he willed his team to a 3 point win in Super Bowl 57. The play of the game was the 20 yard scramble on the last drive. It sure looked like his ankle was perfectly fine as defenders chased him as he ran. Mahomes in winning his second Super Bowl is put an elite category of quarterbacks that have one more than one Super Bowl, and he’s only 27!

What Eagles defense? The reason the Eagles lost his game was because of their defense. They could not stop for the life of them the Chiefs in the second half. The pass rush could not get to Mahomes and Travis Kelce was having a field day. The Eagles defense needed to step up in this game and they didn’t.

Jalen Hurts has arrived, if the haters were still out there. The Eagles did not lose because of Hurts. He was accurate passing and ran the ball when he had to. The only mistake he made was the fumble as he was running in the first half. Other than that pretty flawless.

Coaching: Andy Reid proved to everybody that he is one of the smartest coaches in the league. There were two touchdown plays where they did the same thing and totally fooled the Eagles defense. This reminds me of the teacher schooling the student in a big boy type game. Coaching was a big part of this game and why they won.

All and all this was a great game to watch with one team executing a lot better. The Chiefs should be early favorites to win again next year.

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