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2022-2023 Fantasy Football Review: Kyle Pitts


Welcome to our new feature where we recap a particular player’s journey in the 2022-2023 NFL Fantasy Football Season. This article features preseason expectations, draft expectations, overall season production, and critical moments. We will do this for all 32 teams by highlighting a player per team.


A lot of hype was surrounding Atlanta Falcons TE Kyle Pitts as he had an amazing rookie season and showed promise as possibly the next great tight end. He ended the year top six in PPR and had 68 catches for over 1000 yards.


In a position that lacks depth, Kyle Pitts was a target early on With an ADP of 34.1, he would be taken before the end of the third round. Fantasy owners would even draft him earlier because of his position. Only Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews were the tight ends chosen ahead of him on average.


It was a disappointing season for Kyle Pitts and his owners as the change in QB affected his performance. Going from Matt Ryan to Marcus Mariota definitely changed the game plan on offense and it showed. Other than that, Pitts’ injuries were bothering him as he missed Week 12 onwards. He only scored double digits just three times in the 2022 season. He ended up ranked 33rd in PPR for TEs and caught just 28 passes for 356 yards and two TDs. On average, this was less than three receptions and 36 yards per game. It will be very difficult to judge Kyle as he won’t be drafted as high but his QB situation is one to look at.


Week 3 vs Seattle Seahawks

After a slow two weeks, Kyle Pitts had a great game against the Seahawks. He caught five passes for 87 yards. This performance got him 13.70 FP. This gave the Falcons a 27-23 upset victory over Seattle. Fantasy owners were hoping this performance would be the start of his rise.

Week 6 vs San Francisco 49ers

It took a while but Kyle Pitts was able to score a TD in Week 6 vs the 49ers. He had a subpar line of three catches for 19 yards but his seven-yard TD catch in the third was the last score for both teams. Atlanta needs Kyle Pitts to produce in order for a chance to win.

Week 8 vs Carolina Panthers

His best game of the year made us reminisce about what he was supposed to be for the entire year. In a matchup against the Panthers, Pitts caught five passes for 80 yards and a TD. In a wild offensive game, Kyle scored the first TD of the game with a two-yard pass with 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. The Falcons were showing hope in a division that was the weakest in the NFL.

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