Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady: who has the edge?

Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady: who will win tomorrow?

By: Brock Wells

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady meet for the first time since Super Bowl LV in Week Four of the 2022 NFL season. The last time the two quarterbacks met, the Buccaneers had a clear defensive advantage and made the Chiefs just the third team in Super Bowl history to not score a touchdown. But a lot has changed in the NFL landscape since that time, so which of these two quarterbacks holds the edge in the current moment?

Both teams come into this game with a record of 2-1, and both come into the game off losing their last game. The Buccaneers will be getting Mike Evans back from his one-game suspension which is welcome news for Brady, but the team’s offensive line has really struggled so far this season to keep the 45-year-old quarterback protected. The Chiefs come off a game in which their defense was handled by Matt Ryan in a game where Colts superstar running back Jonathan Taylor ran for 71 yards but didn’t get in the end zone.

Patrick Mahomes

All the talk in Kansas City has been about how Patrick Mahomes handles games without Tyreek Hill. Through three games, it’s been a bit of a split screen. Mahomes did extremely well in Week One against the Arizona Cardinals, whose defense was nonexistent in the game. But since that game, things have been a bit different. The Chiefs barely escaped against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week Two and were beaten in Indianapolis last week. Both were games in which he didn’t look all that good.

The problem with evaluating Mahomes is that there are two dominant camps surrounding him and both of them are equally ridiculous. One camp says he’s total garbage who gets by on pure luck and wouldn’t be any good anywhere else. The other camp says he’s an infallible god who can do no wrong whatsoever. The truth is that he’s currently a quarterback with a wide receiver core lacking strong definition.

That isn’t necessarily an issue when you have the best tight end in the NFL at your disposal, but it does make your offense predictable when the receivers around you aren’t performing. The Chiefs also have an inconsistent running game, with Clyde Edwards-Helaire showing real potential at times, but nowhere enough of the time to be consistently reliable. Mahomes has had to slow things down considerably, changing the very definition of the Chiefs’ offense.

The problem is that he’s had only sporadic success in doing so. The Chiefs have relied too much on big plays over the years and as a result, they lack overall discipline. They may very well be able to figure this out in the long run, but the Buccaneers defense is very good and will have Mahomes and the offense under pressure.

Tom Brady

The Buccaneers may be 2-1, but Tom Brady and the wide receiver core have really struggled in those three games. Brady has been under far more pressure than any 40+ athlete should be comfortable with, and between Mike Evans missing a game and Julio Jones and Chris Godwin being injury-prone, the offense has struggled to put up points. Brady has managed to throw one touchdown in each of the team’s three games, but that’s nowhere near what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing with him over many years.

Jones and Godwin are both game-time decisions for the Buccaneers for tomorrow night’s game, but for Brady, there would be nothing better than knowing those two will be suiting up for the game. Jones was looking to be integrated as Brady’s new favorite go-to receiver after Week One’s win against the Dallas Cowboys, hauling in three receptions for 69 yards, but the receiver hasn’t played since. Same story for Godwin, with some wondering if he attempted to come back from last season’s injury too quickly.

Ignoring the speculation on whether Rob Gronkowski would come out of retirement for Brady a second time, expect Cameron Brate to become a more consistent element of the Buccaneers’ offense as Brady figures out the situation with his wide receivers. It’s difficult to imagine the struggles with Brady and the team will continue forever, but that isn’t exactly something that looks like a lock for the time being. But they just need enough to get past the Chiefs in one matchup for the moment.

The Buccaneers need to count on Leonard Fournette to have success in the running game. The more success he has, the more likely it is that Brady will be able to have his way in the passing game. Fournette ran for 127 yards in Week One but had just 65 and 35 in the following games. For all the talk about Brady and Evans, much of the Buccaneers’ offense depends on the success of Fournette on the ground. His play against the Chiefs could determine a lot for Brady and Evans.


Brady has the advantage in terms of overall weapons at wide receiver on account of the fact that Evans will be back. Mahomes has the clearest advantage in the presence of Travis Kelce. But the ultimate determining factor is going to be which team has more success running the football. In that regard, Fournette can be expected to have a better game than Edwards-Helaire. The Buccaneers are stingy against the run. Much stingier than the Chiefs.

Brady gets the edge here because he’s the more likely of the two to make the most of his situation in a given instant. Mahomes is going to have to be patient while nickeling and diming the ball up the field because the Buccaneers defense is stout enough to plan for the impact of Kelce. It’s too difficult to imagine Brady having four underwhelming games in a row. As for the Chiefs, the AFC West isn’t locked in their grasp as many have already opined. That division looks to be wide open and go deep into the season to find its winner.

Brady may be on his final leg, but Mahomes isn’t unstoppable, and the 45-year-old has enough around him to pull off the victory tomorrow night.

Why Richie James is a sleeper

Richie James is a sleeper in 2022

By: Nathan Nguyen

When Richie James signed with the New York Giants as a free agent, no one expected him to be more than anything but a solid backup receiver. If anything, he would serve as a kick returner because of his experience with previous teams serving that role.

Fast forward to today, and James looks like more than just a guy. In fact, he may be the only one keeping this receiving corps afloat. With Sterling Shepard out for the year, Daniel Jones may need to rely on James more than ever this season.

James was drafted in the seventh round by the San Francisco 49ers in 2018. Appearing in 13 games, he caught nine passes for 130 yards. He also caught his first career touchdown against the Rams in week 17. The wide receiver also returned a kickoff for a touchdown in his rookie season.

He set career highs in receiving yards and receptions in 2020. But, he would miss the entire 2021 season after being placed on the injured reserve list. This was due to a knee injury.

The 49ers decided to not bring him back for 2022 and let him walk into free agency. On March 25th, 2022, the New York Giants decided to take a chance on the former Middle Tennessee State receiver.

Through three games, James has shown that the 49ers may have made a mistake not bringing him back. He’s been clearly the best receiver on the Giants, leading the team in receptions and a close second in receiving yards.

Put this into perspective: Deebo Samuel leads San Francisco in receiving with 12 catches and 131 yards. James has 14 catches for 146 yards. He would have been the best receiver on the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo could have used him after leading his team to just ten points last Sunday night.

Thankfully, James has been as close to a star as possible for Big Blue. With the Giants having the most expensive receiving core in the NFL, they have underwhelmed in the worst way possible.

Shepard is out for the year, Kenny Golladay can’t catch, David Sills has lost his magic, and Darius Slayton has been in a reduced role. Oh, and both Kadarius Toney and Wan’Dale Robinson are hurt. Daniel Jones cannot perform to the best of his abilities if his weapons can’t stay on the field or perform well enough to be reliable.

This is where James steps in. Take the Dallas game, for example.

This man is getting open for his quarterback, something the other guys have struggled to do.

This man is getting open for his quarterback, something the other guys have struggled to do. James has at least four catches through three games, and he may be targeted even more in the coming weeks. He’s not a superstar, but he is sure looking like one.

Joe Schoen: you got a bargain with this guy. Let’s hope Richie James continues to show out against Chicago.

Derek Carr vs Russell Wilson: who has the edge?

Derek Carr vs Russell Wilson: who will win?

By: Brody Wells

Week Four will see an NFL rivalry renewed as the Denver Broncos and the Las Vegas Raiders will square off in Las Vegas, with both new-look teams coming into the game in a different place. After a sluggish start for the Broncos in Seattle Week One, the team has managed to put together a 2-1 record at this point, even with their offense not entirely in sync. As for the Raiders, the wildly unpopular Josh McDaniels and his squad are in desperate need of a win, as they come into the game with an 0-3 record.

History shows that teams that start 0-3 face extremely difficult odds of making the postseason, and for the Raiders’ sake, they’d better not start 0-4. Derek Carr has struggled to get Davante Adams acclimated with the offense so far. But that doesn’t mean Russell Wilson has been much better. The Broncos may be 2-1, but they’ve had to struggle for everything they’ve gotten in this early portion of the season. Wilson and head coach Nathaniel Hackett have yet to find much rhythm together.

Derek Carr

Derek Carr has no shortage of offensive weapons around him, making their 0-3 start all the more peculiar. Davante Adams is the best wide receiver in the NFL, Darren Waller is one of the league’s best tight ends, and Hunter Renfrow is a solid receiving option as well. Faces in new places do take time to grow accustomed to new situations and roles, so logically 0-3 isn’t that big of a deal. But in terms of a single season, it’s pretty troubling.

Adams had a great first game against the Los Angeles Chargers, hauling in ten receptions for 141 yards and a touchdown. He also had a touchdown in the Raiders’ second and third games of the season but going for far less yardage in each effort (12 in Week Two, 36 in Week Three). There’s nothing for him to do but stay patient as the rest of the offense works it out. Eventually, his presence alone is going to be enough to open up the offense to a wide variety of play calling options.

Waller had a solid first two games before hauling in just three receptions for 22 yards in Week Three against the Tennessee Titans. Sooner or later, you’d figure he’ll find his way to more receptions with all the added attention defenses will give to Adams. The Broncos have done well against opposing receiving options this season so far, but they haven’t played a team with this kind of aerial threat the Raiders possess. Waller could be due for his.

Renfrow is questionable coming off a concussion and didn’t practice with the team on Wednesday. After being a non-factor in the first game, he had 59 receiving yards in the second but also fumbled the ball in overtime so the Arizona Cardinals could get their first win of the season. Whether or not he plays will have an obvious impact on the versatility of the Raiders’ passing game.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has had difficulty adjusting to the look of his new offense in Denver, having thrown for just two touchdowns in the first three games. This has surprised many people, but it shouldn’t be that surprising. Players can struggle in new situations and that goes for great quarterbacks as well. Given this, 2-1 is a decent place to be in. As the Broncos find a reeling Raiders team, the time may be ripe for Wilson to have a big game.

Jerry Jeudy had a great first game against the Seattle Seahawks in a losing effort, having 102 receiving yards and a touchdown. He was a non-factor in games two and three. But if the Broncos want to make their way past their winless opponent, they’re going to want to make sure they have their offense running on all cylinders. It would be a good week for the Broncos’ play callers to find Jeudy some consistency in the offense.

Courtland Sutton has hauled in a lot of yards in the first three games of the season, but he has yet to bring in any touchdowns. Chalk this up to the overall lack of rhythm the Broncos’ offense has showcased so far. He’s definitely been Wilson’s favorite target so far and figures to continue being so. The Raiders have been very bad on defense through three games, so the Wilson-Sutton connection could be poised for a massive game.

Javonte Williams has caught 15 passes through the first three games and is a big part of the Broncos’ passing offense. He figures to be the focal point of their offensive game plan against the Raiders because of his versatility and their struggles with both the run and the pass. His ability to do both in this game will put the offense in a situation where Wilson can be comfortable doing what he always does best.


The Raiders and the Broncos are both teams that have struggled offensively out the gate, the Broncos just have more to show for it at this point. The Raiders, if they hope to salvage their season, will need to enter this game with a real sense of urgency. Because of that, they’re going to find a way to use the advantages they have in this game to real effect. The Broncos have had real strength in the secondary so far, Davante Adams will find a way to get his catches in this game.

The Broncos will continue to make the necessary transitions in their offense, but it’s difficult to imagine this Raiders team really starting 0-4 with all their pieces. Derek Carr has the kind of weaponry on offense a quarterback could only dream of and he’ll find a way to make everything click against a Broncos team that, while 2-1, is still largely without an identity and with a quarterback and head coach who clearly aren’t on the same page.

Saquon Barkley or Nick Chubb: who is the better RB?

Does Saquon Barkley or Nick Chubb have a brighter outlook?

By Charlie Vakassian

Three weeks into the NFL season, and the running back situation has been unexpected and injury marred for fantasy owners and NFL teams. But there have been two constants withstanding the storm. Saquon Barkley is a man on a mission, second in the NFL in rushing yards, as well as the overall RB1 for fantasy. He looks like his old self, leading the Giants to a 2-1 record. Nick Chubb has been tearing it up as well, leading the NFL in rushing yards while being the RB2 for fantasy. In this article, we will look at the styles and stats of both players, as well as their situations for this season and beyond. In the end, we will be able to answer: who is the better player?

Skills and Stats

Saquon Barkley: 53 carries, 317 yards, 2 TDs, 15 targets, 13 catches, 91 yards (5.98 YPC)

Nick Chubb: 62 carries, 341 yards, 4 TDs, 5 targets, 4 catches, 28 yards (5.5 YPC)

Chubb has been the beneficiary of a functioning offensive line, outscoring Barkley by two touchdowns. Surprisingly, Barkley has been the more efficient runner, thanks to his big play ability. Barkley has been the better fantasy performer because he is the true bell-cow and better receiver. Chubb has Kareem Hunt taking away all the passing work.

Barkley is the undisputed 3 down back and primary weapon on a Giants team with no healthy or talented wide receivers. Daniel Jones frequently targets him for check-downs and screenplays. Barkley also has amazing big play ability, with multiple 30-plus yard runs already this season.

Chubb has the misfortune of being handicapped by Kareem Hunt, who as I said before takes all the passing game work and even vultures a few carries. The Browns also have a competent QB in Jacoby Brisset and good weapons in Amari Cooper and David Njoku.

Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

Barkley is playing under his team option for this season and has the potential to become a free agent after this year, pending trade or extension. Chubb has more security, currently playing under a 3-year extension. Barkley has more to play for this year, with the chance to earn a nice payday on the open market. He is also the younger back, only 25 years old, and looks healthy 2 years removed from his ACL injury. Chubb has more long-term security, but is older, playing into his age 27 seasons, and has an annoying handcuff in Hunt. Running backs do not age well, and Chubb is a risky play for the dynasty except for contending teams. Redraft the two are essentially equal, but dynasty Barkley takes the cake. Overall, a slight edge over the Giants star RB.

Is Antonio Brown a future Hall of Famer?

Will Antonio Brown be cast into Canton?

By: Andy Davies

Antonio Brown is one of the sports’ most controversial figures. However, whenever he steps on the field, there is always magic. Aged 34 and without a team, retirement is more likely than Brown finding a new team. But is he a Hall of Famer?

Let’s take a look at the reasons for and against his inclusion, before coming to a decision. 

Reasons For His Inclusion

If it were not for his off-the-field behavior, Brown would most likely be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He has six straight 1,000-yard seasons between 2013 and 2018, almost eclipsing the 2,000 mark in 2015 when he achieved 1,834. 

With 12, 291 career yards and 83 career touchdowns, it is hard to ignore his production. A seven-time Pro Bowler and a member of the Hall of Fame All-2010 team, he also caught for a touchdown in Super Bowl 55 as he and the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs on his way to his only ring to date.

In his prime, he was electric. Pure speed, quick feet, and an ability to change his movement and trick defenders were pure footballing ecstasy. However, his recent behavior has left a sour taste in people’s mouths. 

Reasons Against His Inclusion

It seemed for a while that Brown had matured. Living in Tom Brady’s house, no trouble for a while, and performing when it mattered in the playoffs. 

And then the wheels fell off again in the 2021 season, with his return seeming all but unlikely. His walk off the sideline, which was followed by throwing his shirt in the crowd, was the last straw for then Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians.

Brown was a distraction during his last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, falling out with several players such as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He then was traded to the Oakland Raiders but was let go before he even took to the field after falling out with head coach Jon Gruden. This is after he had arrived at training in a hot air balloon, caught frostbite on his feet, and had a dispute with the league over the helmet that he wanted to use. He lasted just one game with his next team, the New England Patriots, before being released due to off-the-field allegations.

Sadly, for Brown, fans remember this behavior more these days than how good of a player he was.


It is for this reason that he is most likely not going to become a Hall of Famer. It should be noted that Ray Lewis is in the Hall of Fame despite those allegations, but he was never convicted. Brown’s behavior was there to see in plain daylight. It would set a bad example to the young generation if he were to be included.

Look Out For This Giants Defense in Week 3

Expect terror from the Giants defense

By: Nathan Nguyen

When defensive coordinator Wink Martindale arrived in East Rutherford, a breath of fresh air blew around Metlife Stadium. His history of creating blitz-heavy schemes (similar to the former DC in the Big Apple, Gregg Williams) made it clear that the New York Giants defense would be different from years past.

So far, so good. After limiting Derrick Henry to just 82 rushing yards on 21 carries, New York held the Carolina Panthers to just 16 points in week two for the win. Even with a pedestrian day from the offense, the defense stood firm against Baker Mayfield (who was roasted by many Giants fans because of his comments on Daniel Jones in the past).

But, let’s think about this for a second. New York has yet to see Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari on the field in the regular season. But, Jihad Ward and Oshane Ximines have stepped in beautifully and gotten to the quarterback.

There were question marks at the cornerback position heading into the year, especially with Adoree Jackson being the only capable player safe as CB1. But, Darnay Holmes and Aaron Robinson have been serviceable. Xavier McKinney is holding his own back at the safety position, and Julian Love had a sack against Carolina that was key to the Giants’ win.

Overall, the Giants’ defense is very underrated. They don’t have the big-name players other teams have or perhaps top-end profiles that were present on the Giants Championship defense. But, the scheme has put these players in a good situation.

Fantasy-wise, they are the 16th best defense in the league, averaging 5.5 fantasy points through two games. They have yet to allow their opponents to score more than 20 points in a game, and that could continue as they head into a Monday night matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s early, I get it. But, this is a good start for a team with new schemes on both the offense and defense. But, to be 2-0 after many expected them to be a rebuilding team this year is a big morale boost.

Fantasy: 3 RBs to Buy, 3 RBs to trade away in Week 3

3 RBs to buy right now

By Charles Vakassian

Two weeks of the NFL season are now in the books, and we now have a better idea of how well players at each position have performed. In this article, we will delve into the running backs, and advise on some RBs you should be adding to your squads, as well as a few who you should move on from.

RBs to Buy Now

Javonte Williams, Denver Broncos

While the results have not been there for Williams, there are positive trends that are encouraging. He has been the dominant back in Denver, out-touching Melvin Gordon in both carries and targets. Russell Wilson is still finding his feet with the Broncos. He has traditionally struggled in the beginning games, so he will get it going sooner rather than later, and that will lead to a surge in touchdowns for Williams. Williams is a good buy low in redraft if his owner is panicky about the slow start.

Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fournette is in a similar situation as Williams. He commands a large share of touches, but a sluggish start by the offense to start the year has led to a lack of touchdowns. Fournette himself stated that fantasy owners can expect that to change, so if you can get him on the low after a subpar first couple of weeks, you will be well rewarded. Tom Brady won’t struggle for long and loves feeding his RBs. Fournette has seen 20 plus carries and multiple targets in each game so far. It will not be long before those touches turn into touchdowns.

Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings

Cook is another high-profile fantasy draft choice who is underperforming to begin the season. A pass heavy attack in Week 1, plus an all-around porous offensive showing in Week 2 has left Cook owners disappointed. With a new coaching staff and offensive scheme, there were some growing pains to be expected. This is a good time to capitalize and buy low. His usage has always been elite, so there will be a positive change sooner rather than later.

RBs to Trade Away

Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

Chubb is currently the RB1 in fantasy after two weeks, so he simply cannot get any higher than this. The Browns will not always be in a position to run the clock out, and Kareem Hunt looms for any obvious passing situations. The upside for Chubb is limited, and while he will continue to be a very good RB, the time is now to capitalize on the fact that he is literally RB1. Sell high while you can.

Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers

Najee has not looked like himself in these first two games, with only one touchdown and 72 rushing yards combined. His Lisfranc injury looks as though it may still be bothering him, and playing behind a subpar Steelers offensive line certainly doesn’t help matters either. You may want to sell before he gets any worse, as his receiving work has helped keep him afloat thus far. If you can get one of the stud rookies for him, ideally Drake London or Chris Olave, that may be a move to make pending your team’s situation.

Derrick Henry, Tennesee Titans

Could Father Time finally be catching up to Mr. Unstoppable? Henry has looked very pedestrian in his first two games of 2022. If you are on a rebuilding squad, it may be time to say goodbye and package Henry for picks or younger players. Running backs do not have a very long shelf life, and you don’t want to have to keep Henry past his expiration date.

Top 5 Browns head coaches of all time

Who is the best Browns head coach of all time?

By: Brock Wills

Though the Cleveland Browns have had a lack of real success in recent years, the team has a rich historical standing in the annals of pro football. The history of the Browns dates back to 1946 when they were inaugural members of the All-America Football Conference. The AAFC lasted just four seasons before folding on account of the far more popular National Football League, but the Browns thoroughly dominated those four seasons, led by all-time great quarterback Otto Graham and franchise co-founder and head coach Paul Brown.

But the Browns’ history has other notable coaches as well.

5. Nick Skorich

Nick Skorich was the head coach of the Browns from 1971 to 1974. The team made the playoffs twice during his tenure, in ’71 and ’72, winning the AFC Central Division in ’71 and earning a Wild Card berth in ‘72. Though the team didn’t win a playoff game during his tenure, they experienced just one losing season in that same time. The ’71 and ’72 seasons featured a heavy offensive dose of Hall of Fame running back Leroy Kelly.

After his coaching career, Skorich was a supervisor of officials for the NFL, developing a number of umpire mechanics that lasted in the rulebook a long time, until league-wide changes hit in 2010.

4. Sam Rutigliano

Sam Rutigliano was the head coach of the Browns from 1978 to his replacement mid-season in 1984. The team had its first 11-win season in 15 years in 1980, on their way to an AFC Central Division title and an MVP season for quarterback Brian Sipe. The teams under his tenure were scrappy, even though they were never on top of league-wide rankings. Their defenses in particular never finished above 17th in net yards gained per pass attempt by opposition (excluding ’84 when he only coached eight games).

Rutigliano was named United Press International coach of the year twice, an award discontinued in 1996.

3. Marty Schottenheimer

Marty Schottenheimer was the head coach of the Browns after taking over for Sam Rutigliano mid-season in 1984 through 1988. During the time, the team won the AFC Central Division three straight seasons (’85-87) and made it to the AFC Championship game in back-to-back seasons (’86 and ’87). The ’84 season, in which he coached just eight games, was the only season the team didn’t make the playoffs during his tenure.

Schottenheimer’s tenure with the Browns was just half as long as his Chiefs tenure, but he was easily the best coach the franchise had since its early glory days.

2. Blanton Collier

Blanton Collier was the head coach of the Browns from 1963-1970. His team won the NFL Championship in ‘64 over the Baltimore Colts, and made it to the championship game again in ’65, losing to the Green Bay Packers. He coached franchise icons Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly in his tenure. His most significant contribution to the franchise was bringing it back to prominence after the Paul Brown era fizzled out over the last few seasons prior to his hiring.

Collier is also renowned for his mild-mannered nature, kindness, and top-notch sportsmanship.

1. Paul Brown

Paul Brown is far and away the greatest coach in Browns history. He’s also one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. His teams went to the AAFC/NFL Championship game in ten consecutive seasons, winning seven of them. He would take one more team to the NFL Championship game in 1957, losing to the Detroit Lions. His tenure lasted from the franchise’s inception in 1946 through 1962.

Brown’s teams featured legendary NFL players Otto Graham, Marion Motley, and Mac Speedie, among others. He’s the very foundation of the franchise, having co-founded it. Later on, he also had a hand in establishing the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fantasy: 3 WRs to trade for, 3 WRs to trade away

Latest WRs to trade away in Week 3

By Charles Vakassian

Two weeks of the NFL season are now in the books, and we now have a better idea of how well players at each position have performed thus far. In this article, we will delve into the wide receivers, and advise on some receivers you should be adding to your squads, as well as a few who you should move on from.

WRs to Buy Now

Darnell Mooney, Chicago Bears

Mooney has been the victim of an incredibly poor Bears offense. Dreadful weather in Week 1 plus a Justin Fields letdown in Week 2 has left Mooney’s stock in the dumps. But there is room for optimism. Mooney took over as the number one weapon last year and developed great chemistry with Fields, despite the presence of Allen Robinson. A juicy Week 3 matchup with the Texans, who surrendered over 300 passing yards to Matt Ryan in Week 1, is on the horizon. Justin Fields should be able to sling it all game long. Mooney is a great buy low and is someone you should be targeting, especially in dynasty leagues.

Drake London, Atlanta Falcons

This is a case of adding someone before their value skyrockets even further. London has been the undisputed alpha in the Falcons offense so far, despite the presence of Kyle Pitts. Marcus Mariota has been targeting London constantly. A 48% target share in Week 1, and a similarly commanding 46% share in Week 2. Pitts will obviously start to be more involved in the coming weeks, but London is still a must-have for rosters, and his value will only get better in the dynasty. Get him now before you have to pay even more.

Brandon Aiyuk, San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have seen a lot of offensive turnovers, with Eli Mitchell’s knee injury and George Kittle missing time as well. Starting QB Trey Lance is now down for the season with his broken ankle. With the return of Jimmy Garoppolo, a player who stands to gain is Aiyuk. He saw the largest target share of the Niners weapons when Jimmy G came into the game (33%) and will continue to see a large share with Deebo Samuel working out of the backfield more often.

WRs to Sell Now

Allen Robinson, Los Angeles Rams

Robinson delivered after a subpar Week 1, reaching the end zone and catching 4 balls for 53 yards. While this looks good on the surface, Robinson was still outplayed by Cooper Kupp, and even tight end Tyler Higbee saw more targets. A 14% target share is very concerning, and while he has upside in a very good Rams offense, the lack of consistency will hurt him. Sell high after a good Week 2 performance.

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints

Thomas has been fantastic for the first two weeks of the season, scoring three touchdowns and seeing a large target share. While this is good news on the surface, there are some other factors that need to be considered. Rookie Chris Olave saw a team-high 13 targets in Week 1, and is going to be even more involved as the weeks pass on. Alvin Kamara will be returning from injury soon as well, and he commands a decent target share as a dual-threat running back. Jarvis Landry isn’t going anywhere either. A lot of mouths to feed, and we could see different players balling out each wheel. Thomas is riding high right now, and it is a perfect time to capitalize on his value and sell high.

Amari Cooper, Cleveland Browns

The Browns were a much more competent offensive team Week 2, and Cooper got more involved, with nine catches for 101 yards and a touchdown. Operating as the number one weapon for Cleveland in the air, you would think this outing is a sign of better things to come. I am incredibly skeptical of Jacoby Brissett as a signal caller, and consider this high-scoring performance as an outlier. Use this Cooper performance to sell him for another player who can more consistently help your squad.

Are the Falcons underrated right now?

Are the Falcons underrated in 2022?

By: Brock Wells

When the Atlanta Falcons fought tooth and nail with the New Orleans Saints last week, it surprised a lot of people. Being just Week One of the new season, perhaps that assessment was a bit unfair and premature for people. But with Matt Ryan heading out of town to play in Indianapolis with the Colts leading to uncertainty at quarterback, as well as a general lack of excitement surrounding the team in training camp and preseason, it isn’t surprising that was the case.

By all accounts, this Falcons team is expected to be a rebuilding one in 2022. Their days of being competitive are a couple of years behind them, and they’re putting out a roster that stands as a bit of a mystery to many people. Their best player, Calvin Ridley, isn’t even going to play a single down this season, as he serves his gambling suspension. Kyle Pitts, by all accounts, is the best player taking the field for the team this season.

The Falcons started Marcus Mariota at quarterback, who hadn’t started in an NFL game since 2020 with the Las Vegas Raiders. He didn’t look great in the passing game, but he didn’t look bad either, throwing for 215 yards, hitting on 60.6% of pass attempts, but without a touchdown. He did, however, score a touchdown in the running game, as well as going for 72 yards on 12 carries. The running game is where the team’s offense did best throughout the game.

Cordarrelle Patterson rushed for 120 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries. For not getting a lot of coverage or fanfare on the national level, Patterson has rather quietly been one of the more consistent running backs in the NFL over the last couple of seasons, after being converted from the wide receiver position he played throughout his career. The Saints had a difficult time slowing him down during the game.

Ultimately, the Falcons were haunted by a familiar issue. They gave up a big lead to lose a game. No Falcons fan wants to be reminded of 28-3, but the team this time gave up 17 points in the fourth quarter alone to the Saints offense. The Falcons did a good job on defense of containing Alvin Kamara, who rushed for just 39 yards on nine carries. They had less success containing Taysom Hill, who had 81 yards and a touchdown on just four carries.

Jameis Winston came up clutch in the fourth quarter, throwing for his two touchdowns and leading the Saints to a victory. But for the Falcons, giving up 17 points in the fourth quarter to lose a game you were clearly controlling up to that point is very disappointing. If this team is going to have any chance at being a competitive squad this season, they need to lock down when they have leads as they did in Week One and avoid falling into the trap that has been their reputation in recent history. If they can do that, maybe this team will have a shot at being underrated. But right now, it appears there’s some extra work to be done.

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