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2022-2023 Fantasy Football Review: Ja’Marr Chase


Welcome to our new feature where we recap a particular player’s journey in the 2022-2023 NFL Fantasy Football Season. This article features preseason expectations, draft expectations, overall season production, and critical moments. We will do this for all 32 teams by highlighting a player per team.


Fresh off a historic rookie season where he had 81 catches for 1455 yards and 13 TDs, Ja’Marr was eager to show that his rookie season was no fluke. He had gotten a lot of praise from teammates and opponents alike that he was an elite WR even after just one year.


The jump for Ja’Marr was evident as his ADP was 13.3 or almost a sure-fire first-round pick. Being the WR 1 for Joe Burrow has a lot of benefits so people were okay with using their first pick on him.


Ja’Marr Chase had a down year production-wise, but he was still recognized as an elite wide receiver. He was the 12th-best WR and 36th overall. He only played 13 games, but he managed to have 87 catches for 1046 yards and nine TDs. You can still put your faith in Chase next year as he’ll be one of the best WRs and players in fantasy football.


Week 1 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

It was a great start to the season for Ja’Marr Chase when the Bengals faced the Steelers in Week 1. He caught 10 passes for 129 yards and a TD. His TD was a six-yard catch with four seconds left, putting them an extra point away from overtime.

Week 6 vs New Orleans Saints

We move to New Orleans where Ja’Marr showcased his WR 1 week against the Saints. In 10 attempts, he caught seven passes for 132 yards and a couple of TDs. He caught a 15-yard TD pass late in the third to make it a two-point game. With two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Ja’Marr was open for a 60-yard TD that gave the Bengals the win.

Week 7 vs Atlanta Falcons

His best performance came against the Falcons where he had 33 FP. Ja’Marr was unstoppable that day when he caught eight passes for 130 yards and two TDs. In this blowout game, Chase caught a couple of TDs in the second quarter. One was for 32 yards and the other was for 41 yards. At his best, he is in the conversation for WR 1 for years to come.

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