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The Ultimate Journeyman: Josh Johnson Signs With the Ravens

Josh Johnson is back in the NFL. According to Adam Schefter, Johnson has signed on with the Baltimore Ravens. This will be Johnson’s third stint with the Ravens and the journeyman quarterback has played for a record 14 different NFL teams. Johnson’s next task will be competing to backup star quarterback Lamar Jackson who recently signed his mega deal.

When we last saw Josh Johnson, he was trying to lead the San Francisco 49ers to an improbable victory in the NFC Championship game. Starting quarterback Brock Purdy suffered an elbow injury and ultimately couldn’t stay in the game. In steps Johnson who did his best but in the end it was too much to overcome as the Philadelphia Eagles cruised to victory.

A Stint in Multiple Leagues

Not only has Josh Johnson made his mark in the NFL, but he has also ventured into multiple leagues, seeking opportunities to showcase his skills. In addition to his NFL journey, Johnson has played in four separate leagues, including the XFL, AAF, CFL, and the United Football League. Johnson is not afraid to take on a new opportunity regardless of the league or team.

The Value of Versatility: Johnson’s Ability to Adapt

One of the key traits that sets Josh Johnson apart is his adaptability. In a league where players are often asked to fit specific systems, Johnson has showcased his versatility by adapting to various offensive schemes and playing styles. From West Coast offenses to spread offenses, Johnson has demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and adjust his game accordingly. This adaptability has allowed him to thrive in different team environments and contribute effectively wherever he goes.

Resilience and Perseverance

Josh Johnson’s journey from team to team and league to league exemplifies his resilience and perseverance. Despite facing numerous challenges and uncertainties throughout his career, he has remained dedicated to his craft and continued to pursue his passion for the game. He will now play an important role with the Ravens as Lamar Jackson struggled to stay healthy last year. Johnson has shown he is more than capable when called upon and will be ready if needed.

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