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Top Tier: Picking the Best Division in the NFL


Which is the best division in the NFL right now? This year might be tougher than others to determine that answer. There’s a new sheriff in town in New York who may have something to say about that answer. The New York football Jets picked up a future Hall of Famer this offseason in hopes they can get over the hump and win a Super Bowl.

AFC East

The AFC East is mighty tough this year and it starts with each quarterback leading their respective teams. Let’s start with the Buffalo Bills, who in my eyes, are the favorites. Josh Allen is the best Quarterback and has the best supporting cast. They have come so close the last few years and is this the year they get over the hump. Then you have the Miami Dolphins. Last year they showed flashes of how good they can be with their two track stars Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. The issue I have with the Dolphins is the health of their QB Tua Tuagovlaia. If he can play 17 games, he gives them a chance to win the AFC East. And the Jets who with Aaron Rodgers and his supporting cast look great on paper. The Jets brought back receivers Rodgers is familiar with, and along with a solid D should be in the running to win the division.

Each of those three teams could easily see between 9 and 11 wins this season, with the Bills being maybe 12-5. Finally, you have the Patriots who you can never count out. As long as Bill Belichick is at the helm they will always be a solid team. Did they do enough this offseason? Can they play with the other teams? These are the questions to be answered, but if there the worse team in this division, what’s that say?

AFC West

Now let’s look at the AFC West led by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs will always be in the running with Patrick Mahomes leading that team. You have the Chargers and Justin Herbert who, with their solid defense will give the Chiefs a run for the money. And then you have the Raiders and Broncos. These teams I don’t completely trust with questions like will Russell Wilson improve from his dreadful last season. It’s definitely possible especially with Sean Payton now the head coach. Even with the Chiefs in that Division I have the AFC West as third best in the National Football League.

AFC North

Finally, the AFC North. After Lamar Jackson decided to work with Baltimore Ravens and come back I have them definitely in contention. They have a great team around Lamar and if he can stay healthy they will be a force to be reckoned with. I think they need another big time receiver, maybe Deandre Hopkins? With J.K. Dobbins coming back they will be hard to stop. Of course, we also have the Cincinnati Bengals, who came oh so close to beating the Chiefs if it wasn’t for a really bad penalty on the Bengals lineman. Joe Burrow has proved he’s a big game player who doesn’t get rattled. And then the two other teams the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. These teams will probably hover around .500 perhaps a little above or below. I have concerns with each of those teams quarterbacks.

Cue the drum roll………… The best division in the National Football League this year is the AFC East. Like I said earlier, they all have a chance to be at least 10-7 with a few of those teams more like 11-6 or 12-5. They will probably beat up on each other which will make them a better team when they start the playoffs. Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder this year with a lot to prove. We know what we get from Josh Allen and Tua (when healthy) and I think we’ll see Mac Jones improve from last year. This year should be exciting, and based on the above it’s clear the AFC is superior to the NFC.

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