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Top 10 NFL Coaches of All Time


When looking at Head Coaches in the NFL, past and present there are many that can be considered the best. No one has a greater impact on the game of football than a Head Coach. Throughout time these coaches have become some of the greatest innovators, leaders and mentors in the game we love. Below you will find our list of the best NFL coaches of all time. Choosing just ten is no easy task but we feel the coaches below are the greatest of all time.

10. John Madden: More Than a Game

John Madden, the legendary icon had arguably the largest impact on the NFL than any coach in history. Not only did he boast a stout .759 winning percentage he also was a legend in the broadcast booth. On top of his accolades, many in today’s world recognize him as the face of the most popular football video game. Make no mistake, John Madden’s impact has him worthy of making this list.

  • Career Winning Percentage: .759

9. Bill Parcells: The Big Tuna’s Impact 

Bill Parcells, known as “The Big Tuna,” left a long-lasting impact on multiple franchises during his coaching career. With two Super Bowl victories and a reputation for turning struggling teams into contenders, Parcells’ emphasis on building a strong foundation and maximizing player potential solidified his status as a coaching legend. 

  • Career Winning Percentage: .569

8. Joe Gibbs: Three Super Bowl Triumphs 

Joe Gibbs, the esteemed head coach of the Washington Redskins, guided his team to three Super Bowl victories. Gibbs had the ability to adapt to different personnel while he emphasized strong team unity. There was no one more loyal to his franchise than Gibbs. He went on to coach the team for a second stint from 2004-2007.

  • Career Winning Percentage: .621

7. Tom Landry: The Mastermind of the Flex Defense 

Tom Landry, the legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys, revolutionized defensive strategy with the introduction of the Flex Defense. He also created the 4-3 defense which has become a standard in today’s NFL. Landry’s innovative formations and calm demeanor on the sidelines made him one of the most respected figures in the game. 

  • Career Winning Percentage: .607

6. Paul Brown: The Innovator

Paul Brown, an unparalleled innovator, left his mark on football as both a coach and an executive. Brown was the first Head Coach in history to study game film and test his players on the playbook. Brown’s groundbreaking contributions to the passing game, unwavering attention to detail, and emphasis on fundamentals paved the way for future generations of coaches.

  • Career Winning Percentage: .672

5. Chuck Noll: The Builder of Dynasties 

Chuck Noll, the legendary coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, crafted a dynasty that dominated the NFL throughout the 1970s. Garnering four Super Bowl victories, Noll instilled a culture of resilience and discipline, while building one of the best dynasties in football history. Noll built his teams through the draft and insisted on developing his players. A system the Steelers continue to utilize to this day.

  • Career Winning Percentage: .566

4. Bill Walsh: Architect of the West Coast Offense 

Bill Walsh, a true visionary, transformed the landscape of offensive football. As the mastermind behind the San Francisco 49ers, Walsh orchestrated three Super Bowl victories and popularized the West Coast Offense. This system is still used today by many NFL teams with great success.

  • Career Winning Percentage: .609

3. Don Shula: The Epitome of Consistency 

Don Shula’s extraordinary career spanned over three decades while he left his imprint on the NFL. As the winningest coach in league history (328), Shula’s unwavering dedication to preparation and consistency propelled the Miami Dolphins to unprecedented success. The Dolphins are of course still the only team to complete a perfect season. 

  • Career Winning Percentage: .677

2. Bill Belichick: The Maestro of Strategy 

Bill Belichick, the great mastermind behind the New England Patriots dynasty, is widely regarded as the greatest strategic genius in NFL history. Already the winner of a record six Super Bowl victories, Belichick’s meticulous game planning and attention to detail have solidified his status amongst the greats. Now the only question left on his illustrious resume is if he can win one without Tom Brady. 

  • Career Winning Percentage: .662

1. Vince Lombardi: The Epitome of Excellence 

Vince Lombardi, the iconic coach of the Green Bay Packers, epitomized the essence of excellence in the NFL. He went on to capture five NFL Championships, including the first two Super Bowls. Lombardi’s unwavering commitment to discipline and work ethic laid the groundwork for future generations of coaches. Lombardi never had a losing season in his 10-year career. The Super Bowl trophy is named in his honor and rightfully so. Lombardi is still the greatest NFL Head Coach we have ever seen.

  • Career Winning Percentage: .738

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Justin Fuhr

Justin is the Owner of Pro Football Mania. He is an NFL and fantasy football fanatic who enjoys analyzing data and analytics in sports.

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