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How will the NFC stack up in 2023? We have you covered with our NFC power rankings. Which team will battle the Eagles for the top spot and which team is in for a miserable 2023.

1. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles came oh so close to taking home the Super Bowl last year against the Kansas City Chiefs. Most of those same players are coming back with the most important being Jalen Hurts. I do worry a little about a Superbowl hangover but they should be OK. Losing Miles Sanders was tough but the addition of D’Andre Swift means they don’t skip a beat. I think for most writers the Eagles are the consensus #1 in the NFC.

2. San Francisco 49ers – There’s a correlation between a team’s high power ranking and how good their defense will be. The 49ers have built a solid defense culture and have their star player in Christian McCaffrey. Not sure what we’ll see from Brock Purdy but if you go off last year he should do well.

3. Dallas Cowboys – Cowboys are good on paper they have a solid QB with good receivers. How will their defense be this year? I think the Cowboys are the team that will get you 10 or 11 wins but I can’t trust them in the playoffs.

4. Minnesota Vikings – What will happen to the running game without Dalvin Cook? Will Alexander Mattison take the next step? I think that would make a difference as well as the Vikings shoring up on defense. The Vikings should push the Lions to win the NFC North.

5. Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks are coming off a great year led by Geno Smith at QB. It was an amazing resurgence for a player that was counted out by many. The Seahawks should contend this year and give other NFC teams a run for their money. And of course the 12th man is very real at home!

6. Detroit LionsDan Campbell has transformed the culture of the Detroit Lions. They go into games expecting to win and with all the talented young players they have, expect them to make another push for the playoffs.

7. New York GiantsDaniel Jones is coming off a stellar year and the addition of Darren Waller should help them a lot. The key for Waller is staying healthy as well as Saquon Barkley staying healthy. The problem with the Giants is they play in the NFC East where all the teams could be over 8 wins.

8. Washington CommandersTwo words, Eric Bieniemy! His addition to this team I think is being undervalued. He will get the skill players the ball quickly and let them use their speed. If Sam Howell can ball out and eliminate turnovers expect the Commanders to win 8 or more games this year. Also, let’s not forget about their formidable defense.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Who is Baker Mayfield? Is this the opportunity he needed to really excel? It could be but I see him as a Derek Carr type player where he will put up yards but also throw plenty of picks. This is probably his last chance so there is some pressure on him. The Bucs could win the division but to me that’s a toss up.

10. Chicago Bears – I expect the Bears to have a bounce back year with Justin Fields at the helm. The division got easier with Aaron Rodgers gone, the problem is the Detroit Lions who appear to be on the up and up.

11. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are a .500 team this year as I look at their QB situation. The only saving grace for them is that they play in the NFC South with no clear dominant team.

12. Carolina Panthers – Their is a new era in Carolina with Bryce Young commanding the offense along side his coach Frank Reich. Bryce Young will have his struggles though as he will learn the NFL has players that are all Alabama style talent.

13. Arizona Cardinals – The Cards will be something special in the coming years with a bright young proven Head Coach now leading the team. He will bring that strong defensive mindset that he brought to the Eagles. I’m curious what will see from Kyler Murray this year, can he stay healthy?

14. New Orleans Saints – Saints are an interesting team in 2023. They have Derek Carr now who could put up over 4k yards, especially with Michael Thomas back. The issue with the Saints is their defense. Again their another .500 team but play in a weak division.

15. Green Bay Packers – The Packers have been good for a long while with Aaron Rodgers at the QB position. Expect the Packers to decline this year and not make the playoffs. What Aaron Rodgers meant to the Packers is so invaluable. Jordan Love is talented but he’s no Rodgers.

16. Los Angeles Rams – I have the Rams dead last but they do still have key weapons on offense. I’m curious to see who takes over at QB, will Stetson Bennett get his chance? Can Matthew Stafford stay healthy?

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Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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