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Biggest Matchups of the 2023 NFL Season

What will be the best games to watch this year? Which games will keep you on the edge of your seat? Below we will highlight which games on the NFL schedule are the “games to watch”. You’ll see a lot of the same teams in these matchups, because there very talented and have proven they can easily make it to the Super Bowl. There is a lot of hype with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets, and of course we will highlight one of those games. In addition, Lamar Jackson coming back healthy, how does that change the landscape of the AFC North? And of course, we will highlight the Super Bowl matchup from last year.

Week 1 – Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

This game will have all eyes watching as the Bills visit the Rodgers led Jets. There has been a lot of hype this off-season about Rodgers coming to New York and his plethora of receivers. Look, it all looks good on paper but I need to see it to believe it. This is a good barometer of how the Jets will be this year against a very talented Bills team. I’m buying in all the Jets defense led by Sauce Gardner and that strong defensive line. In this game, I think the Bills know what to expect from the Jets and will be ready to play this one. I see both QB’s in this game and Allen will make some big time throws in crunch time. Sorry New York you take your first loss of the season in Week 1.

Prediction: Bills 28 Jets 23

Week 2 – Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

He’s backkk!!! Yes a healthy Lamar Jackson with a lot to prove . The Bengals have been great the past few years, but I think they run into a roadblock in this game. I expect the Ravens to win 11 if not 12 games this year, as they have a lot to prove. They have good receivers now, and of course J.K. Dobbins. This is a put up or shut up year for John Harbaugh, who will need his team to make the playoffs and then some. I expect the Ravens to slow this game down and try and pound the ball down the Bengals defense. If they get into a track meet they will lose. The Ravens will do enough in this game to make a statement to the rest of the AFC North, that there the team to beat.

Prediction: Ravens 27 Bengals 21

Week 11 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs

Everybody will be watching this game of course. Last year’s Super Bowl matchup which turned out to be a great game. Playing in Arrowhead is extremely hard and like I said above this won’t be the same Eagles team as last year. Expect this to be a victory for the Chiefs. Eagles will want to run the ball, as the Chiefs will want to sling the ball out quickly and let their speedsters make plays in space. Will be curious to see how the Chiefs offense will be ran this year without Eric Bieniemy.

Prediction: Chiefs 31 Eagles 24

Week 12 – Buffalo Bills vs Philadelphia Eagles

Could this be a Super Bowl matchup? Will the Eagles have a let down this year after losing some key players and coaching? The Eagles had a great season last year but I don’t expect them to be as good as last year. In fact, they may not win the division. The Bills will be hungry this year and they should be running on all cylinders come Week 12. This game is in Philly which is always a tough place to play. I like the Bills in a close game as their defensive line will cause Jalen Hurts some problems.

Prediction: Bills 31 Eagles 28

Week 13 – San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Are these the two best teams in the NFC? Can they take down the Chiefs, Bengals, Bills or Ravens? What we do know is that both of these teams have a formidable defense and will run the ball down your throat. They win ugly but it is very effective. How will Brock Purdy do in Year 2? In this game the 49ers will commit some turnovers in that hostile Philadelphia crowd, and the Eagles will take advantage. Expect the Eagles to come out on top in a game which could determine who is the #1 seed and maybe who slides down to the 5th or 6th seed?

Prediction: Eagles 24 49ers 17

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