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NFL Stock Up/Stock Down Week 3

Week 3 was filled will crazy performances and upsets. Let’s break down who is trending up and who is trending down.

Stock Down

New York JetsZach Wilson is clearly not the answer at QB for the Jets. But if you ask Robert Saleh, he’s the best option they have. Is he really the best option? I think at this point anybody is better than Zach Wilson, to include Tom Brady or Carson Wentz.

Washington Commanders – Just when you thought the offense was on track and Eric Bieniemy was a genius, the Commander took three steps back. The biggest issue is their offensive line who can’t block anybody. In my opinion, there recipe for success is the run game first, solid D, and then everything else after that. The defense is overrated and after three games really haven’t done anything. We saw this coming though right? The Commanders could easily be 0-3 right if it weren’t for a few plays that went their way. We do have to remember that their QB, basically a rookie, has only started in four games.

Denver Broncos – 70 points, Yes 70 points given up against the Dolphins defense. Does a team even have that many possessions for that to happen? Well in this game the answer is yes. This is totally uncalled for and it’s disaster time in Denver.

Stock Up

Miami Dolphins – Can anybody beat the high flying Dolphins? Right now the answer is NO. But we’re only three games in so we shouldn’t overreact too much. We all know one injury and things can change very quickly. There shooting on all cylinders and will be tough to beat. I am looking forward to the matchup with the Bills.

Buffalo Bills – When the Bills lost to the Zach Wilson led Jets in week 1, some were worried. I was not as I know the creme always rises to the top. They played a lackluster Commanders team and had 19 sacks. On the other side of the ball, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs appear to have left off where they were last year. Teams know where the ball is going, and still can’t stop that duo, similar to the Mahomes/Kelce connection in Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs – Maybe Taylor Swift in the suite helped the Chiefs and Travis Kelce this weekend. Whatever happened, they appear to be just fine. We should expect them to be where they should be at the end of the season.

Written by
Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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