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Is it Time for Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio to be Fired?

This is not an overreaction from last week’s blowout to the Buffalo Bills. This is a four year body of work of mediocrity with the Redskins and now Commanders. Ron Rivera was hired in 2019 to take over a struggling Redskins team who needed some tough nose leadership. Rivera was a distinguished linebacker for the Chicago Bears and a well known figure throughout the league. He was hired to lead this team to the Super Bowl and change the culture in Washington. But, here we are 4 years letter no better than we were 4 years ago. Ron’s combined record is 24-28-1 in those years. Put simply, that is unacceptable. He’s had time to change things but we haven’t really made any progress.

The Commanders don’t want to be known as a .500 team, they want to be known as the team to beat the NFC East. Ron has had chances to pick up good players in the draft, particularly a talented young QB. He has failed to do that, instead he has went after free agents such as Alex Smith and Carson Wentz, who weren’t the answer. Then we picked up Sam Howell in the 2022 draft. Sam has showed flashes of hope and then flashes of mediocrity. We do have to remember he is a young quarterback with only four starts.

As of right now the Commanders are 2-1, but don’t be deceived by that winning record. They could of easily lost the first game, and then had to storm back from 21-3 to beat a bad Denver Broncos team. This team has the makeup of being another .500 team this year. They could surprise us this week and beat the Eagles, just like they did last year. But if we were to lose by another blowout, I think we should consider firing both coaches. They have too much talent on both sides of the ball to consistently be mediocre.

Why not fire Rivera and put Eric Bieniemy in charge to see what he can do? If you do that, Jack Del Rio, who has four 1st round draft picks on the defensive line, needs to go too. There’s no reason their defense should not be dominant, and one of the best in the league. In addition, now would be a good time because they have a new owner and they can have that fresh start and build for the future. Typically, coaches are fired based on there record for the year. In this case, depending on how the Commanders do against the Eagles, I believe now is the time.

Written by
Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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