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Will Patrick Mahomes be the GOAT?


The Case for Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes (2017-Present) has been the Face of the League dating back to his first Super Bowl win over the 49ers in 2020. He has absolutely dominated the league and has been a total headache for defensive coordinators for years. The star Quarterback’s ability to make off schedule throws, extend the play and his quiet but impossible to defend mobility makes him a problem that no defense has solved yet.

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Appearing in 4 of the 6 Super Bowls possible as a starter Mahomes has accompanied this incredible stat with 28,424 passing yards, 219 touchdowns (not counting rushing) and 63 INT’s. With a career rating of 103.5, the only question on everyone’s mind is can he keep it up?

My answer is yes, Mahomes has answered every narrative of making it back to the Super Bowl this year without incredible weapons, he did it without star wide receiver Tyreek Hill, and winning his first two road playoff game in hostile environments (BUF, BAL). With all that being said let’s look at the current GOAT and some other guys Mahomes needs to climb in order to get there.

The Case for Tom Brady

Anytime the GOAT conversation comes up it would be a disservice not to mention Tom Brady who is the consensus GOAT. He has nearly every positive record in the books and is going to keep those for a while. The highest passing yards in NFL history with 89,214, the most touchdowns in history with 649 and let’s not forget 7 Super Bowl rings.

Long story short, the former New England Patriot and Tampa Bay Buccaneer has done it all after starting his career off as a 6th round draft pick. Brady made an impact on football and football fans all around the world for decades terrorizing the league similar to how Mahomes has.

The Case for Peyton Manning

At the time of his retirement Manning held all of the most important records with the passing record (71,940) and the touchdown record (539). This was Brady’s biggest rival with them trading Super Bowl appearances what felt like every year. Many have compared Mahomes and Burrow to them, Manning went 2-2 in the four Super Bowl appearances losing in Super Bowl XLIV 31-17 and Super Bowl XLVII 43-8. On the other hand, he delivered in Super Bowl XLI winning 29-17. His final Super Bowl win came in Super Bowl 50 winning 24-10 and riding off into the sunset.

The Case for Jerry Rice

WR Jerry Rice (1985-2004) the best WR in NFL history had an incredible career catching 1549 balls, 22,895 receiving yards and 197 touchdowns. Making 13 pro bowls and 11 first team all pro teams is one of the most impressive resumes in league history.

Having Joe Montana and Steve Young as his quarterbacks definitely helped his case but doesn’t deny the insane talent Rice possessed. The 6’2 wideout won 3 Super Bowls and a Super Bowl MVP. Keep in mind Mahomes has a chance to get 3 rings with a win over the 49ers in the last game of the 23-24 NFL season.

The Case for Joe Montana

Along with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, these 3 QB’s are looked as at the best to ever play. 40,551 passing yards and 273 passing touchdowns is absolutely nothing to scoff at. 8 Pro Bowl selections, 3 first team all pro selections and 4 Super Bowl rings is what Montana accomplished during the 49ers dynasty. Montana while being a great Quarterback did have an incredible WR in Jerry Rice.

All in all, Mahomes is playing the best football we’ve ever seen a player play. Now the question is: Can he do it for as long as these greats listed above did? We’ll just have to find out after his date with the 49ers in SB LVIII.

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