Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady: who has the edge?

Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady: who will win tomorrow?

By: Brock Wells

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady meet for the first time since Super Bowl LV in Week Four of the 2022 NFL season. The last time the two quarterbacks met, the Buccaneers had a clear defensive advantage and made the Chiefs just the third team in Super Bowl history to not score a touchdown. But a lot has changed in the NFL landscape since that time, so which of these two quarterbacks holds the edge in the current moment?

Both teams come into this game with a record of 2-1, and both come into the game off losing their last game. The Buccaneers will be getting Mike Evans back from his one-game suspension which is welcome news for Brady, but the team’s offensive line has really struggled so far this season to keep the 45-year-old quarterback protected. The Chiefs come off a game in which their defense was handled by Matt Ryan in a game where Colts superstar running back Jonathan Taylor ran for 71 yards but didn’t get in the end zone.

Patrick Mahomes

All the talk in Kansas City has been about how Patrick Mahomes handles games without Tyreek Hill. Through three games, it’s been a bit of a split screen. Mahomes did extremely well in Week One against the Arizona Cardinals, whose defense was nonexistent in the game. But since that game, things have been a bit different. The Chiefs barely escaped against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week Two and were beaten in Indianapolis last week. Both were games in which he didn’t look all that good.

The problem with evaluating Mahomes is that there are two dominant camps surrounding him and both of them are equally ridiculous. One camp says he’s total garbage who gets by on pure luck and wouldn’t be any good anywhere else. The other camp says he’s an infallible god who can do no wrong whatsoever. The truth is that he’s currently a quarterback with a wide receiver core lacking strong definition.

That isn’t necessarily an issue when you have the best tight end in the NFL at your disposal, but it does make your offense predictable when the receivers around you aren’t performing. The Chiefs also have an inconsistent running game, with Clyde Edwards-Helaire showing real potential at times, but nowhere enough of the time to be consistently reliable. Mahomes has had to slow things down considerably, changing the very definition of the Chiefs’ offense.

The problem is that he’s had only sporadic success in doing so. The Chiefs have relied too much on big plays over the years and as a result, they lack overall discipline. They may very well be able to figure this out in the long run, but the Buccaneers defense is very good and will have Mahomes and the offense under pressure.

Tom Brady

The Buccaneers may be 2-1, but Tom Brady and the wide receiver core have really struggled in those three games. Brady has been under far more pressure than any 40+ athlete should be comfortable with, and between Mike Evans missing a game and Julio Jones and Chris Godwin being injury-prone, the offense has struggled to put up points. Brady has managed to throw one touchdown in each of the team’s three games, but that’s nowhere near what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing with him over many years.

Jones and Godwin are both game-time decisions for the Buccaneers for tomorrow night’s game, but for Brady, there would be nothing better than knowing those two will be suiting up for the game. Jones was looking to be integrated as Brady’s new favorite go-to receiver after Week One’s win against the Dallas Cowboys, hauling in three receptions for 69 yards, but the receiver hasn’t played since. Same story for Godwin, with some wondering if he attempted to come back from last season’s injury too quickly.

Ignoring the speculation on whether Rob Gronkowski would come out of retirement for Brady a second time, expect Cameron Brate to become a more consistent element of the Buccaneers’ offense as Brady figures out the situation with his wide receivers. It’s difficult to imagine the struggles with Brady and the team will continue forever, but that isn’t exactly something that looks like a lock for the time being. But they just need enough to get past the Chiefs in one matchup for the moment.

The Buccaneers need to count on Leonard Fournette to have success in the running game. The more success he has, the more likely it is that Brady will be able to have his way in the passing game. Fournette ran for 127 yards in Week One but had just 65 and 35 in the following games. For all the talk about Brady and Evans, much of the Buccaneers’ offense depends on the success of Fournette on the ground. His play against the Chiefs could determine a lot for Brady and Evans.


Brady has the advantage in terms of overall weapons at wide receiver on account of the fact that Evans will be back. Mahomes has the clearest advantage in the presence of Travis Kelce. But the ultimate determining factor is going to be which team has more success running the football. In that regard, Fournette can be expected to have a better game than Edwards-Helaire. The Buccaneers are stingy against the run. Much stingier than the Chiefs.

Brady gets the edge here because he’s the more likely of the two to make the most of his situation in a given instant. Mahomes is going to have to be patient while nickeling and diming the ball up the field because the Buccaneers defense is stout enough to plan for the impact of Kelce. It’s too difficult to imagine Brady having four underwhelming games in a row. As for the Chiefs, the AFC West isn’t locked in their grasp as many have already opined. That division looks to be wide open and go deep into the season to find its winner.

Brady may be on his final leg, but Mahomes isn’t unstoppable, and the 45-year-old has enough around him to pull off the victory tomorrow night.

Why Kyle Trask is Tom Brady’s heir

Why Trask is Brady’s heir in the future

By: Jeremy Trottier

We all got a short glimpse this offseason of what a Tom Brady retirement would look like…pretty much chaos.  It is not necessarily hard to fathom that we are nearing the end of an era soon enough, and eventually, the day will come when he hands up the shoulder pads for good.  With this, there needs to be a plan in place for the Buccaneers to fill the QB position, and considering they are likely to be as good this year as the past two, the likelihood of a high draft pick is minimal.  This leaves them with their 64th overall pick in the 2021 draft, Kyle Trask, the quarterback out of Florida University.  In this article, I will be covering why I believe he is a shoe-in for the QB1 spot once Tom Brady leaves.

Time to develop & to learn the playbook

The first main concept that gives Trask an advantage over any potential rookie or free agency signing would be his chance to experience the offense firsthand and learn the playbook.  After this season, Trask will have had 2 seasons to have studied how the offense runs, as well as 1 season under his belt of how it will run under new head coach Todd Bowles.  This is not only an advantage due to him being able to utilize the offense how the offensive coaches want him to, but it also allows him to comprehend audibles and switch plays on the fly.  Having these years to learn is extremely valuable to his career and should be viewed as such by the coaching staff when it comes time to choose an heir to Brady.

Already has received high praise from the front office for development

The next reason he should be seen as the starter would be how he has impressed his front office, specifically.  General manager Jason Licht has stated the following regarding Trask and his development to date:

“We’re very excited about the development of Kyle, where he has come from in the last year and what he has done… just being able to sit behind Tom, Blaine and Ryan, as well, in that room with Clyde (Christensen), Tom Moore, and B.A.”

He would also go on to say: “I couldn’t think of a better experience for a young quarterback to spend his rookie year than with the greatest player of all time… He’s been well-coached, and he’s had unbelievable resources to lean on to get to where he is right now.”

The key words from this interview are excited and well-coached.  They clearly have put an emphasis on training him specifically and developing him into the prospect they know he can be for the team. 

Exceptionally high level of play when last on the field

Many tend to forget Kyle Trask was a Heisman Trophy candidate in his last year of college, and that he performed exceptionally well.  On top of that, he did this in the SEC, which is notorious for being the most difficult conference in college football.  In his final season, Trask put up the following statline:

  • 12 games played
  • 301 completions on 437 attempts (68.9% completion rate)
  • 4,283 passing yards, 43 passing touchdowns, 8 interceptions, 180.0 passer efficiency rating

This is an absolutely phenomenal season for any player, and despite his play being somewhat raw and needing development, he has been receiving that from the Buccaneers.  So, with this, we should see Trask be at bare minimum a competent starter in the NFL in the near future. 

Why the Buccaneers could beat the Saints in 2022

Why Tom Brady can finally beat the Saints in the regular season

By: Jake Rajala

The GOAT in the NFL is unequivocally the ageless quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady. The Bucs QB has seven Super Bowl rings and he’s still pressing on for his eight SB victory. With that said, there has been kryptonite to Brady in recent memory: The New Orleans Saints. In particular, the Saints defense has been a personal hell for Brady — which was evident in Brady dropping a goose egg against the Saints in Week 15 of last season.

With that said, I believe the Bucs should feel more confident against the Saints and there ought to be plenty of optimism for them to at least split games against the Saints next season. It will certainly be a challenge for Mike Evans to have an outstanding outcome against Marshon Lattimore, but the Bucs will have new, numerous x-factors on their offense in Russell Gage and Rachaad White that could find success against the Saints defense. Antonio Brown was an understandable subtraction from the Bucs offense, but they did miss a strong WR3 presence against the Saints in their second battle a season ago. Gage, who might be the next Julian Edelman, could exploit the Saints rookie Alontae Taylor and be a third-down magnet for Brady. The Bucs rookie RB will also aspire to be James White 2.0 in Brady’s offense. White can certainly not excel in the rushing game, but he can also be a threat as a receiving back — which was shown with his 456 receiving yards in 2020.

The last element in the Buccaneers quest for revenge against the Saints is none other than Brady’s mindset. He has been bruised and pushed around by the Saints for two straight regular seasons. I fully expect him to have his best plan to start fast, take care of the football, and make pivotal throws against the Saints in their next bloody show-down. Perhaps the Bucs will even completely turn the table against the Saints — as the Bucs and the potential last ride of Brady could win both divisional match-ups in 2022.

Projecting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers record in 2022

What will be the Buccaneers record in 2022?

By: Jake Rajala

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers witnessed a resurrection from Tom Brady this off-season. The Brady bunch is certainly confident that they can still be a juggernaut team, despite lots of hype surrounding the likes of Buffalo and Los Angeles. With that enunicated, I’m going to simply untwine the ups, downs, and overall record of the Buccaneers in 2022.

Week 1: at the Cowboys

The Bucs were able to witness TB12 have an amazing comeback against the Boys in 2021. Perhaps Brady and a healthy Gronk Chris Godwin have more spark than Dak for the second time in a row. I believe the Bucs will edge out the Boys in a close game by a score of 35-28.

Week 2: at Saints

The Saints have been able to make life a living hell for Brady for the past two seasons. I expect the improved 2022 Saints to continue to dominate the Bucs and win their first battle by a score of 38-24.

Week 3: vs Packers

The Bucs should feel motivated and confident against a Green Bay Packers team that has struggled against the Bucs over their past few showdowns. I don’t believe A-Rod will take a noticeable decline with Davante Adams, but I believe Brady is more geared to win a likely shootout. I forsee the Bucs winning 38-28.

Week 4: vs the Chiefs

The Tyreek Hill-less Chiefs are still a very good football team and I believe KC will win a close game by a score of 35-28.

Week 5: vs the Falcons

The Falcons could make splash plays against the Bucs, but they are certainly a few years away from reaching the playoffs. I expect the Bucs to win 35-17.

Week 6: at the Steelers

The Bucs should be able to have high-end success against the Steelers CB group not featuring Joe Haden. I forsee the Bucs winning 35-21.

Week 7: at the Panthers

Christian McCaffrey will have a hard time running against the Bucs stingy front seven and It will be near impossible for Sam Darnold to keep pace with TB12. I expect the Bucs to win 35-21.

Week 8: vs the Ravens

Brady may have almost passed the torch to Lamar Jackson, but he will surely focus on squashing the Jackson-led squad next season. It will be hard for Brady to drop 40+ points on the Ravens scary secondary, but I expect the Bucs to win 28-21.

Week 9: vs the Rams

I trust that Brady will play his heart out against the Rams, but I don’t trust the Bucs defense to slow down Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson. I believe the Rams will win 38-31.

Week 10: vs the Seahawks

Let’s be honest – the Seahawks aren’t going to have a strong fight against the Bucs. I believe the Bucs will win 35-17.

Week 12: at the Browns

I believe the Browns with Deshaun Watson are a strong Super Bowl contender. I also love the Browns pass rush with Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney against Lamar Jackson Brady. I predict the Browns will win a close contest against the Bucs at home by a score 35-28.

Week 13: vs the Saints

I am not convinced that the Saints or the football gods will allow the Bucs to win this contest. I believe the Saints with a potential hotter offense will beat the Bucs 28-14.

Week 14: at the 49ers

The Bucs should absolutely bounce back and beat the 49ers in Week 13. I expect the Bucs have a lot of success against the 49ers young QB and average secondary – as they proceed to win 35-21.

Week 15: vs the Bengals

The Bengals may be the kryptonite against the Bucs, but I believe the Bucs can exploit the Bengals pass defense and win this contest by a score of 35-28.

Week 16: at the Cardinals

The Bucs could have a serious challenge against the Cardinals with DeAndre Hopkins, but I’m still believing in Brady to throw away Kyler Murray by the end of the fourth quarter. I believe the Bucs win 35-28.

Week 17: vs the Panthers

The Bucs will still have a ton of success against the potential Matt Corral-led Panthers and I believe they win this game by a score of 35-14.

Week 18: at the Falcons

The Bucs will most likely keep the gas on the pedal in their last game for a chance at the number one seed. I believe they mop the floor against the Falcons by a score of 42-17.

Final record: 12-5

3 reasons why Tom Brady could really win MVP

Tom Brady could win MVP in 2022

By: Jake Rajala

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady’s success at age 44 could be due to his unmatched TB12 method or perhaps we’re living in a simulation (or it could be a combination of the two points). Brady threw for the most passing yards and passing touchdowns last season, but the other greek god-like QB in Green Bay won MVP. Well, I’m going to untwine three reasons why Brady could win MVP in his potential last stand.

Offensive Weapons

The GOAT may not have Rob Gronkowski next season, but he did retain Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette (aka Playoff Lenny). Godwin was actually on pace for his best season in 2021: 98 receptions and 1,103 yds in 14 games last season. It’s also spectacular that the Bucs scooped up former Falcons WR Russell Gage, who was named Rich Eisen’s top under-the-radar signing this off-season. Per Fantasy Pros, Brady has been impressed with Gage in OTAs thus far. Scotty Miller should noticeably bounce back from his 38 yds in 9 games a season ago, as well.

New Orleans Saints

Brady had excellent team success and unearthly stats last season, but his offense dropped a goose egg against the Saints in their second battle. His 0-point effort against Who Dat Nation was the first time he was shut out since 2006! His lack of anything at home against the Saints was a factor in why Rodgers won MVP. With that said, I would be absolutely shocked if Brady didn’t have a monster plan and chip on his shoulder against the Saints in 2022. He may lose a game (or potential two games), but I highly doubt he will be close to being shut out against Cameron Jordan and Chauncey Gardner Johnson for the second straight season.

Aaron Rodgers

It may be a popular narrative that the Davante Adams-less offense will hurt Aaron Rodgers’s chances of winning MVP for his third straight season while helping every QB have a better chance to win MVP. Yet, it’s quite true that Brady should feel more ecstatic than nearly every QB that Rodgers will Tae — as Brady has been chasing A-Rod for the MVP crown over the past two seasons. Brady also plays Rodgers at home on September 25th and I really expect the Bucs QB to improve his MVP chances after I project the Brady bunch to win.

What is the dynasty outlook for Mike Evans?

Latest dynasty outlook for Mike Evans

By: Jake Rajala

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans was clearly dancing like Michael Jackson when Tom Brady un-retired this off-season. Evans hauled in a career-high 14 receiving touchdowns last season and he was a play-maker in the playoffs (236 yds and 2 touchdowns in 2 games). He should continue to be a red-zone freak, especially without the potential absence of Robert Gronkowski (outside of AB’s demise). Gronk had six touchdowns and 802 yards last season. The Bucs weaponry will have to replace his production if he stays out of the Bucs facility.

Evans will continue to be the lead toy for TB12. Fantasy Pros has already sung praises for the Bucs WR “in 2022”, as they stated that he is the consensus 8th best fantasy WR, top WR for Brady and that the Bucs will feel great about having the 10th best WR schedule. Evans may not feel ecstatic about facing Marshon Lattimore, also known as his kryptonite, but he will certainly have Brady throwing him the pigskin against mediocre competition next season.

The long-term outlook for Evans is a bit of a mystery. He is under contract through the 2023 season. I believe Brady could play in 2023, but I highly doubt he will be in an NFL uniform in 2024. Regardless, Evans will be in a Bucs uniform for the next couple of seasons. He should really have a high ceiling in 2022 and he should be the main target with Brady or a new QB in 2023.

He is labeled as the 20th best WR in dynasty PPR via Fantasy Pros. I would honestly hold/buy Evan’s services. Regardless of the GOAT’s options in the 2023 off-season, I am a big believer in his role in Tampa Bay and he has a tremendous work ethic at 28 years old. The WR that has never had a season below 1,000+ yards should be a fantastic, heavily involved weapon for the Bucs for many more seasons in my opinion.

Potential Jared Goff trade destinations right now

Latest Jared Goff trade destinations

By: Jake Rajala

The Detroit Lions are strongly rumored by countless NFL analysts to select Malik Willis second overall in the near NFL draft. It’s also a possibility that the Lions could trade back in the first round and select one of the top QB prospects.

With that said, it may be wise for Dan Campbell to trade away his veteran quarterback Jared Goff. It’s obvious that he’s respected for surviving his situation in 2021, but it would make sense if the Lions placed their utmost confidence in a rookie QB. Plus, it’s clear that Goff doesn’t carry a superb ceiling. The San Francisco 49ers are still looking for the right home for Jimmy G and it would make sense if DET is soon looking to trade away their 2021 starting QB. So, the question is: which teams could trade for Goff in the near future?

Carolina Panthers

It’s clear that Goff would be a cheaper option than Baker Mayfield for the Panthers. He could be cheaper than Mayfield and still more talented than Sam Darnold for CAR. In fact, Goff was quite more impressive than Darnold in 2020. Here is a closer look at how productive each QB was last season:

Darnold: 2,527 passing yards, 9 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions

Goff: 3,245 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions

Goff could defintely be a nice value pickup for the Panthers, especially if the Panthers don’t win the Mayfield sweepstakes.

New York Jets

It’s far from certain that former BYU legend Zach Wilson will bounce back in his second season. Regardless of his cool throw against the Tennessee Titans, he was still benched in favor for Mike White. Wilson ousted a 3-10 record, 9 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, and a 55.6 completion percentage. The HC-QB combo are really on the hot seat in 2022, so it would be wise to improve the QB via a reasonable cost. It’s also safe to say that Goff is an upgrade over the annoyingly popular Joe Flacco in NY.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t exactly have the fountain of youth in Tom Brady. Brady will most likely retire within a couple of seasons. Goff could be a sneaky QB2 option for the Bucs, as he provides a modest combination of youth and talent. It was clear that the Bucs were looking to improve from Kyle Trask in Brady’s short-lived retirment. The Bucs GM Jason Licht could make a wise investment by inking a veteran to compete with Trask this off-season.

Honorable mention

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are the perfect darkhorse team to acquire Goff in my opinion. Ryan Tannehill took the QB1 spot in Tennessee away from Marcus Mariota and Goff could potentially remove the keys to the Titans QB spot away from Tanny. If Tannehill still remains the starting QB for the Titans, it would still make sense for the reigning AFC one seed to improve their QB2 spot. It may also intrigue Jon Robinson that Goff is six years younger than his current starting QB.

What is the floor and ceiling of Tom Brady in 2022?

How high is the ceiling for Tom Brady next season?

By: Jake Rajala

The prolific quarterback Tom Brady threw for 5,235 passing yards, 39 passing touchdowns, and achieved 13 victories at the age of 35. TB12 will be 45 years old and striving for a Super Bowl ring in the 2022-2023 season. Brady won’t have Wes Welker and potentially Rob Gronkowski in his offensive unit, but he will have Mike Evans and Chris Gowin to catch footballs.

So, the vital question is: can Brady have a performance similar to his 2021 or 2011 season? Well, I’m going to unveil likely the floor and ceiling of his ability in 2022.

Floor of Brady

Captain Obvious doesn’t need to state that Brady might have the best floor of any player in the league via his combination of work ethic and arm talent. The Bucs QB will have the utterly talented Byron Leftwich calling a familiar offense for Brady and it’s clear Brady has flourished as a Buc.

Brady has averaged 4,974 yards and 41.5 touchdowns over the past two seasons. He obviously won’t have Antonio Brown (and likely Gronk), but it’s worth mentioning that AB has played in 15 of the past 33 games for TB. Brady will really lean on the speed demon Scotty Miller (503 yards in 2020) to be effective in 2022.

It should be noted that Brady threw for 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns without Chris Godwin for three games and Gronkowski for five games in 2021, as well.

I can really forsee a floor of 4,700+ passing yards and 35 touchdowns for Brady next season. I believe Godwin and Mike Evans are one of the top WR combinations in the league and Miller should have a career season in 2022. Sure, the probable absense of Gronk will hurt, but I still expect a lot more red zone targets to be in play for the physical WRs.

Ceiling of Brady

Well, what do we have here ….

I honestly expect Brady to be in strong consideration for MVP for the second straight season. Brady will continue to outwork the world this offseason and Leftwich will brew more creative play designs for his offense to cook. Mike Evans had a career high 14 touchdowns last season and Godwin was on pace for his best season prior to his ACL injury. It may seem like Brady’s offense will be weaker “on paper”, but he will surely uplift the profiles around him.

I also absolutely expect Brady to be more prepared to battle the Saints defense that has lost Marcus Williams and Malcolm Jenkins this offseason. I would be dumb struck if Brady scored 0 or 3 points against Dennis Allen’s defense in another NFC South showdown.

The biggest x-factor for Brady is his sharp focus to chase Michael Jordan’s aura in sports and win another Super Bowl.

I expect a true ceiling of Brady to be around 5,600 with a “healthy WR duo”, improved performances against the Saints brick wall defense, and his flame that refuses to be put out.

3 reasons why Tom Brady could win the MVP in 2022

Will Tom Brady win the MVP next season?

By: Jake Rajala

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers surprisingly witnessed the kryptonite Tom Brady return to the NFL this offseason. Brady might be 44 years old, but the NFL world knows he is still a superb QB. He threw the most passing yards and passing touchdowns in 2021. With that said, I believe Brady can at least match his 2021 performance and potentially win MVP next season. Here are three reasons why Brady could be MVP in 2022.

  • The demise of other Top 5 QBs

The 2020 and 2021 MVP QB Aaron Rodgers should take a step back next season, as he lost his WR1 in Davante Adams. The former Pack wideout recorded 1,553 yards, 11 touchdowns, and reeled in 123 receptions last season.

The other State Farm QB Patrick Mahomes also lost his blistering fast WR in Tyreek Hill. Mike McDaniel lured Hill from the Chiefs and made him the highest-paid WR in the league. Mahomes was the 2018 MVP winner and it will be hard for him to win his second MVP award in the near future.

  • The mediocre NFC South

The Brady bunch should do very well against their division foes next season. They should have a tough test against the Saints, but it would be hard to imagine they don’t brew together a better plan to score more than 0 points against them.

The Atlanta Falcons and Haason Reddick-less Carolina Panthers really need to rebuild their defense and they should cough up a lot of points against TB12. The Bucs scored at least 30 points in each contest against the Falcons and Panthers last season. I expect Bruce Arians to run up the score against those two foes for the second straight season.

  • A healthy Chris Godwin

The Bucs were nicely able to bring back Chris Godwin this offseason. Chris Godwin was a monster for the Bucs last season, as he averaged 78.8 YPG (second-most in his career). Unfortunately, he missed three games in 2021. I really expect a healthy Godwin to likely unleash a career season in 2022. The Bucs should likely bring in another WR3 this offseason (potentially Julio Jones or a stud rookie) to help Brady ride off into the sunset.

3 unique reasons why the Buccaneers can win Super Bowl LVII

Will the Buccaneers win another Super Bowl soon?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have witnessed the return of the prolific Tom Brady and they will attempt to win their second Super Bowl together in three years together. Brady has the presence of Ivan Drago, but he carries the same unshakeable chip on his shoulder that Rocky Balboa yields.

The Buccaneers will really need to climb a mountain if they want to win another Super Bowl in the near future. The Bucs have surreal competition spine-chilling competition in the NFC and they won’t have the same roster that won Super Bowl LV. Nonetheless, the Bucs could still have a positive and unique journey to win Super Bowl LVII. With that said, here are three reasons why they can win Super Bowl LVII.

  • The rise of Joe Tryon

The Bucs didn’t win their last Super Bowl by dropping a 40 burger in each playoff contest. Of course, TB12 and his band of misfits were firing off all cylinders. Yet, it was the Bucs defense and front seven that made life very miserable for Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes.

The Bucs will likely not have Jason Pierre-Paul (who could sign with Dallas) and Ndamukong Suh (who may retire), but they will be able to offer plenty of meat on the plate to the second-year pass rusher Joe Tryon. Their 2021 first-round pick ousted four sacks and 10 QB hits on a rotational role last season. Expect Tryon to take that common sophomore pass rusher leap and help Shaq Barrett constantly harrass NFC signal-callers next season.

  • Scotty Miller

I really like the potential of the 24-year-old Scotty Miller. Kay Adams has gushed over Miller and I believe his coming-out party will be in 2022. The speed demon will replace Antonio Brown nicely in my opinion and he will offer a unique skill set in the Bucs offense. When the speedster Brandin Cooks played a year with Brady in 2017, he unveiled a career-high in YPC (16.6). His second regular season-best YPC is 15.1.

Miller spent a large portion of the 2021 season on IR, but I feel comfortable that the hungry wideout will be healthy and ready to be a big part of the Bucs offense moving forward. Arians will routinely be brewing up shots down the field to the third year wideout in 2022.

  • The Von Miller-less Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay might have reeled in the shiny Allen Robinson and axed Robert Woods, but I believe the Rams will struggle to replace the mighty Von Miller. The former Rams sack artist had four sacks in the recent playoff gauntlet (2 sacks in Super Bowl LVI).

The Rams barely edged out the Brady bunch in the last postseason, as McVay’s squad won 30-27. The Rams will still have a lethal offense in the inevitable big showdown against the Bucs next season, but they will be without a star pass rusher across from Aaron Donald against the reigning NFC South champions.

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