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Ranking the Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks

The NFL is filled top to bottom with Quarterbacks, and with another loaded QB class coming up defensive coordinator could become the hardest job in the NFL. Out of a whopping 32 starting Quarterbacks we’ll take a look at 5 who rank at the top among the league. 

#1 Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the obvious choice, he has dominated the league since being drafted in 2017 and sitting a year behind Quarterback at the time Alex Smith. Of course his unreal arm strength and ability to “throw receivers open” is the headliner of his abilities but one under the radar ability is his scrambling.

As we will see on the rest of this list scrambling has completely evolved the Quarterback position and Mahomes still while being mainly a pocket passer makes great use of it. Taking into account all of his success makes him a prime candidate for even maybe the best quarterback of all time; 3 super bowl rings, 2 MVPs and a crazy 3 Super Bowl MVPs. 

#2 Joe Burrow

This may be an unpopular opinion but Burrow comes in at number 2. Injuries have made fanbases forget how good the Bengals QB played in that 2021 season. The main knock on Burrow had been his wideouts carrying him with YAC (yards after catch) plays, but I disagree with this.

We’ve seen Quarterbacks (besides Mahomes) almost need a number 1 wideout to explode onto the scene, for example Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts. Burrow is the only Quarterback in the NFL to really have Mahomes’ number, beating him 3 out of the 4 times they have played. After the Bengals missing the playoffs largely due to Burrow’s injuries I expect them to bounce back next year and potentially get their star studded QB to have another career year.

#3 Lamar Jackson

There is not enough you can say about Lamar Jackson and the way he has changed the game. The two-time MVP’s agility and speed on the field has been unheard of since Micheal Vick. His ability to improvise and make people miss is special, but the knock has been: Can he pass? Well the Ravens QB shut all the haters up and proved he could throw by amassing his best statistical passing year of his career.

Great accuracy, 3,700 yards and 24-7 TD-INT ratio made him nearly unstoppable for defensive coordinators not named Steve Spagnuolo. Of course Lamar got his in the run game, running for 821 yards and piling 5 touchdowns on top of his already 24 passing TDs.

#4 Josh Allen

Putting Allen this low could ruffle some feathers following his very productive (but inconsistent) season just proves my further point on how loaded the league truly is at Quarterback. Allen had a career high in interceptions this year (18) but produced more highlight plays than arguably any other Quarterback in the league. Allen had a combined 44 touchdowns this year with 29 passing and 15 rushing.

The number that pops out is the 15 rushing touchdowns. Of course most come on sneaks very close to the goal line but that also adds to his big arm and improviser skill set. If Allen can cut down on the turnovers (combined 21) he could very easily rise the rankings and even take the Bills to New Orleans, the resting place of Super Bowl LIX.

    #5 Justin Hebert

    This is where the list gets really challenging. There are so many guys that could’ve taken this spot but the edge goes to Justin Herbert. Herbert is the closest guy to a pure pocket passer on this list. His arm is crazy good and is a sneaky scrambler as well. The problem this year was injuries, started with an original finger fracture then got another finger fracture that ended his season in December.

    Herbert has made the playoffs once and infamously lost after having as big as a 27 point lead. I’m sure with a little more time to throw Herbert will bounce back and cement himself among the elites of the elites.

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