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Fantasy Football: 5 2021 Rookies to Target

5 Rookies to Target in the 2021 Draft

By: Kyle Williams (Twitter: @BetOnTheGame)

The Super Bowl is a near week away, after a wild championship weekend we continue to push ahead in the season. With that said, we look ahead to the NFL’s last game of the year. One final hooray for fans, the game between a legend and a new rising star. Brady vs Mahomes.

This could go down as one of the last times we ever see Brady and could mark the journey of a new chapter for the Chiefs. The markings of a potential dynasty forged from speedy receivers, and bruising tight ends could invoke the next chapter in NFL history.

With the stage set the NFL’s next chapter is the rookies coming up. The 2021 class enters a weird stage where COVID-19 shocked the world. The NFL has been forced to cancel all camps, workouts, and draft settings. With that said it’s uber important to make sure you do your research.

With college production and tape being all we will see on these upcoming newbies it’s important you read and research. Let’s dive in and get cracking on five rookies to target from the NFL draft in 2021.

Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

The rookie running back number 1, an unquestioned game changer. The spotlight of success on a loaded Alabama team. With the senior bowl right around the corner, coach Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins has scheduled to coach Harris.

The skillset of the rookie runner will be on full display for a chance to prove to NFL teams just how special the young back truly is. His elite hands, massive running legs, untackelable frame, and lightning quick feet will be on display for NFL scouts, coaches, and general managers to drool over.

Harris’s days at Alabama showed just how much a force he is. His run in the college playoffs versus Notre Dame was a thing of beauty. Take a look at just how special he is.

Harris is a thing of beauty. The way he runs through holes with quick decisiveness is surreal. I can’t say enough good things about this kid and how he runs. With several teams in the NFL including the Dolphins, needing a running back, Harris could land in a spot where he will excell from day one.

In just about any spot I can see Harris being a force from day one. His fantasy production will rival likely now second year runner Jonathan Taylor of the Colts. With his pass catching ability and nasty running style he should fit right into an offense like Miami’s.

Javonte Williams, RB, North Carolina

Drafting for value is a major asset in fantasy. That’s what Williams presents, likely a low end second round pick is what Williams will be slotted in at for dynasty rookie draft. It makes for the perfect value play on what seems to be the third best runner in the nation behind only Najee Harris of Alabama and Travis Etienne of Clemson.

Williams is a haul slotting in at (5’10”, 220 pounds), just an absolute massive bowling ball type human being. For someone with that size and frame he has tremendous hands. In his final season at North Carolina the young back caught 305 yards. Very subtle but impressive and something to note.

Look at the catch and run by the big fella. The most impressive part about the play that scouts will love is when the pocket breaks down and the coverage is sealed, Williams has the smarts to run to the open field and make a play for his scrambling quarterback. Scouts look for stuff like that which should make Williams fly up the draft board.

But touching back on the size and strength of Williams is what really catches your eye. His ability to hit holes and burst through is one of the main strengths he possesses but it’s not even his best quality. What is however is the ability to shed tackles and never go down off first contact. Take a look at this run that shows the power and speed of Williams.

Williams is an absolute nightmare in the open field. Defenders deem him untackleable and his stride and ability to catch make him near unguardable. Williams depending on the landing spot is one of my highest rated prospects to target in dynasty leagues this offseason.

Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

The number one tight end in the nation and potentially may even be the best pound for pound pure receiver. At Florida, Pitts was a nightmare for defenders. Sticking linebackers on a tight end is a recipe for disaster. Look at what the Patriots did for years revolutionizing the game with combo tight end sets. They started a whole trend and may end up bringing it back with rumors of Pitts heading to New England. But that’s just rumors. Pitt’s can fit anywhere, in any system, on any team.

Pitts shows the ability to catch the ball against any position on the field, wether it’s being smothered by a corner or bracketed in coverage. He is a nightmare matchup for anyone on the field having to cover him. Since 2014, Pitts leads all of college football in most contested catches by a tight end with 25. His pass-catching abilities are extremely rare for some of his size.

The rookie is a dynamic playmaker and a true elite game-changing tight end. He is someone NFL defensive coordinators will have to game plan for. Given his size, speed, athleticism, and rookie profile he is a no-brainer middle of the first-rounder type of prospect for dynasty leagues.

With tight end being so slim and only really 5-6 being game changing type prospects for fantasy this guy could give you the leg up on your competition. Especially if you select him a super flex or tight end premium type format.

Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue

One of the most elite level gifted prospects in all of college football, Moore is a nightmare in the open field and to defend. With all the athleticism and elite measurable’s Moore is still one of the biggest wild cards. In his college career, Moore played three seasons but over the past two seasons only logged in seven games to injury. A major concern that could have him sliding down draft boards.

I’m not concerned about him slipping much. The spot won’t affect much for him in my mind. There’s really almost nothing this elite level prospect can’t do. He’s provided run after catch, special teams plays, rushing usage out of the backfield, and vertical receiving over the middle of the field. When healthy, Moore is a multi-purpose weapon who can break open a football game with any touch of the football. Take a look at the clip.

Moore possesses all the tools to be an elite caliber receiver in the league. His athletic profile and use remind me a lot of someone like a hybrid between Leviska Shenault and Tyreek Hill. He is a true Swiss army knife type of player that from day one should be effective in an offense. Moore is one of my favorite receivers in all of college football is rapidly climbing up my board.

Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota

I’m trying my hardest to give you guys that hold a bit of value and won’t be top-5 picks. It’s hard, with no camps, combines, and little film it becomes difficult to spot guys that you believe will be fantasy stars in the making. This is what I believe Bateman is, but not for long. His profile and draft stock seems to be exploding recently all over Twitter.

For good reasons is the star receiver out of Minnesota blowing up. The young star stands at a modest build of 6’1″, 210 pounds. Nothing out of the ordinary but very solid measurable. What he does with his size is beat defenders in coverage with ease and is one of college football’s best route runners. Eerily similar to Michael Thomas of the Saints.

A fantastic catch by the young guy, but what you can see in the clip is Bateman’s clear nose for the ball. One of the things scouts talk about most for Bateman is his pure willingness to track down balls and his feel and timing for when the ball is coming. The kid has a knack for knowing exactly where the ball is and it’s something that just can’t be taught.

With such quick feet and ability to burst and run routes he may be a starter from day one depending on the landing spot. A team like the Patriots may be in the mix for some like Bateman. His value in fantasy draft is rising and with good reasons.

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