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3 Potential Landing Spots For Adam Humpries

Where Will Adam Humpries Land?

The former Tennessee Titans wideout Adam Humphries was recently cut by the team in a move to save $4.47 million dollars. Humphries is only 27 years old and his 816-yard season isn’t too far in the past (2018).

Humphries is the candidate to have a lot of teams interested in him. He plays slot WR, he’s got plenty of production left in the tank, and he will look to play under in a contract under his talent level given his porous year in 2020.

Humpries recorded 228 yards and two touchdowns, but he was only limited to seven games. The wideout hasn’t had a serious role since AJ Brown showed up in 2019, so his role and pay grade wasn’t up to the interest of Mike Vrabel.

“File:Mike Vrabel 2018.jpg” by Chipermc is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Where could Humphries land next? Could he opt to land with a team giving him a chance to cash in big down the line, or will he get overpaid on a more raw team? I’m going to project a few likely landing spots for the former Titan.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are far from a WR paradise, but Humphries could go to a team where he will garner significant playing time, a reasonable contract, and be a part of Lamar Jackson’s growth. WR Willie Snead and WR Dez Bryant are free agents and will both likely be gone by next season.

To make matters worse about the future WR position in Baltimore — Snead, Bryant, and Marquise Brown all took to social media to voice their anger at the WR involvement in Baltimore. It seems safe to say Snead and Bryant will be gone, while Brown could still remain the main target.

By: Jack Kurzenknabe

The Ravens already had the 32nd ranked passing offense for 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson in 2020. They may need to overpay a few sturdy veterans to keep competitive talent at the WR spot – Humpries can fit the role Snead will leave behind and he should have lots of reps to prove his once more prominent self.

Houston Texans

The top destination of Humpries wishlist has to be in Houston playing for Deshaun Watson. It appears the Texans are keeping Watson hostage, so they will need to load up on talent and make him pleased in the meantime.

By: Jack Kurzenknabe

WR Will Fuller will be off to his new team, Kenny Stills has left the building, and they have lost the DeAndre Hopkins trade. Watson may have won the MVP his team had nine wins, but they were an atrocious competitor in the mere AFC South, which resulted in Bill O’Brien getting axed midway through the season.

The dream location for a prove-it deal in Humphries’s eyes has to lie with Houston. And for Watson, despite how prolific he was, he could use improvement from Humphries.

According to Fantasy Profiler, Watson was ranked 27th in interceptable passes, 21st in danger plays, and 14th in accuracy rating. A safety valve in Humphries would be very beneficial, particularly when Watson is on the run.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are cap-strapped as they have ever been. Yet, they will and have always found a way to make moves. Especially, if the Saints deal a star or two, then let a few high profiles leave in free agency, they will have some money to navigate around.

There were multiple points in the season where Tre’Quan Smith was the top WR for Drew Brees/Taysom Hill. Michael Thomas will be back and healthy, but Emmanuel Sanders could be a cap casualty. Sanders is a stout slot player for Sean Payton’s orchestra.

Humphries could replace Sanders (if he leaves), or be another slot weapon for Sean Payton. Deonte Harris deserves his packages, but he’s not a polished player to consistently help a QB, especially Taysom Hill/Jameis Winston. Sean Payton has been a mastermind at developing slot WRs — players like Lance Moore, Willie Snead, and Devery Henderson have all found success in his scheme.

If Saints opt to go WR in free agency and have the cap to do so, it would make sense to find mutual interest with a WR that wants to bounce back in 2021.

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