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New Orleans Saints: 3 Lower Profile QBs to Trade For

Will Sean Payton Trade For a QB?

The New Orleans Saints have been involved in quarterback drama since the 2021 offseason began. There have been ridiculous mock trades for Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson in every which aisle.

We would all love to see the Saints have a young MVP like QB with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, but it very likely won’t happen. Not only do the Saints have the worst shopping budget in the NFL, but their draft picks are hardly enticing (especially if they picked up Wilson/Watson).

Sean Payton knows they need a quality QB and a long-term signal-caller on their roster. Mickey Loomis has also stated that they still want to maximize their loaded roster — with or without Drew Brees. They seem very interested in Jameis Winston, but I don’t know if the Saints would pay him as some other teams could.

By: Jack Kurzenknabe

If it becomes more clear that Winston is not going to be the long-term answer and Sean Payton prefers to trade for a reasonable QB over drafting Mac Jones/Kyle Trask, where could he look? I’m going to break down this interesting perspective and foresee which unheralded QB Payton could lure to the Big Easy.

Marcus Mariota

I would say that Marcus Mariota, not Taysom Hill, was the best backup dual-threat QB last season. Mariota was the victim of a career-low season combined with Tannehill revolting into a Pro Bowl QB in a picture-perfect Derrick Henry-led attack.

I have the sensation that Payton loves more to imagine a quality dual threat QB in his orceshtra more than seeing something very special with Taysom Hill. And Mariota could be the guy to deliver on this vision.

It’s often forgetting that Mariota is only 27 years old. To put it in comparison, Derek Carr is 29 years old, Ryan Tannehill is 32 years old (five years older!), and Taysom Hill is 30 years old! Mariota can be the actual long-term answer if he shows out for the Saints early on.

According to Washington Times, Washington has already tried to acquire Mariota. And there’s also been rumors of Mariota landing in Philadelphia. Saints should make their move if they see a fit… and they would get a year remaining from his two-year, 17.6 million dollar contract with LV to see if he can prove himself.

Jimmy Garoppolo

The San Francisco 49ers QB has been up and down the roller coaster trade hype train this offseason. But, now things are heating up between the 49ers being interested in Teddy Bridgewater, according to NBC Sports. Bridgewater and Garoppolo have similar traits, but Teddy B might be that guy that stays healthy in Shanahan’s view.

By: Jack Kurzenknabe

If Jimmy G is on the trade block or opens to a reasonable deal, I believe he’s the top of the modest QB trade chart — a step below Watson/Wilson. Sean Payton has a lot of confidence in himself, along with the elite weapons and offensive line to help Garoppolo.

The 49ers QB is on a massive contract of 5 years-137 million, but it could become restructured in a trade.

Multiple analysts have projected Jimmy G to land with the Patriots, while Mel Kiper projects the 49ers to trade up for a QB. There’s a lot of speculation around the 49ers having a new QB somehow and someway for the 2021 season.

Saints hold the 28th overall pick, so they could deal this pick and give the 49ers more ammunition to trade up for their QB. And from the Saints side of things, Jimmy G should be ahead of Kyle Trask right now (assuming Mac Jones is off the board).

Nick Foles

The answer to the Saints playoff woes has arrived. All jokes sides (kind of), Foles could step into the Saints offense virtually display a similar style of play as Winston, but have better poise shown in his career.

Foles has no nerves in the fourth quarter and he could also fully utilize the Saints weapons in the two-minute drive as the 2-minute legend himself Drew Brees does. Foles was excellent in Andy Reid’s offense with dink and dunking, then hitting an excellent playmaker on the right drawn up play vertically. Foles could be a better game manager than Bridgewater for Payton’s offense.

If Saints do opt to resign Winston or ride with Taysom Hill, Foles would be the perfect QB to compete. And I personally believe Foles would beat out Taysom Hill as time goes on.

A huge factor between the Saints and Bears is Ryan Pace. GM Ryan Pace was once a member of the Saints front office and there are strong ties between Mickey Loomis and Pace. If Sean Payton wants to trade for a modest QB that could compete right away, while carrying the most promising background, Foles makes the most sense.

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