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What Will The Titans WR Core Look Like in 2021?

The Tennessee Titans may have a new look wide receiver unit going into the 2021 season. Outside of superstar AJ Brown, the Titans have a couple of question marks at the WR position.

The Titans organization has already parted ways with Adam Humphries. And heading into free agency, it appears borderline if former first-round pick Corey Davis will resign. Davis played under the franchise tag a year ago, but he hasn’t truly lived up to his top ten pick marker to surely be resigned to a massive contract.

If Davis leaves, the Super Bowl aimed squad will clearly have a hole to fill opposite AJ Brown. If he stays, it would still make sense to find a steller number three wideout. Who could the Titans target at wideout to help the underrated Ryan Tannehill and Offensive Player of The Year Derrick Henry? I’m going to untwine a few potential targets.

Let’s go under the scope.

Rashard Higgins

Rashard Higgins can be the crafty route runner and physical number two WR in place of Corey Davis. The 26-year-old stepped up in the absence of Odell Beckham Jr’s injury, not Jarvis Landry.

Higgins had a modest 599 yards and four touchdowns in 2020. He put out these career stats in 13 games only, as well. The most impressive part of Higgins was himself averaging 16.2 YPC, while doing it.

“File:Rashard Higgins (36205144022).jpg” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It will be tough for the Browns to give Higgins what he deserves with their current investment in OBJ, Landry, and the two top-notch RBs under the fold. The GM of the Browns Andrew Barry acknowledged that they want Higgins back, but admitted free agency can be a tough process at times.

If the Titans feel there’s a great fit, I believe the price/talent of Higgins will outweigh the price/talent of Davis. Davis will likely command around $15 million, while Higgins wouldn’t be even close to that. Higgins might take a one-two year deal with hopes of showing out by being in sync and consistent with an offense.

Curtis Samuel

If there was one offense that would be an absolute nightmare to defend with Curtis Samuel, it would be the Tennessee Titans. Samuel would have great matchups as a number two wideout in Tennessee, plus Derrick Henry could have a nice lightning/thunder duo with Samuel.

Yes, Samuel didn’t only have 851 receiving and an absurd catch rate of 79.4%, but he also had 200 rushing yards and two rushing TDs from the Panthers backfield.

It seems more than likely that Percey Harvin clone will move on from the team in 2021. The Titans should target the swiss army knife.

Samuel would have better opportunities with less loaded boxes from his slot position. And the Titans could have two backs with Henry and Samuel in the backfield and the play-action game will really be cooking. Meanwhile, defenses would have to figure out how they could stay on their heels with AJ Brown.

Willie Snead

The Titans could replace Adam Humphries with a cheaper and to be fair, better option: slot WR Willie Snead. Willie Snead has joined Dez Bryant and Marquise Brown in publicly expressing their distaste in the Ravens unfriendly WR offense, via Twitter.

Snead has also failed to exceed his 984-yard mark set back in 2015 with the Saints. I believe there’s a 99.99% chance Snead doesn’t return to the Ravens 32nd ranked passing offense, especially at this point in his career,

As Snead more than likely departs from Baltimore, he should look to find a good fit/Lombardi aimed squad/and a fair deal. The Titans fit the bill for all three of those categories.

Snead also provides a lot of undervalued promise in run blocking, which is something the Titans need more from their wideouts. Expect the Titans to target Snead in this free agency period or a player of a similar skill set.

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