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3 Free Agency Dream Targets For Buffalo Bills


Bills Should Push For Hunter Henry

The Buffalo Bills had the second overall offense (YPG) in the 2020 regular season. Josh Allen played lights out, with the help of new WR Stefon Diggs.

Even though the Bills had a terrific outing from the offense, especially at the expense of the passing game, there’s still area to improve. The Bills TE spot is near the quality of the walking dead. Dawson Knox led the TE position with 288 yards and three touchdowns.

Outside of the places to upgrade on offense, the Bills defense has its work cut out. LB Matt Milano may be lacing the cleats up elsewhere next season, while the Bills will be still aching at edge rusher.

By: Jack Kurzenknabe

The Bills are 21st in cap space, so it may seem unrealistic that they’re big spenders in free agency. Yet, comparing the Bills need to seize their Super Bowl window now, they are stacked up well compared to teams like the Buccaneers, Chiefs, and Saints. It will seem likely that Bills aim to have a splash signing, or two — in order to help Allen/Diggs/Beasley get a Lombardi.

With that being said, who could the Bills sign? Let’s find out.

Hunter Henry

The 26 year old TE for the Chargers has not been tagged and he is due to enter free agency. The fifth year TE will more than likely take a fresh start with a new team next year.

Henry has yet to play a full season in his young career thus far (25 games missed in five years), but he’s been a consistent and productive TE for TE standards when on the field. Henry has nine touchdowns in last two years, plus he recorded eight touchdowns in his rookie season.

The Chargers TE will likely garner 10.95 million a year, which is fair for his talent and potential. The Bills could strike gold at TE in free agency, then continue to build the defense through the draft.

Will Fuller

If the Bills deem John Brown as a cap casualty, they should consider signing a younger and more talented wideout in his place. John Brown is 30 years old and coming off a 33-458-3 season. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old Fuller recorded 53-879-8 in his 2020 campaign.

Fuller could be the long-term answer at the number two WR position. Josh Allen’s arm strength could be fully utilized with a speed demon like Fuller, as well. Fuller averaged 16.6 YPC in 2020, which was more than Brown in both seasons for Buffalo.

John Brown AND Cole Beasley will likely not be Bills after a couple years pass, so it would be wise to create a stable weaponry for the Bills franchise QB. If the Bills opt to not go big at TE, they should get a nice fit & acquisition like Fuller.

Curtis Samuel

There aren’t many more exciting players than Curtis Samuel in the NFL. Samuel didn’t just have 851 yards and a ridiculous 79.4% catch rate, but he also had 200 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns.

Samuel could help the Bills 20th ranked rushing offense, while being a valuable asset in his core WR spot. Even though Allen helped Beasley turn into an All-Pro at the WR spot, he could use more help at wideout.

According to fantasy profiler, Allen was 17th in true completion percentage and 19th in play-action completion percentage. Samuel’s sure handiness could be very effective for the Buffalo Bills passing offense.

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