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Four Rumored Players Who Could Be New Orleans Saints This Offseason


Who are the Saints meeting with this offseason, and who should they bring in?

By: Jeremy Trottier

With the NFL offseason in full swing, and many teams bringing in various players throughout the process, the New Orleans Saints should be looking to fill a few holes during this process.  In this article, I will be going over four players the Saints have been rumored to be looking into, whether it be signing of pre-draft meetings. 

Richard Sherman ”“ CB ”“ Free Agent

First off we have a veteran who could fill the Saints need at CB2, Richard Sherman formerly of the 49ers and Seahawks.  As mentioned in the tweet from Tom Pelissero, Sherman has worked with the Saints new DBs coach Kris Richard during the “Legion of Boom” era.  This would be a large draw for Sherman to the team more than likely, as he would be able to re-unite with Kris later in his career and pick up where they left off.

The Saints would also benefit from Sherman as he would be able to provide some leadership to the younger DBs in house.  This list including Marshon Lattimore (24 years), Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (23 years), Marcus Williams (24 years), Grant Haley (recently turned 25 years), and Keith Washington Jr. (24 years).  Sherman’s knowledge gained in his years of NFL play would hugely benefit the younger members of the Saints, including if they were to draft a CB as well this year.

T.J. Carrie ”“ CB ”“ Free Agent

Next we have another veteran CB but from a different conference in T.J. Carrie.  Playing his whole career in the AFC, he has the versatility to play multiple positions as well.  He initially played FS early in his career prior to moving into a CB role.

After meeting with the Saints this week, we have not yet heard any news about him.  However, he will likely sign on a relatively cheap deal wherever he ends up as he had a relatively down year last season by his standards.  He is another player who would be fantastic for mentorship, as well as filling the CB2 role for New Orleans when needed.  His knowledge of the game over time has definitely developed, which would fit perfectly alongside Lattimore who is still learning daily.

Rondale Moore ”“ WR ”“ 2021 Draft Class

Now we look to our first draft prospect, and our first offensive position, we have Rondale Moore from Purdue.  After an absolutely insane 2018 campaign, Moore has dropped off for 2019 and 2020 due to injuries and shortened seasons.  He has played a combined 7 games in the last two seasons, which is definitely concerning for now.

With that in mind, his explosiveness as a player is nearly unmatched by anyone in this class, and by not many people in the NFL.  The Saints would definitely be taking a shot in the dark with Moore in the first or second round, but if he produces at the level he did in 2018 I do not think anyone will bat an eye at the pick.  His 2018 statline looked as such:

  • 114 receptions for 1258 yards (11.0 YPA)
  • 12 receiving touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns
  • 21 rushes for 213 yards (10.1 YPA)

As you can see, he has versatility in the end around game, where he picks up first downs on the average when handed the ball.  This is what we see when we say he is an explosive prospect, he breaks off huge chunks of yards at a time.  Pairing him with Michael Thomas would be a match made in heaven, as they complement each other style wise exceptionally as they are so different.

Peyton Ramsey ”“ QB ”“ 2021 Draft Class

Rounding out the list we have a relatively late round draft pick, but an intriguing one, in Peyton Ramsey from Northwestern.  One of the more under the radar QBs of the class, he definitely has potential to become a starter in this league with the right coaching and players around him.  Do the Saints need a QB right now?  No.  But in the event that Jameis Winston does not go as planned, they will definitely want another option in the building who already knows the scheme.

His versatility as a player is very strong, accruing 54 passing touchdowns and 17 rushing touchdowns in his four seasons of college football.  His main issues lie in his ability to push the ball into windows, as his throw is relatively light floating, but not very strong.  He will definitely need to work on this over time with an NFL team and coaching staff, as well as working out some minor decision making flaws. 

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