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Jordan Love: What we should know about the QB

When the 2021 off-season started, every NFL fan questioned the outlook of Aaron Rodgers’s back, Jordan Love. As the NFL off-season marches closer to training camp, it appears that Jordan Love may have the biggest shoes to fill in the league. As widely enunciated, Aaron Rodgers seems adamant about not returning to Green Bay. So, if the toxic relationship comes to an end for A-Rod and the Pack, the reigns would presumably be passed to Jordan Love. So, the question begs to ask”¦. Who really is the former first round pick that “was drafted over a wide receiver”? 

Let’s go under the scope. 

Jordan Love was the starting QB at Utah State, where he threw 20 touchdowns to 17 interceptions his senior year. Love was drafted high for his 2018 production (32 touchdowns, 6 ints) and freakish arm strength. Chris Simms gave Love a higher physical grade than Tua Tagovailoa, so that goes to show how physically gifted the 6’4 220 QB is.

Love’s arm strength was the highest in his draft class. Love ousted a maximum velocity that was equivalent to a baseball throw of 98 mph. Love was ideally the perfect “project” QB for Green Bay to tool with, to where he could improve his throwing mechanics and learn to read defenses better under A-Rod/LaFleur.

The concerns clearly lie with Love’s turnover habits. It’s a very concerning tale for a QB to go from 6 interceptions to 17 interceptions. One of the more recent issues with Love isn’t how he graded out of college, but rather how he performed in “training camp”. Love was reportedly terrible in training camp which is a terrible follow up after being drafted late for concerns. 

It shouldn’t be a death sentence for Love if he had porous training camp/start to his career. Peyton Manning started as a rookie and led the league in interceptions, only to become a Hall of Fame QB. Cam Newton had a terrible preseason showing, prior to winning rookie of the year. As cheeseheads know well, Brett Favre was a “turnover machine in his prime”. 

If Jordan Love can get help from the resigned Aaron Jones and a sharp game script from LaFleur, Love can make big plays with Davante Adams and Robert Tonyan in the passing game routinely. LaFleur even spoke to Love about the recent chaos and told him to keep focusing on himself and improving his craft. LaFleur still undoubtedly sees lots of potential in the QB, which is why he’s only a step away from the driver seat of the reigning NFC one seed.

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