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Tom Brady will throw the most passing touchdowns in 2021


Buccaneers Tom Brady will have the most passing touchdowns in 2021

By: Jake Rajala

The NFL world questioned if Tom Brady could perform at a high level in the 2020 season. The 43-year-old QB silenced any critics left on planet earth with one of his personal best campaigns last season. Brady threw for 40 passing touchdowns in the last regular season, which was second-best in a single season for his career. The former sixth-round pick was also efficient in his all-around craft, as he notched a 102.2 passer rating.

Brady’s season of impressive heights wasn’t only elite for his personal career history, nor the simple fact that it was accomplished in his first year as a Buccaneer. The most glamorous marker could be that Brady’s passing touchdown mark was tied for second with Russell Wilson, behind Aaron Rodgers. Brady nearly achieved first place in the passing touchdown category, but that’s in the past. Looking ahead, I believe Brady is well set up to take the next step in 2021 and lead the league in passing touchdowns.

Here is why

Brady’s bunch is back together

Tom Brady essentially brought former teammates Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown to the Buccaneers last year. In 2021, Gronk and AB have once again returned for another Super Bowl push. 

The impressive part of the chemistry between the old Patriot unit is that they didn’t get hot until late in the season. Gronk didn’t catch a touchdown pass until six games into the season. Yet, the former All-Pro turned on the jets and unraveled seven receiving touchdowns in the last ten matchups. AB didn’t even join the Buccaneers until the mid point of the season. Eventually, the former Steeler legend got in sync and unveiled “four receiving TDs in the last three games”. 

The Buccaneers also re-signed WR Chris Godwin to the team. Godwin missed four games in 2020, but that didn’t hold back Brady’s top-end production. Godwin is a playmaker that will provide huge dividends when healthy and in sync. He only was Top 10 Top 3 in receiving yards in 2019.

Defenses remain soft in NFC South 

The NFC South is a very exciting division and arguably the top division in all of football. Yet, the matchups are a display of the wild west. The Falcons and Panthers defense are especially porous and rebuilding for the future. The Buccaneers defense has even opened the floodgates on the back end in key divisional battles. 

One of the bigger downfalls in the division and positive signs for the Buccaneers lies with the pieces gone on the Saints defense. The Saints will more than likely hold a Top 15 defense, but they’ve lost vital pieces — players that came up huge in beating the Bucs. Former Saints DE Trey Hendrickson was dominant against Brady, which was evident with three sacks combined in the two matchups. Janoris “Jackrabbit” Jenkins was a monster at shutting down his matchups, along with having a pick six against Brady. Jenkins is no longer a Saint, as well. It’s important to point out that one team noticeably downgraded in the NFC South because the Bucs only ousted 26 combined pts in the two games.

Aaron Rodgers leaves town

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem reluctant to shake hands with the Packers general management in the next few months. The 2020 MVP will very likely be suiting up elsewhere next season – then the Jordan Love era begins. Why does this have an effect on the competition on Brady? Well, It could be a serious obstacle for Rodgers to reclaim the stature he had in the near future (led the league in passing touchdowns in 2020). Rodgers will likely not be garnering the same treatment and options that Brady garnered when leaving the Patriots to the loaded Buccaneers. 

Rodgers could end up in one of the exciting fits, but it would be hard to imagine the Packers wanting to see him hoist up the Lombardi trophy next season. If Rodgers goes to Denver or Las Vegas, he will not have Davante Adams at WR. The Broncos offer a wide array of weapons with loads of potential, but not quite a weapon that can post elite numbers with the defense prepping heavily for him. The competition from the atrocious NFC North to a much improved AFC West would also be on full display. The Chiefs have a much-improved defense, the Chargers carry a talented secondary, then the Broncos may have the best defensive unit in the league next year. As for the NFC North, Rodgers nearly capped off 40 pts in each of his divisional battles.

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