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3 players the Packers should target in a Rodgers trade

Packers Aaron Rodgers trade including players?

By: Jeremy Trottier

The NFL fandom has seen its fair share of insane trades in the past, not many of which however involve the prior year’s MVP.  However there have been the rumors surfacing as of late that Aaron Rodgers is not content with his situation in Green Bay, and in fact quite the opposite.  If he were to be traded, whether it be this season or in the future, the haul would have to be relatively large for him, even at his age.

In this article, I will be going over three players the Packers should target if they were to trade Rodgers, as well as why they should look to bring them in.  I will be taking one player from each team Aaron listed he wanted to go to (49ers, Broncos, and Raiders per reports)

Bradley Chubb ”“ OLB ”“ Denver Broncos

First up on the list, we have the 24 year old stud linebacker from mile-high, Bradley Chubb.  An absolute monster in the two seasons he played more than half the season, and even was solid in his 2019 campaign.  The Broncos have been one of the teams that Rodgers would like to be traded to, hence why Bradley is on the list.

If the Packers were to lose Rodgers, they need to go one of two directions with this.  Firstly, get another QB if they do not trust Jordan Love and try to contend.  Or secondly, get young elite talent to start a rebuild and work on QB in the next draft.  Getting a 4th year linebacker who would absolutely help improve their defense and take it to another level would be a fantastic addition for GB.  

George Kittle ”“ TE ”“ San Francisco 49ers

Wanna jumpstart a rebuild post Rodgers?  Get one of the best tight ends in the game for your next quarterback to throw to.  This one would take some working out, as they would have to figure out respective values for each player and what they would do with things.  Since the 49ers drafted Trey Lance, this may be more of a mentor situation for Rodgers, get San Fran to the deep playoffs for a few years, then let Lance take over.

The addition of Kittle to the Packers offense would be lethal, and would pretty much guarantee any quarterback success in that system.  Davante Adams, George Kittle, Aaron Jones?  That would be an absolutely horrifying three-headed monster for opposing defenses to go up against.  It would definitely help out in a post-Rodgers scenario for the Packers however.

Henry Ruggs ”“ WR ”“ Las Vegas Raiders

Finally, we have the third team and player on the list, in Henry Ruggs.  Another weapon that would make the Packers offense absolutely devastating, as it would give a true 1-2 punch to Davante Adams’ route running.  Granted, most of the Packers other WRs at the moment are deep threats.  But Ruggs is and can be so much more than just another deep threat with the right training from coaches, like what he was in Alabama. 

Getting another weapon after Rodgers leaves may seem counter productive, though having them in place for Jordan Love or whoever they intend on starting next will be a great idea.  It could also help Ruggs truly reach his potential as a player, rather than what we saw last year, despite that being mainly injury issues. 

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