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Three things you need to know about Dan Quinn’s defense


Dan Quinn brings the secret formula to Dallas

By: Taylor Ford

Dan Quinn is the biggest off-season acquisition for the Dallas Cowboys thus far. He will be bringing much-needed hope with him as he is the most decorative defensive coordinator Dallas has had in a long time. Here are the things you need to know what Dan Quinn and his defense are bringing to the big D.

Getting back to the original plan

Mike McCarthy originally told everyone that the defense was going to be player over scheme. That unfortunately was obviously not true. The players were put into a situation that they were not comfortable and in turn, made tons of unnecessary mistakes.

Dan Quinn is going to be bringing a scheme that will intel Demarcus Lawrence to get back to a 5 technique. He will be put in the best possible scenario for him to succeed. Quinn is going to bring the 40 front back into Dallas. It will look slightly different than what we have seen in the recent past, but It should be a lot better for the players currently on the roster.

There will typically always be 4 rushing the QB in almost every base package. Quinn has recently claimed that he wants to more of a nickel set but does plan to more of a “3-4” style. He also has brought in a few guys that are already familiar with his scheme and will probably bring in more guys as well.

Cover 3 with giants

If you have not noticed, Dan Quinn has a body type in mind for his corners. He wants them to be super tall and lengthy. It does not stop there though. He also loves to have safeties that have ball hawk capabilities and a strong safety that drops into the box and could be considered as a linebacker.

Quinn had all these things in Seattle and now will have all these things in Dallas. He loves running the cover 3 zone scheme which could help any of the secondary players that do not have blinding speed. The middle-high zone is most of the time covered by the free safety. Therefore, he loves getting guys with ball hawk abilities to playback there. He had Earl Thomas in Seattle and there is no guarantee he will not go get him to play in Dallas this coming season.

If he does not end up with Thomas, he still has a guy in Kazee who has proven he can take the ball away. Kazee is smaller and coming off a major injury, but if he can withstand a full season, he will be a solid player in this scheme.

Championship Caliper Defense

Quinn’s most successful time as an NFL coach and what he will always be remembered for was his two years as the LOB defensive coordinator. He not only has been to the super bowl as a head coach in recent years, but Dan Quinn has been a huge contributor to multiple other super bowl appearances.

When he was the defensive coordinator for Seattle, they developed the well-deserved name legion of boom. He made the world of a difference when he was the actual defensive play-caller. He brings that championship pedigree and that winning swagger to the group. This organization continues to try to put the most proven coaches on the payroll.

Quinn has been to three super bowls and has won one. Between Mike and Dan, there are 4 different super bowls that they have coached in. I think it’s safe to say, they know how to win at the highest level. The best thing about Dan Quinn is that he knows how to shape his scheme to fit his player’s skills, but also knows how to scout the right players to fit his scheme.

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