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3 reasons why the Houston Texans are the favorite to get the first overall pick in the 2022 draft

2022 first overall pick belongs to Houston Texans

By: Jeremy Trottier

With the 2021 NFL Draft in the rearview mirror, looking forward to the next one could be the idea for some fanbases before the season even starts.  However, the Houston Texans are probably in the worst situation physically possible as a franchise.  

In this article, I will be going over the three reasons as to why I believe Houston is lined up to get the first overall pick next year.

The Deshaun Watson Situation

Probably the most blatantly obvious issue right now with this team is what’s going on with franchise QB Deshaun Watson.  I will not go into the legal situation, however if that pans out poorly who knows what his NFL career holds afterwards.  Even if he does return with no legal issues, he wanted to be traded out of Houston regardless prior to the accusations.

Trading Watson would be taking the one pillar of hope for this team and pretty much destroying it.  He has put this team on his back before, and if he is gone they will have some major issues.  The problem here is, it’s not like the Texans really have a choice, as if he wants out he can get out either via not showing up to games like Melvin Gordon did or by “retiring” like Carson Palmer did and forcing his way out of the contract.  

Regardless of which method he leaves by, Houston is going to be left in a situation with either Tyrod Taylor at starting QB or Davis Mills, who needs a lot more time to develop.

Strength of Schedule

Another issue that arises outside the roster issues is the division the Texans play in, as well as their 2021 season schedule.  Playing in a division with the Tennessee Titans who have made the playoffs the last two seasons and three of their last four, as well as the Indianapolis Colts who should be very good if Carson Wentz can perform.  Not to mention the Jacksonville Jaguars who just got their franchise QB in Trevor Lawrence and have been building a pretty lethal offense.

With that all combined, the Texans strength of schedule is tied for 15th, which all things considered is not horrible.  However that’s factoring in records, not offseason development, and the Jaguars went 1-15 so that drags the strength down a ton since they play eachother twice.  Overall their season will not be easy, regardless of if they develop their roster a ton between now and preseason or not.

2021 Offseason Was Lackluster

Finally, the Texans really have not done much this offseason to improve the roster.  They lost their star edge in J.J. Watt as well, which even though he is older now still hurts the team.  Their draft was lackluster, only having five total picks and none of which being in the top two rounds.  They got Davis Mills who will likely be a backup QB for the time even if Watson does not play this season for the Texans.  Nico Collins who should be a decent WR, as well as Brevin Jordan who is a good tight end, has a lot of developing to do.  

Overall, they just have not made the moves to keep their team relevant, even losing Will Fuller to the Dolphins in a signing. 

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