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Why Teddy Bridgewater is very underlooked: Rodgers is a big reason

The Aaron Rodgers news and Drew Lock are making Bridgewater very underrated

By: Jordan Anders

From his days in Minnesota, to his 5-0 run in New Orleans, to his fresh start in Denver, Teddy Bridgewater’s stats and character have been underlooked. It’s safe to say Teddy Bridgewater is a top backup quarterback who adapts to any environment he is given. Looking outside of last season where he was starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and went 4-11 with 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, which is arguably his worst season besides his rookie year. However, many are looking too closely at the stats and not his playing style.

It’s obvious over the last six years that Bridgewater is not a franchise quarterback, but a top backup quarterback. CBS Sports ranked him in the top 3 of backup quarterbacks in the league for the 2021-22 season. Teddy Bridgewater, according to reports, has been performing well in the Broncos camps and practices competing with Broncos quarterback Drew Lock. This is one of the reasons Bridgewater is being underlooked, the media is more focused on Drew Lock and how he is performing in practices. Although coaches have made it clear that the starting job is up for grabs, making the two quarterbacks on the same level to compete.

The Broncos quarterback situation is a hot and touchy subject with the media and especially the fans. It seems to be either Drew Lock or in a perfect world, Aaron Rodgers. Many rumors have connected Rodgers to the Broncos if the Packers decide to trade him of course and that has yet to happen. The meter of acquiring Rodgers is slowly fading as the season approaches, as well. Despite the Broncos monitoring the situation, the Packers stated they would not be trading the QB a week ago and the rumors surrounding Rodgers went from wanting the GM out to a “we will see” type of dilemma. There’s still a chance of acquiring Rodgers, but the light is slowly dimming away. This also means Teddy B’s value is more significant as he could see more reps as preseason approaches.

All in all, the two headed QB monster of Lock and Rodgers in the media spotlight has led to Bridgewater being underlooked. It seems many still focus on Bridgewater’s play last season where his team wasn’t necessarily stacked, plus star running back Christian McCaffrey got injured three games into the season.

His previous season in New Orleans was undoubtedly his best season, after quarterback Drew Brees went down, Bridgewater took the Saints on a 5-0 run on a 67.9% completion rate. Compared to last season, his completion rate was nearly 70% but people are so stuck on the team’s record, which is not a quarterback stat. Bridgewater threw for 3733 yards with 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. The interceptions are a problem, but it can be worked on and that goes Drew Lock as well who had 15 interceptions last season.

Teddy Bridgewater is the veteran quarterback the Broncos need to add competition to the quarterback room in Denver. With his back-up and starting experience, he can either push Lock to be a better starting quarterback or he may take over the job. The season is still a ways away before coaches can make the call but from what the media has provided us of what is going on in practice, the two are completing and making each other better.

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