Every fantasy team deserves a superhero

Hero RB strategy is the way

By Jesse Moeller

Who doesn’t like Superheroes? I have yet to meet a person who is not a fan of Superheroes, and whether you prefer the DC likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or the Marvel Heroes such as Captain Marvel, Iron Man, or Thor. It is safe to say that we all have a favorite hero.

Superheros are the ones who save the day, and what if I told you that your fantasy team could have a hero to win you your league? Here is where the Hero RB comes in to save the day for your team. That running back is the Superhero of your team as you battle foes for 17 weeks in a journey to win the championship. To quote James Gordon, ” He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”

Why does your team need a Hero RB? To put it bluntly, the elite fantasy running back gives you a massive edge over the competition. So let’s dive into these numbers to provide you with an idea of why the Hero RB is so important for your team.

In 2020 the average points scored by a top 12 running back or an RB1 were 263.61. We are not looking for your average hero, and we want more. The citizens require a superhero like Alvin Kamara. In 2020, Alvin Kamara dominated fantasy football and put up 377.8 points or 25.2 PPG. Suppose you take away Kamara’s numbers. And look at the other top 12 running backs. The RB2-RB12 produced 253.3 Points or 15.83 PPG. That means Kamara was almost 10 points better than any other RB per week in fantasy. That is the hero we need to win you a championship. As we look back on the yearly numbers, it is evident how important the RB1 is in fantasy. I will post the last five years’ worth of data for you to see.

2020 RB1 = Alvin Kamara 377.8 Points, 23.61 PPG (+7.78 PPG)
2020 RB2-RB12 = 253.3 Points, 15.83 PPG

2019 RB1 = Christian McCaffery 471.2 Points, 29.5 PPG (+12.43 PPG)
2019 RB2-RB12 = 273.16 Points, 17.07 PPG

2018 RB1 = Saquon Barkley 385.8 Points, 24.1 PPG (+5.77 PPG)
2018 RB2-RB12 = 293.39 Points, 18.33 PPG

2017 RB1 = Todd Gurley 383.3 Points, 23.95 PPG (+7.51 PPG)
2017 RB2-RB12 = 263.09 Points, 16.44 PPG

2016 RB1 = David Johnson 407.8 Points, 25.5 PPG (+9 PPG)
2016 RB2-RB12 = 264.12 Points, 16.5 PPG

The combined averages are striking. No one player gives you more of an immense advantage over the competition than the RB1. Here are the numbers from 2016-2020.
The average RB1 season posted 405.18 Points, 25.32 PPG (+8.49 PPG)
The RB2-RB12 average = 269.41 Points, 16.83 PPG.

Now that is a superhero I can get behind. The effect this has is everyone chases that Superhero RB in the first few rounds of the draft. It pushes up running backs who cannot carry the baton ahead of players at other positions. Enter the Hero RB strategy. It allows you to target one of the top-rated fantasy running backs and add elite pieces to your roster at different positions besides running back. Below is the list of the Hero RB you should target in your draft this season. They can take your teams to super places that other running backs are not capable of.

Captain Marvel – Christian McCaffery

like Captain Marvel, CMC stands head and shoulders above the rest. There is a reason CMC is the consensus 1.01 of fantasy drafts and Superheros. Others cannot do what he does on a football field. If you have the first pick, take the Superhero who puts the others to shame. It’s CMC’s world, and we live in it.

Captain America – Dalvin Cook

When Cook puts on that Vikings uniform every Sunday, he transforms into one of the world’s greatest Superheroes. No matter what you throw at him, he has a way of beating you with his strength, speed, and intelligence on the football field. In addition, Cook knows how to set up his talent to defeat you. When Cook is on his game, he is unstoppable.

Thor – Saquon Barkley

There is no one more talented on the football field than Saquon Barkley. His combination of size and speed is among the best in football. When Barkley is firing on all cylinders, it is the equivalent of watching Thor with Stormbreaker dismantle the competition. There is no defense for someone who is not human. Barkley is as close to a supernatural being on the football field as we can get. Draft Barkley with confidence this fall, and the NFL will remember how special a player he is in 2021.

Spider-Man – Alvin Kamara

Watching Kamara continue to obliterate defenses with his pass-catching ability is a thing of beauty. It’s the same with every Spide-Man movie. You have no idea how Peter Parker will win, and you know that he will. No matter the villain he is matched up against, Parker finds a way. Kamara is the same way. We know New Orleans will feature Kamara in the passing game, yet defenses cannot stop it. So do not hesitate on Kamara this year. Pick him and enjoy the Super look of your team.

Iron Man – Ezekiel Elliot

Last year, Elliot fell on hard times as he lost his quarterback and most of his offensive line. But, just as Tony Stark without his armor, Elliot without his quarterback and linemen is not the same. This year, the Cowboys upgraded the Iron Man suit for Elliot and should be as good as new behind those behemoths upfront. With all systems firing for J.A.R.V.I.S., it will be a banner year for Elliot to show he’s a first-tier Superhero. So, draft Elliot with belief, as it’s the year he comebacks to show how good he is.

Black Panther – Aaron Jones

There is no fresher running back in the league than Aaron Jones, so it only fits that his Superhero is Black Panther. Jones possesses the Swagger that oozes out of T’Challa. Good things happen for the Packers offense when Jones has the ball in his hands, as he is a true difference-maker. Aaron Rodgers is the vibranium to power Jones suit on the football field. As long as Rodgers plays in Green Bay, the Black Panther will be a nightmare for defenses in the NFL.

Hulk – Derrick Henry

Name a better pairing than the Hulk and Henry? I do not think you will be able to find one. Henry is a force that is simply bigger and stronger than you are. If he wants to move you, he will. Whatever you do, do not make Henry angry, as it will not end well for NFL defenses. Just ask Josh Norman how it turned out for him. What makes Henry so unique is that you could put him on any team, and he will succeed in the NFL. The size and strength are something we have never seen before in the NFL at the RB position. Tale Henry in the back half of the first round and enjoy another top 10 seasons.

Now that we have our Superheros picked out, we now set our sights on other positions. Only a select few running backs belong in the first few rounds of fantasy drafts, yet managers push them into the top two rounds of fantasy drafts. Let managers make that mistake and grab elite talent at other spots in your draft’s first four/five rounds.
Here are some of the players your should target in rounds 2-4 of your draft:

Round 2: Stefon Diggs, Calvin Ridley, DeAndre Hopkins, D.K. Metcalf
Round 3: Darren Waller, Allen Robinson, Ceedee Lamb, Terry Mclaurin
Round 4: Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, Amari Cooper, Kyle Pitts

Each of the options listed is a better fantasy option than the running backs going in those rounds. The Hero RB strategy gives you the freedom to build a team of superheroes that your league mates cannot compete against. By following this strategy, it is clear what an advantage it gives you to start the season.

The last part of this strategy is to focus on the end of roster construction. Hammering wide receiver early in the draft, you can fire countless darts at running backs late in the draft. If you have those elite wide receivers locked down early, drafting wide receivers late is a waste of roster space, as they will not play. Spend the draft capital wisely on the likes of Travis Etienne, Miles Gaskin, Chase Edmonds, Zach Moss, Tony Pollard, and Gio Bernard. Search for that hero we did not know we needed. Hit on that late-round pick and you can lock up the championship before the season has begun.

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