Does QB Spencer Rattler have any weaknesses?

How many mistakes does QB Spencer Rattler make?

By: Tim Rodriguez

Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler is as talented as they come. His arm strength, athleticism, and accuracy are all above the threshold you would want in a franchise quarterback. However, his time at Oklahoma has left some to be desired by those evaluating his draft status. Going forward, Rattler will have to show that he’s wired like an NFL quarterback. Being consistent and making smart decisions are the things that matter this year for Rattler. Everyone knows about the traits already, and they aren’t going anywhere.  


Spencer Rattler is immensely talented, but as of right now, is more hope than anything right now. Rattler’s traits show up in spades, but the consistency is not there yet, especially when it comes to decision-making. Last week’s matchup with Tulane is the perfect example. On his home field against an incredibly subpar opponent, a potential number one overall pick should be expected to play well, at the very minimum. Unfortunately, Rattler threw two interceptions, with one being a completely unnecessary ball in double coverage. Rattler has another opportunity this weekend vs Western Carolina to show out against the lesser competition. The up and down roller coaster of the Spencer Rattler experience is something that may turn off several NFL teams.

Something else that has come into question about the Sooners’ star is his character and leadership qualities. Many of those criticisms come from his time on a Netflix show called “QB1” which chronicles the senior seasons of three top quarterbacks each year. Rattler appeared on the show before enrolling at Oklahoma and many believe that the way he carried himself was off-putting and not the way you would expect a quarterback to act. There was also a suspension thrown in there which raised even more questions. While a quarterback is inherently a leader, it’s hard to judge Rattler based on things he did in high school, especially when many of them are perceptions of him as opposed to actual incidents. However, Rattler cannot answer any character or leadership questions about himself this fall. The only thing he can do is show that he can make good decisions with the ball and play consistently enough to warrant a high draft pick being used on him.

The ultimate investment 

Taking a quarterback with a first-round pick is a massive investment, even more so with the number one overall pick. The first pick is a golden ticket and does not come around that often for teams. Getting that pick typically requires losing at least 13 games. When making that type of investment in a player, coaching staff and front office needs to be sure they can trust that player with the keys to their franchise, as well as their jobs. The young, talented, highly drafted quarterback will almost always outlast the coach that drafts him. Blake Bortles, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Jared Goff, Mitchell Trubisky, Ryan Tannehill, and Sam Darnold all outlasted the coaches that drafted them before the organization finally decided that they were no longer an option. When a team makes an investment in Rattler, they will certainly need quite a few questions answered. Take the Houston Texans for example. Houston is most likely going to pick first and currently has a circus surrounding disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson. With much uncertainty around Rattler, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the new-look Texans opt for a safer option like Nevada’s Carson Strong, or even pushing quarterback to 2023 and taking one of the excellent defensive players that this class has to offer.   

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